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What Is A Cannabis Dap Pen

dab pen

In this article, we’re going to uncover what is a dab pen and what’s the use of it in marijuana. With a growing percentage of states legalizing marijuana, the hype is being built around this green flower. Consumers are expressing attraction in experiencing weeds, and the ‘high’ feeling. There are now a number of ways of ingesting cannabis, such as oral, inhalation, sublingual, and topical. Inhalation is the fastest possible impact on users.

What is a dab pen

‘Dabbing’ is the intake of marijuana concentrated by a vaporizer pen or e-cigarettes. A dab pen is used as a vaporizer to vaporize marijuana concentrates. Smoking involves the burning of a cannabis flower to discharge its chemical substances that pass through our lungs. Vaporization involves heating marijuana concentrate to the temperature until the chemical compounds are released in the form of gases or vapor. Dab is a smaller concentration of THC, a marijuana compound which makes you feel high. The extraction process involves the use of solvents such as carbon dioxide or butane, resulting in an oily, sticky substance. A dab pen is a compact device and therefore also considered to become one of the best wireless vaporizers. You could even use any types of concentrates, like shattering, oil, butter, wax, etc. It is important to look for variables like battery life, portability, charging options, warranty, materials, vapor quality that it can give, and so forth.

How does a dab pen work

Dab pens really look like a usual pen. It contains a compartment to carry a battery, concentrates, and a mouthpiece to inhale the vapor. And it also comes with a micro USB charger to charge a battery. Battery packs also provide buttons, cylindrical or rectangular, big or small based on the length of the pen. The procedure requires putting it on the coils, letting the heat to melt it away on the wick, which then absorbs the product. The wick then gets hot and concentrates to produce a vapor. Temperature performs a critical role in the management of vaporization. There have been different materials on the market, each having a different amount of heat. The material could also burn too high a temperature, and it cannot be vaporized. Oily concentrate could require a temperature of between 440°F and 550°F. Some may require fewer heat (360°F and 400°F). The home button stimulates the battery to heat up the concentrate within the chamber and then directs this to the mouthpiece for inhalation.

Benefits of Dab Pens

The Dab pens have always been easy and portable to use. Because the flower does not burn, its impacts are purer. It is a discreet way to consume marijuana.

Below are some of the benefits of dab pen:

  • Less Whiff – you don’t have to think too hard about the smell since there is no smoke.
  • Free of smoke – there is no burning or ash in vaping, and therefore it is free of smoke. Burning them could also wipe out the active compounds of herbs.
  • Micro-dosing – you need only a very small amount of consumption for dabbing. This tends to help micro-dosing, that also works well enough for medical cannabis.
  • Durability – concentrates endorse more potency than the flower. They often include 80 to 90% THC, making them more efficient, unlike smoking.
  • Versatile – you’re not going to have to worry about the smoke, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.
  • Saves Money – the user could also save money when you use dab pens because this vaporizer is lower in price than glass. High-quality dab pens could only cost less than $50 or so, and replacing the cartridge would cost not more than $20.

Who are the dab pens for

Dab pens are used to vaporize marijuana concentrates. They are popularly used by medical marijuana patients and heavy recreational marijuana users.

The wax pen is ideal when you prefer to steam mostly on the go since it is discrete and easily functional.

Risks and Safety Concerns

Consumption of marijuana leads to a different state of body and mind. Before buying them, you must know and understand the legal concerns about the use of dab pens. Sticky oil may carry contaminants that are bad for the body. In order to cut such substances, several laboratory tests, the use of high-grade solvents, and very well-trained extraction experts must be carried out. Consider the potency of extracts of THC around 60 to 90%. Also, always pick a good-quality product, as cheaper brands can only use a nail connection and a hand-held blow torch. You could also learn a few tips on how to use a dab pen or even a steam pen. Because the THC compound is high in marijuana dabs, you must begin with a moderate amount of THC and also be conscious of every side effect. It also is becoming common as a way to get a marijuana experience. You could also try the disposable ones when you’re on the street to avoid billing battery cells every time. It also is still a great travel companion for your adventuresome voyages.