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Crucial Weed Growing Supplies to Skyrocket your Cannabis Cultivation Operation

It is common knowledge that cannabis plants can be grown outdoors, as well as indoors. Also, you can grow cannabis in a greenhouse. Being the hardy creatures that they are, marijuana plants can be cultivated in literally every climate zone across the globe (yeah, even in Antarctica), as long as some pretty basic factors for their healthy growth are provided.

With the right know-how, your cannabis growing skills can skyrocket you to the next dimension of quality buds you get upon harvesting. But you do need some crucial weed growing supplies to help you bring your cannabis cultivation operation to another level.

Fortunately, nowadays it is easier than ever before to get your marijuana growing supplies kit all set and done. And in fact, thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you may not even need to leave the house. A simple Google search by typing the right keywords, such as, for instance, cannabis growing supplies near me, will reveal to you numerous sources of the items you may want to make a part of your cannabis grow mission.

However, it is often the case that it becomes rather confusing which cannabis growing supplies you really need vs. which ones you can afford to skip on purchasing. There is a whole myriad of devices that can bring your marijuana to grow operation to the next level but the truth is, depending on your level of experience as a cannabis grower, you only want to pick the ones that will be of utmost assistance to you, and this makes the process of selecting the right cannabis growing tools strictly individual.

In this article, we will go through some little-known perspectives on the cannabis growing supplies that you need (as well as how to make the most of them using some smart tricks). That’s why we wholeheartedly invite you to fasten your seatbelts and join us below because this won’t be just another average guide that will make you yawn while scrolling down.

We sincerely love growing marijuana, and so we know the rules of the game painfully well, bud buddies. But more importantly, we also know that sharing means caring so puff, puff, pass and read on!

1. High-Quality Marijuana Seeds

Okay, this one seems like no brainer: every successful marijuana growing journey begins with picking good quality cannabis seeds. Of course, you can also grow marijuana from clones but for a huge part of the cannabis enthusiasts out there it is growing weed from seed that remains the most fantastic option.

What you want to remember about marijuana seeds is that the quality of buds you’ll get upon harvesting, as well as the strain you choose to grow, is100% dependent on the genetic make-up, encoded in the seeds. Shortly put, the seeds you pick will have such a profound impact on your entire marijuana grow operation that it is best to think of the cannabis seeds as the makers or the breakers of your cannajourney.

The importance of the marijuana seeds which will become a part of your crucial weed growing supplies is so tremendous because of the way genetics influence the entire growth cycle of your cannabeauties. To illustrate this better, the genetic inheritance is what determines the average cannabinoid content a strain can reach meaning that the genetic inheritance greatly determines the quality of weed, regardless of whether you consume cannabis for medical or recreational purposes.

Great marijuana seeds will give birth to great cannabis plants that will be less prone to issues during the growth process. Nonetheless, by working with cannabis seeds obtained from a reputable seed bank, breeder, or company, you will be well-prepared on understanding better the basic growth patterns and demands of your green ladies. Thus, you will be able to apply the best growing practices while also knowing what to expect in terms of average yields and a flowering time of the strains you select.

As far as selecting the best strains to grow is concerned, this is a very personal matter of choice.

If you can’t or don’t want to wait long for your green ladies to finish flowering, you can go for an all-time favorite Indica strain such as Northern Lights since Indica cannabis varieties typically finish flowering much faster than Sativa varieties.

Nonetheless, autoflowers can be the perfect choice for growers who have only a limited time to reach harvesting. If your grow space is not rather restricted in size, you can go for a Sativa autoflower strain such as Sour Girl autoflower.

However, if you are about to grow weed in a tiny space or you simply need to keep your outdoor cannabis garden away from the public radar, then a short-postured autoflowerIndica like White Widow autoflower can make a wonderful option.

For the growers whose decently-sized grow rooms, cannabis greenhouses and/or outdoor marijuana gardens allow for the successful cultivation of regular cannabis strains by letting them reach their fullest potential, then you can be lucky to go for a cult classic cannabis variety like Original Skunk.

