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We have every available cannabis variety on our website, with over 10,000 seeds to choose from. Our primary goal is to provide you with a single place where you can find all strain-related information. THC and CBD levels, as well as the effects and taste of each cannabis seed, all are specified.

Top Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds

Crop King Seeds offers has over 500 new marijuana seeds to choose from. Shop from the best seed bank in the USA. Pay with Crypto and Cash.

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ILGM Buy marijuana seeds online from the best seed bank. Feminized & autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. Delivery within the USA.

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Sunwest Genetics Buy Marijuana Seeds Online from Sunwest Genetics, We have Feminized, CBD & Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. Fast and discreet shipping worldwide!

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Featured Strains

There are lots of cannabis seeds in the world, there are good and bad. But we have listed and reviewed the best seeds you can grow today. Even if you are beginner or an expert on this field you will always need to find a good seeds before your grow.

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Exploring Cannabis as a Super Food 101

What Does Super food Mean? Many people today want to eat better foods, exercise more, and live a healthy lifestyle in general. It’s no surprise that the word “super food” became well known. It refers to foods that have high nutrient content and are good for our health. People today

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Top 5 Grower’s Guide For Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis is known by various names, including ganja, weed, pot, marijuana, dagga, the herb, and the green medication. You are about to join the global community of cannabis enthusiasts connected by the art of cultivating marijuana. Growing cannabis can be highly confusing at first. They were aimed at all our

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Ultimate Guide For Buying Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, according to popular belief. Marijuana plants have either male or female reproductive organs. Typically, female cannabis plants are grown separately from male plants to produce most of the seeds we can see stores, which are robust and high-potency buds known as “sinsemilla.” The male flower

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How Much THC Is In Weed

The very first thing that marijuana consumers ask when buying weed is usually how much THC is in weed Is the strain too potent or too weak Recreational users base their choices on how high THC is in weed to get the best experience. Meanwhile, medicinal users prefer a very

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How to Get Rid of Munchies Caused by Weed

The term munchies is a slang term that means a sudden onset of hunger. It is a common side effect of using some strains of cannabis. The munchies phenomenon happens when the cannabinoids from cannabis interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system. If this happens, an active receptor called CB1is reproduced

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