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Ways you can Invest in the Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry has slowly made its mark in the world of business ever since the dawn of the acceptance of this kind of product has been present in most of the states in the US and countries in the world. A lot has been said regarding marijuana and one of which is the possibility of getting lots of money through investing with such kind of business. It may be a different kind of investment strategy and plan compared to the usual stock markets and trade that are already racing towards the top but it is surely a great deal to venture on since it is something new.

Remember that a lot of people might view marijuana has a negative thing leading to fewer people to invest with such a market. This means that people will try to avoid this kind of industry and will go with the most popular one and leave this one behind. This results in less competition and more money to earn and prosper compared to those already worn out markets that are buzzing with investors.

In this scale, the minority will get the upper hand while the majority will be stuck in a warzone full of competitors. A lot of profit can surely be achieved in investing in the marijuana industry more than what other industries can offer. As a matter of fact, by 2022, around $32 billion is the projected growth of the marijuana industry in the whole world and that’s more than thrice of what the actual size of this industry way back in 2017.

If you’re very much interested in earning huge loads of cash and is eyeing towards the marijuana industry, there are a lot of things that you must know and learn before getting yourself involved in this kind of business.

Steps in Investing in the Marijuana Industry

Just like any other business, there are several steps that you must follow before leading to successful growth and profit. You can’t just jump into the current trends without knowing a thing or two about that specific platform that you want to invest in. It is right and just to have an ample amount of knowledge and information on this kind of industry and let it grow together with your money along the way.

To let you be on your game with this kind of profit earning industry, there are several steps that you must know by heart and follow very well to be successful in this kind of business.

1. Get in-depth knowledge of the company

Just like any other products, stores, or industries out there, it is always smart to have a little bit of research on the cannabis company that you are eyeing on. Remember that you’ll be investing some hard earned money that you definitely don’t want to go to waste. As much as possible, try to look deeper into a company’s profile and look for necessary documents that will back their claims up.

You can also browse reliable sites that provide the latest trends and news regarding market trends and possible companies that will do some good with your money. Websites like Yahoo Finance, Stocktwits, and even Twitter can help you with this.

2. Know how much to invest

This is another important thing that you must ponder on. You shouldn’t invest an amount that is more than what you can give out. Avoid borrowing cash or putting yourself in debt just to be able to place a high amount of money to the stocks. It is not bad to start small baby steps because most successful people always begin with investing small amounts of money.

The money that you invest in the stocks will always undergo a series of ups and downs, mostly ups, and of course, mostly downs. Losses are always a possibility so make sure to plan everything carefully and put the right amount of money that you can without resulting to be broke.

3. Formulate an effective timetable

Always manage your time in a way that you don’t haphazardly place money on something without studying it. This is also a crucial step that you must always take note of. Always check up on the current trends and watch it carefully if it is going up or going down and find a pattern or whatsoever that will help you decide when to finally place that money on the bank.

4. Choose a reliable broker

Of course, you need a broker to push through with this kind of business. There are actually a lot of possible brokers that are available online that can help you buy and sell your stocks. Just make sure to pick wisely by basing everything on the plans, commission, and minimum account required to be a part of their team.

Listed below are just some of the possible brokers online that you can check up on.

List of Online Brokers

BrokerCommissionMinimum Account$1$250
Interactive Brokers$0.005 per share$0
Ally Financial Inc.$4.95$0
Trade Station$5$5,000

5. Purchase stocks

This may seem to be very straightforward but there’s more to it than meets the eye. There are actually two major types of “buy” orders that are involved in this step which includes limit order and buy order. A limit order will push through if the current price falls below the threshold while the market order will be executed once the desired price was hit.

6. Sell those stocks

Once you feel that you have earned enough from your stocks, it is now the best time to sell it to other people. The same thing with purchasing stocks, you can sell them at limit order or a market order.
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Top Marijuana Stocks

Now that you have a good grasp of the different possibilities and ways on how to start an investment in the marijuana industry, it is now time to look into the best marijuana stock markets at present. These marijuana stocks have a market capitalization that is more than $300 million that is actively trading in the United States.

1. Acreage Holdings

This company is addressed in British Columbia, Canada and is known to hold a wide-array list of cannabis companies that perform cultivation, production, and dispensing in the United States.

2. Aphria Inc.

Alphria Inc. is a cannabis company located in Canada and is known to be one of the biggest cannabis companies in the whole world. It has a market capitalization of around $3 billion and is listed on the stock exchanges in New York and Toronto.

Revenue: $36.92 million (CAD)

Net income: $29.45 million (CAD)

3. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

This licensed Canadian cannabis producer is located in Edmonton and performs trades in the stock exchange in Toronto. As of September of 2018, Aurora Cannabis Inc. already had operations in almost 18 countries with five licenses for sales and eight facilities for production that are already licensed as well.

