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What Does Weed Smell Like

If you’re new to consuming marijuana then you may have, at some point, asked the question “what does weed smell like” You may have also heard about cannabis smelling like fruit like lemons, pineapples, peaches, grape, berries, blueberries, and many more. There are also weed that’s sweet, pungent, flowery, earthy and skunky. It’s hard to imagine weed can smell like any of these; even a combination of these fragrances. 

What does weed smell like – factors that affect the smell of weed

The most important factor that affects the smell of marijuana is the age of the plant. Plants that are harvested early will smell milder and less skunky.  When you smoke this type of weed, you’ll find it’s less potent; most users don’t enjoy smoking mild, early harvested weed. Those harvested later tend to have a stronger, more potent skunky smell and have very strong effects. 

There are organic compounds known as terpenes which are found in all types of plants and yes, this is found in cannabis as well. Just some of the most prominent organic compounds are myrcene, pinene, and limonene. Myrcene is a terpene that’s in mangoes and is also present in cannabis. Pinene is in pine trees and is also a common terpene in cannabis. Limonene is responsible for the zesty smell in lemons and this is also present in many cannabis strains. 

Some terpenes may dominate the smell in weed, a strain with high limonene content will have a lemon smell. Meanwhile, some strains have a combination of terpenes and will have a variety of flavors and aromas. 

What does a marijuana plant smells like

The smell of marijuana plant will smell the same during the vegetative stage no matter what strain you’re growing. The smell is described as weedy, skunk, or piney and this smell will become stronger as the plant becomes older. When the plant blooms, the smell becomes very powerful and will fill the entire growing area. 

In some cannabis strains like the Skunk and the OG family of strains, the smell can be very potent that it becomes very smelly. It’s important to control the smell of these strains to avoid causing a nuisance. Oftentimes, a marijuana secret growing area is discovered because of the plants’ very potent smell!

The smell of cannabis indica vs cannabis sativa plants

There are three general classifications of cannabis: Cannabis indica, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis ruderalis. Of the three, indica and sativa plants are the most common and readily available. These two are classified as different species with different overall plant appearance, size, and effects. When it comes to smell, indica plants have an acrid smell while sativa plants come with a sweeter or spicier smell. 

But take note that this is to classify pure sativas and indica strains. Nowadays, there are more hybrid strains. Hybrids are a combination of sativas and indicas or hybrids and other hybrids and therefore, the original sweet-spicy sativa and acidic indica may be harder to distinguish.

What is the smell of weed when you buy it from the dispensary

Most products sold in legit dispensaries are found inside the original breeder’s packaging. These special containers are tightly sealed, guaranteed to keep your weed fresh and in perfect condition. The weed that’s fresh from the packaging will smell the exact smell of the plant. 

The smell may vary depending on the strain. Some may smell lemony while some fruity; others are very stinky like cheese and skunk while some very fragrant like mint, lavender, and pine. Also, most cannabis sold in dispensaries is dried weed. When compared to other dried plants and herbs, dried marijuana has a stronger, more powerful scent.

What is the smell of weed while smoking it

When you’re smoking a joint or dried cannabis, you don’t just smell weed but you’re also smelling other components like fire, smoke, ash, and burning rolling paper. You would later distinguish the particular smell of the strain you are using such as skunk, lemongrass, wood, pine, and earthy flavors. 

Meanwhile, vaping marijuana oils may seem similar to smoking as you’re taking in the smoke or fumes from the burning cannabis material. But there are many differences: first, you are vaping oils and not dried weed. There’s no flame only heat that warms up the oil and turns it into vapor. The smoke is less harmful although not completely harmless. There’s no burning plant material and rolling paper that can interfere with the natural smell of weed. You can smell weed better than smoking dried weed. 

What is the smell of a person who just smoked weed

When you smoke weed, the smoke can cling to your hair, anything you’re wearing, and even on your skin. If the weed you’re smoking smells like a skunk then the skunky aroma will mix with the smell of smoke and can enhance the smell of your sweat and your natural odors. Because of this, it is easy to spot people who smoke weed. You can smell a person’s fingers as these hold the joint like a cigarette. 

The smell of hashish, synthetic weed, etc

Hashish is a very potent, distilled form of concentrated cannabis. This was made from compressing resin from a marijuana plant. The smell of hashish smoke is very similar to the smell of marijuana smoke. It is described as an earthy aroma that’s mixed with the smell of ash and smoke. Some people can’t stand the smell of hashish saying that it’s too potent or too powerful.

Meanwhile, synthetic weed is not from the marijuana plant. It is produced in a lab from a plantlike material that’s sprayed with different chemicals to smell, taste, and feel like a weed. Synthetic weed may also be called mamba, spice or K2 and is distributed like a regular weed. 

