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What is a Weed Grinder and How to Use Them

weed grinder

Every joint smoker is aware of or comes across a weed grinder, and they all know that choosing the best one is very important for the smoking experience. Choosing the wrong weed grinder may also lead to all sorts of stuff, like the sub-joint experience that nobody wants. Then, how should you choose the right marijuana grinder? In this article, we will discuss what a weed grinder is, how to use it, and will guide you on how to choose the right grinder.

What Is A Weed Grinder

A weed grinder is a tool that is used in breaking your marijuana into small portions to be wrapped or rolled in a paper, making it hit the bowl or blunt wrap smoothly. If you don’t have a weed grinder, there are many ways you can grind your marijuana, but this can speed up the process with a lot of kief-catching benefits. At the bottom of the chamber is a screen, which goes through a kief catcher and collects all the potent frosty kief ripped from the buds during grinding.

You can also take the kief out and put an extra to top layer of the bowl, and you can use it to press your cooked edibles or hashish. You will find the “teeth” grinding chamber or the blades that do the work just above the screen. Attached to this portion is the lid of the grinder. Usually, there is a magnet attached to the metal grinders, which helps in maintaining stuff as safe as it grinds.

What Is It Used For

The sole idea of a weed grinder is to grind the buds of cannabis to a finer accuracy that can be rolled into a joint or packed into a bowl. Usually, a weed grinder is used to improve the smoking experience by breaking the marijuana flower equally. You don’t even need a weed grinder to break down nugs into smaller pieces. Using it minimizes the chances of your bong getting all jammed up. It also makes it possible to utilize the weed flower better and tends to make blunts and joints burn more uniformly.

How To Use A Weed Grinder

  • Take the top lid apart and use your fingers to split up the larger buds between both the teeth of it. Don’t even bother to put the bud in the direct middle, where the magnet swivels. So, nothing else in the middle is going to get torn to shreds.
  • Then, you detach the top of the weed grinder and give it about 10 intervals until all buds have dropped through the holes. You then could detach the top and tap it on the grinder trying to support removing any sticky bits stuck in the grinder’s teeth.
  • Expose the chamber by loosening the screws on the teeth to access the surface of the basket holding all the freshly ground marijuana. Load this in your joint, blunt, or pipe.
  • Once you have collected some kief under the chamber, go ahead and scoop some of it with a piece of paper or a scraping tool that is readily available. You can even sprinkle some over a bowl to make it much more powerful or just save it. Do be careful when using metal scrapers, though—these can scrape up aluminum particles along with the kief.

How To Clean A Sticky Weed Grinder

There will be a time when you will have to use your weed grinder so often that it will be sticky in some way due to the kief resin.

In the corners, where they screw around each other, the connector would get gummy, and it would be harder to twist open. This will avoid hanging your weed grinder on the thread, and this is how you will do it to keep things in good shape.

  • You can equally wipe the sticky portion of the weed grinder with salt and isopropyl alcohol. The technique of cleaning bongs and pipes works just as well for getting rid of the stickiness of the other parts of the grinder.
  • Use a small cleaning brush to knock your kief loose from the screen.
  • Freezing the grinder is another way to clean it. This is because the resin kief will be very hard to stick to the edge. Think about putting the weed grinder inside the freezer prior to actually cleaning the kief, if it really is pretty persistent.
  • For some really irremediably sticky cannabis grinders, it sometimes may be an idea to change the whole thing, if it is apparently a good value grinder.

Picking The Perfect Weed Grinder

  1. Avoid plastic grinders

    Yes, plastic grinders may be cheap, but they’re not worth every penny you pay for them. First, at the very first use, it’s great, but it won’t last. The teeth of the grinder wear and break easily, then you end up buying again, just a waste of money.

  2. Go for multi-chambered grinders

    When one talks about the right grinder, he surely has to be referring to a multi-chambered grinder. This is because only a multi-chambered grinder can hold much more kief.

    Kief is the most potent portion of a marijuana plant, which is before the THC is harvested and processed to be made into concentrates. Kief can be used for topping a bowl and pressing a hash, and can also be used in cooking edibles.

  3. Avoid using electric grinders

    It was not recommended to use electric grinders, and they should not be used. You may be tempted to get an electric weed grinder; it supposedly requires no force to apply while working and very simple to manipulate. Actually, electric weed grinders are not that good. They can easily break, never grind your marijuana all the time, and take a significant more cleaning and maintenance than just a normal weed grinder must. Put yourself in the extra effort to grind your weed.

Final Thoughts

Weed grinders add an important part to the paraphernalia of weed. From making smoke smoother to making cannabis easier to carry, there are lots of reasons why weed grinders deserve to take part in your journey. It may be a hefty upfront cost, but if you smoke cannabis on a regular basis, you know that in the long run, it is well worth the investment. A weed grinder does not need too much capital investment; some even cost as low as $15, and it will be durable after years of proper use and maintenance.