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What Type Of Strain Is ZkittleZ

If you are looking for some weed to spice up your day, then look no further! The Zkittlez marijuana strain is a classic example of mixing great effects with amazing flavors.

Zkittlez, or Skittles as some would call it, is an Indica dominated strain that came from cross-breeding the Grapefruit strain with the Grape Ape.  It is known to originate from California by the renowned seed breeders Dying Breed Seeds. Some of the awards that it has won include the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan and San Francisco as well as the 2016 Emerald Cup held in California.

Based on its parent strains, it can be expected to impart a strong fruity flavor with bursts of grapes and citrus. Its scent is reminiscent of a sweet and sour strain making you crave more. This is due to the fruity and citrusy traits that the Indica strains usually contain. When properly grown, the Zkittlez strain may also give off some hints of berry and earthiness in its flavor and smell. It is also known to be very soft and smooth when being smoked, making the ideal of relaxation any time of the day.

Zkitllez Marijuana Strain Information

Zkittlez is the perfect strain for anyone looking to spend the day in a state of couch-lock. Although it is smooth on the throat when inhaled, it can pack a pretty strong punch with its effects. Do not be fooled by the low THC content of this strain. It has been measured at up to only 15%, which is pretty low for marijuana strains today. Despite this, the Zkittlez strain may surprise even the most experienced stoners. Its effects are mostly used to relax the bodies and minds of whoever smokes it. It also has uplifting and happy effects that are known to boost creativity. The effects may be described as psychedelic more than anything else, often inducing certain thoughts that users enjoy.

As for the growing difficulty of this strain, some experience may be needed before cultivation. Its flowering period takes about 8-9 weeks before they are fully ready for harvest. When matured, you will immediately notice the plump buds that emit a green-purple combination that is pleasant to the eyes. If properly grown, it may even contain little orange hairs.

The Zkittlez is an extremely famous marijuana strain. If you are looking to try something new, we highly recommend this. The addicting flavors coupled with the heavy effects are sure to get you coming back for more.