The problem with synthetic weed is that it is not regulated like marijuana and may contain just about any kind of chemical to copy the natural smell, taste, and effect of cannabis. The standard skunk, acid, or sweet smell of weed is gone.

How to smoke weed without smelling like one

Now that you know what weed smells like in different stages of growing, packing, and smoking, it’s time for some tips to avoid smelling like weed. 

  1. Smoke weed in a ventilated room

Do smoke indoors but with a window or door open. If this is not possible, use a fan to immediately remove the smell of weed and smoke out of the room. You are more likely to smell like a weed if you smoke inside a cramped and poorly-ventilated room. You may also smoke weed outdoors instead. 

      2. Wear a smoker’s “attire”

Wear an old jacket/sweatshirt and a cap to keep smoke out of your clothes and hair. Also, wash this jacket often and never let it smell like old weed. You may also want to cover your bed and pillows if you’re smoking inside your bedroom and you want to keep the smell of weed off your sheets as well. 

      3. Wash your hair, take a bath after you smoke

We recommend smoking before you take a shower. This will ensure that your hair and skin don’t smell like weed. You’ll also likely changing your clothes after a shower. You’ll be high while feeling clean and fresh all day. 

     4. Don’t smoke, use other cannabis products instead

The best way to avoid the smell of smoke is to use other forms of cannabis instead. You can eat edibles, use oils, tinctures, or other forms of concentrates. You may also use vaping oils as these won’t make you smell like burnt plant parts. Vape oils smell better than burning dried leaves. 

     5. Use perfumes and sprays

Mask the smell of weed using perfume sprays or fragrances. Use air fresheners or purifiers. You can use portable air ionizers and purifiers used to remove the smell of cigarettes indoors. These are far better than just spraying perfume or room spray because these will only mask the smell of weed.

The smelliest cannabis strains in the world

Here are eight of the smelliest cannabis strains. You should stay away from these strains if you don’t want to smell like weed. 

  1. Super Skunk

Just by the name, you can already tell that this cannabis strain is going to be very smelly.  But apart from its very potent smell, Super Skunk is also a very relaxing strain that can make you feel calm and focused while some experience being talkative as they lower their inhibitions. Super Skunk is a useful strain for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and all kinds of pain. 

      2. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a pungent skunk strain with a very powerful diesel smell.  This is a sativa strain and thus it’s very potent and can make you energetic, euphoric, and hungry. But after its effects have subsided, you will feel a very strong urge to sleep. You can use this strain to deal with a variety of medical conditions including pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, anxiety, stress, and depression. 

     3. White Russian

At some point, White Russian has been one of the most potent strains on the planet. But now, it remains very strong, giving you a very relaxing, very calming high. The smell of White Russian buds is skunky with a sweet after taste. Many can’t stand the natural scent of this strain but some keep craving for it. 

    4. AK-47

One of the most potent cannabis strains is AK-47. This strain offers a cerebral high and has a sweet smell. The unique smell and flavor of AK-47 can only be deciphered through taste. You’ll know there’s an AK-47 nearby when you smell the trademark sour and pungent odor which can instantly fill your growing area.

    5. Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk is one of the smelliest cannabis strains on the planet and is also known for its laid-back effect and Skunk flavors. Aside from being a very strong strain for recreational users, it is also a strain that’s perfect for the relief of depression, stress, anxiety, and pain. 

    6. Cheese

The original Cheese and all family members are known to be very stinky strains. Even when the original strain is bred with a sweet-smelling one, the result would be a total stinky hybrid! The bad thing about smelling like cheese is that it’s not fresh cheese you’re using on your pasta or burger but very smelly cottage cheese or blue cheese that you pair with wine. And just like other strains, Cheese is more than just the smell. It’s also a powerful relaxing strain because of its indica lineage.  Therapeutically, it can help with conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression and can also ease pain, headaches, and muscle pains.

    7. Death Star

Death Star is a very powerful strain that has descended from a Sour Diesel strain. Therefore, you get the same pungent diesel and skunk smell that most people can’t take. It is not as potent as Sour Diesel therefore it’s more tolerable. This is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a very relaxing and euphoric effect. You can also ease different conditions like pain, headaches, muscle strain, anxiety, stress, and depression with this potent and smelly strain. 

   8. Island Sweet Skunk

Another very smelly strain is Island Sweet Skunk that comes with a skunk aroma plus tropical and sweet flavors.  It is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that can produce energetic effects. It is fruity with taste and smell of grapefruit but with the distinct skunk smell that can linger inside your growing area.

Now that you know what does weed smell like, you may want to broaden your palate, seek out flavorful strains, or even grow these at home. Most importantly, you should appreciate stinky strains because these are more than their smells and flavors.  There are more stinky cannabis strains and there are less smelly ones too. Take note that smell is not the only factor that tells you the potency of weed; just use it as a guide to select the best strain that works for you.