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Why Are UK Parents Forced to Become Drug Smugglers to Save their Children’s Lives

UK is currently undergoing one of the most significant changes in its modern history.

Due to the issues related to the UK’s upcoming exit from the European Union, the country seems to have taken a seat back when it comes to cannabis legalization.

And so, as of 2019, medical marijuana remains extremely difficult to obtain legally, even though it is technically fully legal.

Quite paradoxical but true: UK parents are literally forced to become drug smugglers to save their children’s lives. When commenting on the drug smuggling UK parents, we need to highlight that the focus of our discussions is related to the treatment of children with severe cases of epilepsy.

The Miraculous Benefits of Cannabis for the Treatment of Seizures and the High Price Parents Keep Paying to Keep their Children Alive

Ever since the case of Charlotte Figi went viral, much has been said, and fortunately, much has been done in terms of legalization, availability, and accessibility of the green medication.

However, much does not really mean enough, as even the low to non-psychoactive CBD Oil remains illegal to get in many countries due to the ongoing legalization issues.

Sure, it does take time to reschedule a substance that has been classified as a Schedule 1 Drug for far too long. But what about parents who need to pay the unfair price of watching their children’ health issues deepen and worsen, threatening their young lives and stealing their future What kind of world do we live in if the lives of innocent children mean less to politicians than the outdated marijuana laws

Moreover, since CBD has been explicitly studied exactly in the UK starting from 2014 is not a single one but in several highly reputed, major pediatric neurology centers, such as the the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre based in Edinburgh,the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the Royal Hospital for Sick Children located in Glasgow and the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, then how come the paradoxes surrounding the availability of CBD Oil remain intact!

In a nutshell, each nation’s approach to both CBD, as well as marijuana legalization as a whole, is completely different. Therefore, parents who happen to live in countries where cannabis-based medicine is legal can treat their children with cannabis while those who happen to live in countries where cannabis-derived medicine remains illegal are forced to find a way to help their kids or else, they will simply watch them suffer and weaken in front of their very eyes.

Back to Charlotte Figi’s case, when all conventional treatments failed, Charlotte’s parents turned to medicinal marijuana. They found it hard to believe that when they started administrating daily doses of low-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), high-cannabidiol(CBD) Oil, a true miracle happened: Charlotte’s severe epilepsy-related seizures went from 300 a week to as little as 2-3 nocturnal seizures per month!

Ultimately, where do our sacred human rights start and where do they end in terms of cannabis legalization

These questions are starting to come up to the surface of public awareness not only in the US where marijuana legalization is on the rise but in many countries across the globe such as the UK, among others, where the herb remains illegal to use, possess, and distribute while sick patients who desperately need their medication are left to agonize. Time is ticking away.

So, what does the UK government plan to undertake in terms of marijuana legalization

Cannabis Legalization in the United Kingdom

Before we get down to sharing the recent cases of the UK parents who were forced to smuggle cannabis oil illegally into the country for the sake of saving their children’ lives, it is crucial that we understand more about how marijuana legalization in the UK looks like in 2019.

Is there hope at the end of the tunnel for the parents who want to help their children lead a healthy, happy life through the use of all natural, cannabis-based medicine To some extent, the answer is yes.

For a start, it was in 1928 when cannabis became illegal in the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that the UK government extended marijuana regulations as an addition to the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1920, stats show that this did not lead to a decrease in cannabis use across the UK in the following years. Instead, quite the opposite happened: a steady increase has been noticed when it comes to marijuana use in the UK in the period between the 1930s and the 2010s, based on stats from Home Office reports.

Furthermore, based on recent reports from 2016, an average of 2.1 million people in the UK use cannabis. On top of that, a YouGov pol made it crystal clear that a whopping ¾ of the British support the use of medicinal marijuana.

The UK government persists that there are dangers related to marijuana use, even though NHS research made it clear that cannabis is a low-risk substance. To illustrate this better, an estimated 15% of alcohol users get addicted to alcohol vs. 32% of all tobacco users who get addicted to cigarettes vs. as little as 10% of marijuana users to get addicted to marijuana.