For the aficionados of hybrid strains, White Cookies and Durban Poison are just two of the excellent options when it comes to selecting fantastic marijuana seeds to grow outdoors or indoors.

If you are a true Sativa connoisseur who loves to enjoy the uplifting, energy and motivation boosting effects of Sativa varieties, then Sativa Star and Super Silver Haze can become a fantabulous addition to your marijuana garden. But then again, keep in mind that Sativas spend longer in flowering (8+ weeks), and they also tend to grow much taller than Indicas and most autoflower varieties.

Luckily, nowadays high CBD strains are also becoming widely available. It is good to remember that growing high CBD strains is an incredible opportunity that we, cannabis growers, didn’t have just some mere years ago.

Fortunately, thanks to the miracle of cross-breeding, as well as the boom of marijuana legalization, we are now blessed to enjoy growing high CBD strains such as CB Dream and CB Diesel. The world of cross-breeding is truly mesmerizing, and of course, it isn’t limited to breeding new cannabis strains. Cross-breeding various fruits and veggies is full of mysteries and specific terms that most of us, plain mortals, find quite difficult to understand, the final results make it very easy to realize that there is a certain kind of magic in cross-breeding that is nothing less but impressive.

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As far as the miracle of cross-breeding and the development of high CBD strains is concerned, you can take advantage of adding CBD strains to your marijuana garden. Doing so is one of the best ways to reap the amazing health benefits of CBD by making pure, high-quality CBD tinctures, oils, and ointments, among others.

Picking the right marijuana strain to grow is much like getting married although in a metaphorical sense. The secret of a happy marriage is simple: choose your partner wisely with both mind and heart and don’t let anybody’s judgments or advice on that matter mess up with your personal perspective. It is the same when selecting the right cannabis strain to grow: skip the rush, do your homework, and you will be half-way to a successful, happy and blissful marijuana grow journey.

2. High-Quality Pots

Now, if you are planning an outdoors marijuana grow, you might be thinking of skipping on using pots and planting your green ladies directly into the ground. However, we want to encourage you to think twice because there are some excellent benefits to growing cannabis plants in pots, even if it comes to outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Growing weed in suitable containers allows you to have better control over the growing environment outdoors. In cases of emergency, you can easily bring your cannabis plants indoors or simply shelter them in any suitable spot in order to avoid the ravages of the weather.

Of course, growing weed by planting your green ladies directly into the ground has a major benefit: your marijuana plants can truly go HUGE since their root system will not be limited by the container’s size. Especially when introduced to a high-tech greenhouse where their healthy development can be fully controlled by combining the best of the benefits of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, a single cannabis plant can yield as much as 10+ cannabis plants grown indoors!

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For indoor growers, the size of pots matters a lot. Keep in mind that the size of the pot you choose directly correlates with the size your cannabeauties will reach. As a rule of thumb, the upper, visible part of your marijuana plants will grow about twice the size of the container you have chosen to work with. The size of the container restricts root growth, and that’s why it is so significant to the overall plant growth.

Therefore, depending on the size of your grow room, you need to pick the correct size of container that will work best according to your personal goals and needs as a grower.

For example, if you choose to grow a Sativa-dominant hybrid such as Train Wreck but you need to restrict the plant’s size as much as possible, it is best to opt for Train Wreck autoflower that is praised for its well-balanced effects, as well as its compact structure and size. Next, if you plant your Train Wreck autoflower into a container of, let’s say 10 inches in height, then you can expect for this fast flowering gemstone to reach no more than about 20 inches in height on an average.

Last but not least, the quality of containers directly correlates with the health and vigorous development of your cannabis plants. It is not only the size of containers to determine the number of nutrients and water your green ladies can utilize but it is also the material of which the pots are made from. Fabric pots, as well as air pots and smart pots,  allow for air to pass freely, unlike plastic-made pots, and thus, the root system’s health is greatly boosted. Oxygen enhances the synthesis of essential nutrients so that your plants can make the best use of the vital elements present in the growing medium.

