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Marijuana Laws and Policies in Yukon, Canada 2020

If you are wondering what the province of Yukon has to offer in terms of its marijuana industry, then it would surprise you to learn that it is one of the most restrictive provinces in Canada in terms of weed!

While the whole country of Canada was able to fully legalize the utilization and production of both medical and recreational cannabis, each province turned to setting their own local laws in relation to the federal ones.

Yukon is the least populated territory in the whole country. With a population that measures around 40,000 residents, the marijuana use and consumption rate over there has always been at the bottom rank of the nation.

But despite this, it is still a place that legalizes the use, possession, cultivation, and selling of cannabis! Residents would be delighted to know that, within the province’s stated limits, you can legally make full use of weed to your heart’s content!

History of Cannabis in Yukon, Canada

Yukon’s history with marijuana revolves around the history of cannabis in Canada as a whole. Things started off to a rocky start for marijuana when, during the early part of the 20th century, many parts of the world began taking serious precaution towards cannabis consumption.

Because of this, it was effectively banned from being used by various health organizations. Canada, as a means to comply with this trend, took to prohibiting the use of cannabis in the year 1923. Doing so, of course, also meant that the province of Yukon also banned cannabis use.

After many years of illegal use and activities revolving marijuana, the Great White North took to allowing the utilization of medical marijuana as a way of giving people the health benefits of weed without actually resorting to illegal purchasing.

The legalization of medical marijuana took place in 2001 with the passing and implementation of the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (which was later renamed as the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations in 2016).

A while after, the country took the necessary steps to establish laws to legalize the recreational and adult use of marijuana. These rules, which were enumerated in the nationwide Cannabis Act or Bill C-45, allowed adults who were of the legal age to make full use of adult use marijuana!

This took place on October 17, 2018, a day which will go down in history as changing the landscape of cannabis in Canada forever.

The Cannabis Act or C-45’s Impact in Yukon:

Prior to the legalization and passing of the Cannabis Act in Canada, the local officials of Yukon had already planned out the establishment of the Cannabis Control and Regulation Act, a local policy that strengthened the restrictions on marijuana use.

Also, it is believed that more than 80% of the province’s population voted in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis, based on surveys handed out before the passing of the Cannabis Act.

Today, there is currently only one licensed marijuana dispensary that is permitted to sell and distribute cannabis for adult and recreational use. However, the local government of Yukon are looking to amend the laws and establish a Cannabis Licensing Board which may administer more local weed dispensaries in the province.

Cannabis Regulation Body/Policies

The government of Yukon, along with the taxing and revenue regulating authorities, are the main bodies in charge of overseeing and administering all the rules and regulations enumerated in the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Control and Regulations Act.

Medical marijuana in Yukon is overseen by Canada’s federal government, which also applies to the other provinces of the country.

Legal Age, Purchasing, and Possession of Cannabis

Legal age:

Adults must be at least 19 years old or above (as per the federal laws) in order to use, possess, purchase, and cultivate cannabis in Yukon. This is in line with the policy of keeping underaged minors away from the exposure and influence of marijuana.

Any adult who is responsible for the well-being of a minor who is caught undertaking any illegal cannabis activity will be penalized accordingly. This may come in the form of fees or criminal/misdemeanor charges.

Purchasing locations and possession limits:

As we have said, there is currently only one operating marijuana dispensary in Yukon that is licensed to sell recreational weed. This can be located in Whitehorse, which is the only city in Yukon. However, we do expect this number to increase soon as the establishment of the Cannabis Licensing Board looks to be on its way.

Adults are permitted to purchase up to 30 grams of marijuana flowers (and pre-rolled joints), seeds, and oils per transaction in Yukon. This is also the maximum limit of cannabis products that an adult can legally carry in public places in the province.

Adults are also permitted to “gift” up to 30 grams of cannabis products to other adults without having to face charges of illegal drug distribution in Yukon.

Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis

Consumption limits:

Only private consumption of cannabis is allowed in Yukon. These places include privately owned areas and vacant lots away from large roads of people. The province of Yukon maintains a strict policy of keeping the general public safe and away from marijuana consumption.

This means that places such as public malls, gyms, recreation centers, schools, parks, and others are not smoking places for cannabis.

In addition to this, Yukon also observes a “zero tolerance” policy regarding the cannabis-imparired driving of any motor vehicle. Fines and penalties for such coincide with those of the alcohol-impared driving law.

Cannabis cultivation:

Only legally purchased seeds from Yukon are allowed to be grown in an adults private domicile. In a given household, adults are limited to cultivating up to four (4) cannabis plants. This is regardless of how many adults live in the said household.