Fortunately, medical marijuana is now available in the UK but this might never have been possible if it wasn’t for the case of Billy Caldwell that we are about to share below. Thanks to Billy’s mother – Charlotte Caldwell – who stepped into the unequal battle with the UK government to stand for her son’s sacred, legal right to medicate with CBD Oil, as of November 1st, 2018, medical marijuana will be finally available through prescription.

However, issues with medical cannabis accessibility in the UK continue. It won’t be before October 2019 that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has announced plans to finally publish clear guidelines concerning the green medication.

As of now, before the stance of NICA regarding medical cannabis, including but not limited to whether the NICA will fund the drug for some patients routinely, getting the right prescription pads for medicinal marijuana in the UK remains a painful, lengthy, extremely challenging process.

There is a solid lack of UK doctors who are willing to prescribe cannabis as many of them have little to no understanding of the cannabis plant. Not the least, one month’s worth of medical cannabis supply in the UK can easily cost a fortune for patients (about£695), which makes many patients feel discriminated when it comes to the long-term sustainability of cannabis-based medicine.

In the meantime, UK cannabis smoking clubs are on the rise. Nonetheless, many tourists reportedly share in their blogs and vlogs that vaping cannabis is super popular in the United Kingdom. Will cannabis enthusiasts manage to unite and fight for marijuana legalization Only time will show but many experts are positive that under public pressure, the UK will inevitably legalize recreational marijuana, too, yet no solid indications of any progress on that matter are expected to emerge prior to the final outcomes of Brexit.

Video by: UK Cannabis Social Clubs – UK Cannabis Social Clubs meets PCC Hardyal Dhindsa in Derbyshire

The Case of Billy Caldwell: Why Charlotte Caldwell Had No Other Choice but to Become a Drug Smuggler

Some experts dare to compare the case of Billy Caldwellasthe UK equivalent to the case of Charlotte Figi in the US.

Charlotte Caldwell, the mother of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell, was stopped by customs officers while she was trying to bring life-saving cannabis oil from Toronto into the UK.

Interestingly, Billy was the first child in the modern history of the UK to be prescribed medicinal cannabis oil. What followed up is that the boy’s epileptic seizures went from 100 a day to 250 days without a single seizure.

Then all of a sudden, Billy’s GP received an order by the Home Office not to renew the boy’s life-saving cannabis oil prescription. Or else, the GP was to face disbarment.

At the time, Dr. Brendan O’Hare shared there was an “ethical issue” involved which lead to the refusal of renewing the boy’s access to medical marijuana.

But what was this “ethical issue” about anyway It was all due to the fact that the reduction in the boy’s fit frequency was estimated as “huge”.

For 19 months, Billy Caldwell has been successfully treating with cannabis oil. Then all of a sudden, he was left without legal access to his medication since his GP was ordered not to prescribe him medical cannabis anymore.

Thus, Charlotte Appleby took the only decision she could possibly take at that time: to smuggle the life-saving cannabis oil into the UK from Toronto. Scared about the dangerous consequences from not administrating his scheduled dose of cannabis oil, Billy’s mother claimed that she fears her son’s seizures said she feared the seizures “would eventually kill” the young boy.

Amazingly, when caught trying to smuggle cannabis oil by the customs officers, Caldwell shares that the officers acted like “absolute gentlemen.” According to Caldwell, one of the officers “had tears in his eyes” when he took away the child’s medication.

Unfortunately, Caldwell did not face a similar response of empathy and sympathy when she went to the Home Office to meet Nick Hurd, the minister of state, as the minister refused to give Billy his medicines back, even though Caldwell and Hurd had an “honest and genuine conversation.”

Regardless of the fact Nick Hurd took away Billy’s medications, his mother made it crystal clear that she is not planning to stop fighting for her child’s well-being. She was firm and brave enough to state that she will keep smuggling cannabis oil into the UK if she has to and that she is not going to stop, and not going to give up on behalf of all the other UK patients who are also suffering because of the lack of well-functioning medical cannabis regulations.

Speaking for BBC Breakfast, Caldwell described the current situation regarding medical cannabis in the UK as “cruel” and “absolutely horrific.” She brought into the spotlights the need for THC legalization, as well, and prompted for renewing the debates on cannabis legalization in the UK as soon as possible.

