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What is an E-nail

e nails

Dabbing enables the user to inhale high potency marijuana and experience quick onset effects. However, traditional doping can be both extra complex and harmful than most other kinds of marijuana inhalation. As with a vapor pen, doping includes the use of a heat source to vaporize marijuana concentrate. And the heat source in the dab rig is a nail.

A standard dab rig includes the use of a flame to give heat to the nail. Here is where the dab rigs and vape pens are most distinctly different. If either you believe that dragging out a flame-throwing torch to heat it up one’s nail is nice or a little bit too much, and using an e-nail could also make the tapping procedure safer and easier. In this article, we will tackle more about e-nail and the benefits of it.

What Is an E-nail

Enail is usually referred to as “electronic nails,” the e-nails have been in use for so many years now, brought into existence soon after the marijuana concentrate episode started taking off. Nevertheless, success has also been unstable again till recent times, as it once was quite costly and difficult to come through it. The innovation behind the e-nail is very simple. Bases usually consist of a control system box that provides heat via a coil that goes direct to the nail on its own. These containers allow controlled deception of the temperature of the nail, giving the user the power to control the warm air of their rig with both the press of a button.

The dabbers could also simply turn the device on with an e-nail, cast the desired temperature, then wait for the device to imply that this has managed to reach the said temperature prior to actually dabbing an infinite number of times without having to worry about any thermal variability. E-nails work by providing an extra degree of control to a dabber, able to make the ideal use of their rigs to produce reliable results.

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Benefits of Enail

Apart from providing an unparalleled heating system, e-nails could also provide a number of significant advantages. At one, they effectively eliminate the need to depend on butane as demand response. Even though butane is fairly easy to produce, it is far from viable to have to retain production consistently. In many other cases, the supply of electricity is much more prevalent than a can of polished butane to replace a torch.

Producing unending dabs in the meantime, enails allow a very little energy to function which can last for hours. For those that have been to marijuana gatherings, most seller shops offering samples would do so with the support of an e-nail and dab rig setup. There are no other devices that can withstand the huge amount of dabs in such a short period of time, particularly with no torch.

Possible Danger of E-Nail Dabbing

E-nail really isn’t for all of us. Actually, there are many instances when it is not suggested to have one. These kinds of units are accountable for the use of high temperatures, above and beyond 1000°. Able to operate an e-nail takes a certain degree of accountability and existence on the user’s behalf. It’s not suggested to leave these kinds of devices unaccounted for, particularly in the case of pets, children, or anyone else who is not familiar with the system. These kinds of devices must be used with great caution if exposed to sunlight outside. E-nails are really a fire risk and must never be used around with other flame retardants. Overall, they should be treated with care and safeness.

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What’s the best dabs e-nail

The best dab e-nail rig would also offer the best temperature control and could be costly. Investment in a great e-nail could be worth the cost for anyone who loves smoking marijuana concentrates with both the best taste and does not want to keep spending on butanes. E-nail components also are an aspect to be taken into consideration. Titanium nails appear to become the most sturdy, whereas ceramic nails are great for heat retention and enable for long-tapping sessions.


Titanium is capable of withstanding extremely high heat which is one of the hardest metals. And for these kinds of reasons, the award for sturdiness is won by titanium. It heats up quickly, too. This is the most famous material to produce dab nails.
Titanium could also add a dab to its undesirable metallic taste. You could also reduce the flavor profile by adding some “seasoning” to the nail. If you first use your titanium e-nail, burn a tiny portion of wax to the edge of your nail. It would start replacing the flavor profile of titanium with the flavor of the concentrate.


Quartz could also withstand high heat and heat up quickly, and also easy to clean. However, it does not tamper with the taste of the dab.
This kind of material cools fast and it is less sturdy, unlike titanium. Handle this fragile uniqueness with care, otherwise, you will have to substitute your quartz enail.


Ceramic could also able to hold heat for a long period of time. Just like quartz, ceramic nails don’t really meddle with the taste as deeply as titanium.
It needs to take longer to heat up ceramic than it is with quartz or titanium. Ceramics is just less sturdy, unlike titanium. Although not as evident as titanium, ceramics may have a slight effect on the taste of the dab.

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