3. High-Quality Growing Mediumand/or Growing System

There are certain benefits to both traditional cannabis growing in soil, as well as to opting for modern-day growing systems such as hydroponics, aeroponics, or deep water culture.

What matters the most is to know your goals so that you can pick the growing medium/growing system accordingly.

In a nutshell, growing cannabis in high-quality soil is very cheap, beginner-friendly (there’s much more room for mistakes than with hydroponics), it is easy to maintain your crops, it allows you to grow cannabis naturally without the use of non-organic nutrient blends, and your cannabis flowers will taste better.

Just remember that high-quality, rich, fertile soil is what you need, and don’t settle for anything less. Rich soil can nurture your cannabis plants from seed to harvest with or without the addition of any extra fertilizers. Plus, you are free to choose between organic fertilizers (either readily-available or homemade) and non-organic fertilizers, while it is often the case that non-organic fertilizers are the best working option (and sometimes the only option) for hydroponic growers.

Modern-day cannabis growing systems like hydroponics and aeroponics make up for significantly higher yields for indoor growers than traditional cannabis growing in soil. Nonetheless, the cycles of the harvests are much quicker, and it is also easier to achieve more potent yields, too. That’s mostly because of the precisely balanced nutrient feeding regime, as well as the highly hygienic growing medium which greatly curbs the chances for pests or diseases to affect your green ladies.

4.High-Quality Nutrients

Let’s keep things as precise and concise as possible when it comes to the best nutrients for cannabis plants and their significance as part of your cannabis cultivation operation: the more does not mean the better!

Nutrients are essential for the well-being of any living creature. However, if you have already opted for high-quality, rich soil, nutrients are merely an addition to boosting yields and not a necessity. Also, feeding more nutrients than needed can mean more trouble than feeding no nutrients at all.

In fact, if you are about to grow your weed in soil, we highly encourage you to give organic marijuana growing a try. Not only will doing so help you save a lot of cash as you can easily prep your very own, DIY homemade fertilizers but you can also keep using the same soil over and over again. Organically nurtured soil will only become more fertile as the beneficial colonies of living microorganisms are developing over time.

Of course, if you are growing weed hydroponically, there is no way to go without using a proper set of nutrients very precisely. Just remember to establish the feeding routine of your green ladies carefully and gradually. You can always feed them more nutrients if you see that they react well to their nutrient regimen, right

Not the least, always stick with using the same brand of nutrients for each grow cycle. This will allow you to understand better if the selected nutrients are doing their job well, and you can also compare one brand of nutrients with another as you gain more experience, thus, being able to stick with the brands that proved to provide best results.

5. pH, PPM, Temperature, and Humidity Measuring Tools

Ah, here comes the fun part of assembling your crucial weed growing supplies! It’s measuring time! Although measuring the pH, PPM, temperature and humidity levels with the use of proper devices might seem like a sci-fi mission to the newbie growers, it is actually a fairly enjoyable, and in fact, extremely beneficial part of the cannabis growing process.

A pH meter will let you stay away from issues related to pH imbalances of the growing medium. Thus, your cannabis plants will be protected from suffering malnutrition as imbalanced pH levels block the proper absorption of nutrients.

The optimal pH levels for soil fall into the 6.5 – 6.8 range while the optimal pH levels for hydroponics fall into the 5.5 – 6.5 range.

A high-quality PPM/ -EC meter is essential for hydroponic growers no less than a quality pH meter. In fact, there are awesome combo-meters that combine measuring both pHs, as well as PPM levels precisely.A PPM meter can be very useful for cannabis growers who stick with traditional soil growing, although it is definitely not a crucially necessary device.

A hygro-thermometer device will be of your best assistance in monitoring and adjusting the temperature and humidity levels that will make your cannabeauties flourish.