Caldwell described Britain’s drug policy to be “stuck in the 1970s.” Caldwell did not get her son’s life-saving cannabis oil before he was admitted to the hospital as his condition worsened in the lack of green medication.

Video by: This Morning – I Risked My Own Freedom to Get Cannabis for My Son

The Case of Emma Appleby: Yet Another UK Parent Forced to Smuggle Cannabis Oil to Save Her Daughter’s Life

UK resident Emma Appleby is the mother of a nine-year-old daughter with epilepsy. For months, Emma kept trying to get medical marijuana to treat the severe condition of her daughter. However, due to the still unresolved issues regarding medical marijuana accessibility in the UK, Emma had no other choice but to take drastic measures.

And so, at the beginning of April 2019, Emma returned from the Netherlands, bringing a total of three months’ supply of cannabis oil for her child. Valued at $5,867(£4,500), it was not the cost but the unavailability of the crucial cannabis-based medicine that made Emma state that she is “devastated” when the vital medication was seized by customs officials as she arrived in the UK.

Appleby continued by telling the Guardian that she is the type of person who has always tried to “do the right thing.” But when she had to jump through all the hoops just to end up facing a big, flat NO in terms of getting the much-needed cannabis medication for her child’s sake, Emma knew that if she wanted to save her child’s life, she will have to break the law.

Despite the fact she knew she was breaking the law, Emma Appleby felt that the way the officials confiscated her child’s medicine is “deeply upsetting.” As a mother, all that Emma Apply by ever wanted to do was “the best thing” for her daughter.

Traditional treatments failed in treating Appleby’s daughter seizures which towered up to 300 per single day. Nonetheless, conventional medications, apart from being ineffective, also induced dangerous, unwanted side effects. Just like many other parents and many other patients facing similar issues, Appleby wanted a single thing: to treat her child in a safe and effective way. Is this so much to ask for!

As Appleby further highlighted for the Guardian, while the National Health Service, accompanied by the medical professionals in the UK are still in the midst of having debates and arguments over what constitutes evidence regarding the pros and cons of marijuana use, her innocent child is one of the victims who keep suffering every single day because of the authorities’ total lack of sensible, well-functioning regulations.

MP Tonia Antoniazzi, co-chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on medical marijuana, commented on Appleby’s case by stating that it was clear evidence the current system is not working and that there is a “damning indictment” in terms of how the cannabis policy has been implemented in the UK so far.

Antoniazzi continued by claiming that the UK government did manage to do the right thing by changing the cannabis laws, however, everyone who was involved with the implementation of the newly introduced laws “should hang their heads in shame.”

Appleby firmly stated that she is 100% prepared to fight in order to get her daughter’s cannabis medication returned after being brutally confiscated. We hope that Appleby and her family won’t need to suffer to the point of having their daughter admitted to hospital before she gets the much-needed medication returned, which was the case with Charlotte Caldwell’s son.

Why UK Parents Are Forced to Become Drug Smugglers: Food for Thought

Whether you happen to live in the UK, the USA, India, China, Japan, Greece, Poland, Germany, Spain, the Philippines, or wherever else possible, it is worth getting educated on how cannabis legalization is going across the globe. That’s because we all share a collective responsibility as intelligent human beings to defend our legal, sacred rights of health and freedom of choice.

In a perfect world where laws really made sense, anyone should be free to use cannabis as long as he/she does no harm to anyone by doing so. Just think about all the money and all the pain people could never have to spend or suffer provided they were knowledgeable on growing their very own cannabis plants.

For instance, growing high CBD strains can let patients prepare their very own, high-quality CBD medications for a fraction of the high, often hard-to-afford costs of the readily-available cannabis-based oils, tinctures, and edibles. Although, what’s even worse nowadays is not merely the cost but the inaccessibility and/or illegality of the much-needed cannabis-derived medications.

Why UK parents are forced to become drug smugglers to save their children’s lives is not the question; the real question is, how did our modern-day societies end up in this ugly mess Knowledge is power, bud buddies. Don’t ever stop expanding your horizons on all things cannabis-related so that we can build the bright, green future our kids will be proud and happy to be a part of.