Revenue: $18 million (CAD)

4. CannTrust Holdings Inc.

CannTrust Holdings Inc. is a top-notched cannabis company that focuses on providing quality service in terms of medical cannabis, pharmaceutical, and healthcare services for about 40 years.

5. Canopy Growth Corp.

This cannabis company was once known as Tweed Marijuana Inc. way back in 2013 and was changed into Canopy Growth Corp. in 2015. This company was founded by Chuck Rifici and Bruce Linton and is located in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Revenue: $40 million (CAD)

6. Cronos Group Inc.

This diverse cannabis company works hand in hand with Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and deals out on a global scale. This company aims to come up with innovative methods to uplift the experiences of consumers in the most responsible way and change the viewpoint of people towards cannabis.

Stock price: CRON (TSE) $28.81 CAD -0.83 (-2.80%)

7. Curaleaf Holdings Inc.

This vertically integrated cannabis company promotes the use of marijuana for wellness and medicinal benefits that operates in the United States. Curaleaf Holdings Inc. has 42 local dispensaries operating in 12 different states plus 12 cultivation sites, 10 processing sites, and over 100,000 registered patients.

8. Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd.

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. has its headquarters located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and is one of the premier cannabis companies that is listed in the stock exchange in Toronto.

Stock price: TGOD (TSE) $3.69 CAD -0.02 (-0.54%)

9. Green Thumb Industries Inc.

Green Thumb Industries Inc. is known to be one of the highly trusted and largest cannabis company in Northern America. This company’s main goal is to inspire cannabis cultivators and consumers to do better and lead forward to a great opportunity with cannabis.

Stock price: GTII (CNSX) $19.60 CAD -0.05 (-0.25%)

10. GW Pharmaceuticals PLC-ADR

This British originated biopharmaceutical company is best known for the production of nabiximols which is the first approved cannabis-derived medicine that is used to treat multiple sclerosis. GW Pharmaceuticals’s headquarters is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom and was founded way back in 1998 by Geoffrey W. Guy and Brian Whittle.

Stock price: GWPRF (OTCMKTS) $12.50 USD +0.80 (+6.84%)

11. Hexo Corp.

Hexo Corp. was established for the main reason of satisfying the needs entailed by the cannabis market that focuses on medicinal use. They are known to be one of Canada’s lowest cost producing cannabis companies that moves from a local to a national scale to promote a socially responsible community of medicinal cannabis users.

Stock price: HEXO (TSE) $7.75 CAD 0.00 (0.00%)

12. iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.

iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc. believes in three major principles that move their company towards greatness and success and this includes a highly experienced group of people, easy access to capital, and the skill to let the money grow and prosper. With these three put together, there is no stopping in conquering what the cannabis industry has to offer other people.

Stock price: IAN (CNSX) $7.75 CAD -0.17 (-2.15%)

13. Marimed Inc.

Marimed Inc. aims to help provide answers to the problems that breeders, growers, dispensaries, and producers of cannabis are experiencing. What this company can provide those seeking for some assistance are solutions that will help build up secured cannabis facilities from its manufacturing, operations, processing, layouts, design, merchandising, dispensaries, and sales.

Stock price: MRMD (OTCMKTS) $3.68 USD +0.01 (+0.34%)

14. MedMen Enterprises Inc.

This cannabis company has only one thing on their mind and this is to promote the use of cannabis as a form of consumer good. Although it may seem to be simple, there are major consequences that envelope such industry which includes how it is managed, bred, grown, produced, and promoted to other people. MedMen Enterprises Inc. is one of the top competitors in this kind of enterprise that is coinciding with the growing industry of marijuana.

15. OrganiGram Holdings Inc.

OrganiGram Holdings Inc. main purpose is to help those in need of medical assistance in terms of use of marijuana which includes the specific strain that will work perfectly on a specific treatment. They also offer effective treatment plans for each and every patient that needs them as long as they reach the proper requirements to avail it.

Stock price: OGI (CVE) $7.74 CAD -0.18 (-2.27%)

16. Scotts Miracle-Gro Co.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. is geared towards providing the right products that cannabis cultivators, breeders, producers, and growers can use to allow their plants to flourish the right way for a better future in this kind of industry.

17. Tilray Inc.

Tilray Inc. is one of the leading cannabis producers in the world that focuses on the medicinal value of marijuana. Aside from that, this company aims to provide a safe yet very reliable approach in using cannabis as a method for therapies in patients that needs it.

Now that you have been fully acquainted on the ways on how you can invest in the marijuana industry, it is now time to put everything that you’ve learned to test. Just remember to be cautious and careful in putting your money on the market and stocks.