6. High-Quality Pre- and Post-Harvest Devices

Growing cannabis doesn’t really end with harvesting the cannabis flowers you have been patiently taking best care of. You are able to manipulate the cannabinoid content of your cannabis flowers by using a digital microscope to know exactly when to harvest them according to your personal needs and preferences.

As a rule of thumb, when no more than about 40% of the trichomes have turned amber, your weed will be most potent in THC.

The more the amber-colored trichomes grow from 50% and up to 90%, the more the levels of other active cannabinoids will be boosted, however, the psychoactive effects will be (slightly) decreased in favor of some of the healing properties of marijuana.

It is important to start noticing the changes in the color of trichomes as soon as the last weeks of a flowering kick in. That’s because these changes are gradual and you may have a hard time making the difference between milky through opaque and amber colored trichomes if it is not for regular monitoring. By the way, as little as 24 hours can determine the transition from highly THC potent cannabis buds to buds of decreased THC potency, so that digital microscope comes very, very handy, despite being considered just a fancy device by some.

Ultimately, the final outcome of your grow journey highly depends on properly drying, curing, and storing your weed. This helps to bring out the full array of subtle flavors, to make the smoke feel smooth rather than harsh, and it also goes hand in hand with achieving, as well as maintaining top potency of your cannabis flowers.

That’s why we decided to include humidors as part of the list of crucial weed growing supplies because these modern-day devices can make a spectacular difference in keeping your marijuana stash fresh and potent for an extended period of time. Therefore, a humidor can allow you to keep experimenting with growing more cannabis plants without having to worry that by the time you harvest the fruits of your efforts the previously harvested buds’ quality would have started to decrease.

Video by: Cannabis.Net – Cannabis Humidors That Keep Your Stash Moist, And Yes,They Do Lock

Finally, we wanted to tease your imagination with one of the most cut-edge cannabis devices that have hit the market: cannabinoid testing devices. For any cannabis grower who is serious about the quality of his/her crops, a cannabinoid testing device is a game changer.

Handheld chemical analyzers allow marijuana growers to instantly measure and identify the potency of a cannabis sample, thus, knowing the exact cannabinoid content present in their crops. Keeping in mind that a whopping 7.45 million more Americans are regularly partaking in cannabis consumption every month, based on stats reporting the rise of marijuana use among adults within the period 2009 – 2019, we can’t wait to see what the rapidly expanding cannabis industry is about to bring for all of us cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy in the foreseeable future.

Crucial Weed Growing Supplies: The Takeaway

It’s no secret that growing cannabis comes with awesome rewards.

A quick and simple calculation shows that no matter how much you invest into high-quality weed growing supplies, your initial investment will pay off because of both the quality, as well as the quantity of weed you can produce.

To illustrate this better, growing 1 to 5 cannabis plants in a 4ft x 4ft grow space indoors can cost you as little as about $650 while the buds you can get upon harvesting will be at least about 180 grams (40 pounds), or more.

That’s at least 10 times cheaper than the money you’ll pay for purchasing weed. Yet what truly makes growing your very own cannabis such an incredible experience is that you get to establish a deep relationship with your green ladies. You learn tons of invaluable lessons on the way, and ultimately, you get to enjoy better and better weed after each successful grow operation.

The list of crucial weed growing supplies to skyrocket your cannabis cultivation operation could have been extended further if we were to discuss other essential tools such as grow lights and ventilation devices but we assume that these tools fall into the category of must-haves that most growers, depending on the type of their cannabis grow mission, will need to pick accordingly based on their unique needs and preferences. Harvest after harvest you can keep expanding your set of tools, just like you are bound to expand your cannabis growing skills and know-how to skyrocket your yields. Enjoy every minute of your marijuana grow adventure and keep a positive mindset about the whole thing. As long as you bathe your green ladies in love, care, and attention, they will be eager to reward you with those fantastic, sugar-coated buds we all crave for.