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14 Kinds of Weed Concentrates You Want to Know

Kinds of Weed Concentrates

Weed concentrates are available in various sizes, shapes, and forms. It is common for them to be sticky, which indicates that the concentration of marijuana resins is stable or difficult to maintain. The consistency varies, ranging from sticky saps to hard shatters to dry crumbles and other variations. When it comes to color, they can be anything from opaque to translucent in appearance.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to these disparities. Moisture, temperature, and physical agitation are all factors that come into play in the process. If you stir solid THCA, the material precipitates from the oil and crystallizes due to the reaction. As a result, hash oil transforms from a single-phase substance to a multiphasic and amorphous substance, changing its appearance from transparent to opaque.

At the same time, terpenes play an essential role in the overall outcome of the consistency of the concentrates, and they are particularly prevalent in cannabis. It is since terpenes function as a solvent. The higher the concentration of terpenes in your product, the more liquified your final product will be.

In addition, the way by which you deal with each sort of concentrate differs because some of them will be designed to adhere to a tool and others are not. Others require the use of a scooping tool that is similar in appearance to a spoon. Even if you do not have a multipurpose dab tool, you can utilize one to fit the numerous situations that might arise.

14 Weed Concentrates You Need To Know

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is a famous marijuana concentrate for therapeutic purposes. Unlike other concentrations, it came from female plants with above 20% THC content, both buds, and leaves. This indicates that Rick Simpson Oil contains a high amount of THC, causing various euphoric effects in consumers.

RSO is typically in the shape of tiny pellets, put under the tongue for easy absorption. Users can also ingest or vaporize it. Most pot users advocate beginning with a low dosage, especially when it comes to THC.


Budder is the most sought-after and cleanest cannabis concentrate on this list. The consistency of this concentration is similar to ordinary butter. Budder is incredibly strong and pure, averaging 90% THC and 99.9% purity. Making this requires rigorous whipping during purging. It’s also why budders are more pricey.


Sap has a viscosity comparable to cocoa, making it the most challenging cannabis to concentrate on handling, especially on hot days. This is why it is best indoors, in cold, locations with good ventilations, where it will not melt.
Like real chocolate, sap melts when handled with fingers. Thus experts advise using a tool. The liquid is a potent wax substitute. So, if you are a newbie, use it with caution.

Pull and Snap

Pull and snap is the most excellent option for cannabis concentrates if you like your concentrates runny but want to handle them with your hands. This cannabis concentrate has a viscosity comparable to taffy, making it easy to mold with your hands without getting too dirty.

The moniker pull and snap comes from the way the small dabs of material separates. Just twist and pull until the dabs come off. Then roll the dabs into tiny balls to use in your vape. You could also dab rig it and smoke it straight.


Wax is another cannabis concentrate to consider. It’s a honey-like concentration.
You may have seen a wax concentration before, even if you are not a concentrated aficionado. Wax is a popular concentration. PHO and BHO are two of the more well-known varieties. However, others exist.

Wax concentrations are distinct due to their high THC content and other cannabinoids. They frequently outperform trim runs and regular buds. So it would be best if you handled them with care. If you are new to vaping, it is best to start slowly.

Wax is very fluid and difficult to handle without the proper instruments. Most people use a personal vaporizer or dab rig to manage waxes. However, waxes are frequently four times as expensive as the buds from which they came from.


Crumble is a butane hash oil cannabis concentration. They make this product by purifying the oil in a vacuum oven. Ideally, do so at cooler temps. During this process, crumble softens but remains fragile enough to crumble when handled.

Typically, users utilize Crumble in dab rigs or vapes due to its handling difficulty. If you ever need a potent yet tasty concentrate, crumble may be the best choice. It is high in THC and other cannabinoids.


You know what shatter is if you see the texture of caramel sweetness that looks like a glass-like concentrate. It has a glass-like consistency, hence the name. It’s a build up of BHO and PHO extracts with high THC and CBD contents.
Shatter is famous for its incredible purity, yet there may be some deviations. It can be transparent with low CBD and THC or murky with more active cannabinoids. Shatter is challenging to smoke due to its high evaporation point.

Generally, a butane torch or a nail rig if you heat them up to 600F needs to vaporize shatter.

Full Melt

Complete melt is a hash derivative through the use of either ice or water or a dry sieve. Regardless of the strategy used, the end effect will be unique.

The texture is similar to brown sugar and sand, but the potency doesn’t match, giving you the highest terpene and cannabinoid levels available. It’s also why finding a complete melt is difficult. It is devoid of pollutants and solvents. You can achieve the best experience when you use it with a vaporizer or a dab rig.

Dry Sift

Dry sieving is a kief extraction process. It turns cannabis into a powder that collects in the grinder’s last container. It takes a long time to contain only an ounce of concentrate, but the product is quite potent. Hashish is kief.
This procedure is similar to the use of a grinder. Buds and other plant matter rubs across a fine mesh. The trichomes are in which most of the terpenes and cannabinoids are kept. You can either vape or smoke the knife or utilize it to make other concentrates.


This is a supercritical fluid extraction method. This extraction method is non-messy, non-solvent, and non-expensive. It is also popular since it is free of toxins while retaining its terpene-rich flavor.
Cannabis CO2 extraction requires specialized equipment. The gas is pressured several times through a marijuana container. The gas liquefies the weed, picking up cannabinoids and terpenes. The final product is the residue. CO2 extraction is costly, but it produces some of the most fantastic cannabis concentrates known. Significant manufacturers who create high-end concentrates use it.

BHO – Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil is a cannabis concentrate made with butane as a solvent to extract cannabinoids and terpenes. The procedure is simple but risky. It is popular among consumers since it produces THC-rich concentrates. It’s also used to make hash, budder, nug run, and other cannabis concentrates. Using butane for extraction may be unsettling for some. Due to its harsher taste, BHO is not recommended for people with lung issues.

PHO – Propane Hash Oil

Propane Hash Oil is extracted using propane rather than butane. The process is nearly identical, though a few users prefer PHO for its ability to whip up a quality budder.
Using propane can also help you collect more terpenes while reducing residues, though this depends on the strain you use.

Nug Run

Nug run is a cannabis concentrate made from the nugs of the cannabis plant. They are high-quality weed flowers and buds packed with terpenes and cannabinoids. A nug run is potent and tasty. Weed enthusiasts love it for its taste, hence the name “nectar.” However, this type of weed concentrate could be pretty costly.

Trim Run

Significant operations produce a lot of different cannabis concentrates. Stems, leaves, tiny nugs, and more are usually left. Instead of wasting them, they end up making a lower-quality weed concentrate. Trim run concentrates are made from these materials.

While trim Run doesn’t contain as many cannabinoids as other cannabis concentrates, it is still potent enough to meet your needs. It’s a decent high for casual users. It is one of the most affordably priced THC concentrates currently available on the market.


With the variety of cannabis concentrates available, there is bound to be one that meets your demands. Currently, there are various cannabis concentrates available. You can even design your own if you wish. These are some of the most common choices. Your choice may be also impacted by personal preference and, of course, budget. These marijuana extracts may be ready to eat. You can also make your concentrate and customize it to your liking.