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Ways you Can Enjoy your Cannabis High

Indulging in the high that embraces your entire being after cannabis consumption is a deliberate momentum when all your senses reach another dimension of profound pleasure.

Roll your weed, pack a bowl of marijuana, take a delicious bite of your favorite cannabis-infused treats or get hardcore and experience the power of cannabis concentrates – the choice is entirely in your hands.

But have you ever wondered about the ways you can enjoy your cannabis high to the fullest

Indeed, there are certain ways to further enhance the sensation of high, and we’re on a mission to listing these for you. Ready to fly high Read on!

The Science behind Getting High &How High is Actually High Enough

For a start, it’s important to learn the difference between three words that are most commonly used in expressing the psychoactive and intoxicating effects that follow up soon after consuming cannabis, namely “high”, “buzzed” and “stoned.”

More often than not, these three terms are used interchangeably by newbie marijuana consumers. However, the more experienced cannabis connoisseurs know fair well that there is a significant distinction between being buzzed, high, and respectively, stoned.

The buzz is that lead-up period before the actual sense of being high kicks in. Typically, the buzz only lasts within the first couple of minutes after cannabis consumption.

Instead of making you feel way up in the clouds, a buzz is only the teaser (or the appetizer if you wish to call it that way) of the sensations that are bound to hit later on.

Usually, the buzz comes with waves of euphoria that indicate the active cannabinoids have started to make their way through, and you can soon expect the next step of your cannabis experience – getting high.

The high takes place once the buzz gradually expands into a wider, deeper, more intense array of sensations. These sensations can greatly vary from one person to another, and they also highly dependent on the method of consumption, as well as the unique properties of the marijuana strain/s you’ve consumed.

In fact, the overall atmosphere in the surrounding environment plays a key role in the way you experience the high – so it’s really impossible to put this term into strict frames; its meaning is simply not onefold.

The science behind experiencing the sense of high is much more straightforward.

If you smoke cannabis, then the active cannabinoids bind with cannabinoid receptors located in your brain, leading to a myriad of signals passing throughout your body.

Depending on the different types and amount of active cannabinoids present in the particular strain you are consuming, you can expect to feel a myriad of different sensations – giggles, euphoria, relaxation, pain-relief, sedation, boosted productivity, motivation and/or creativity, talkativeness or introspection, among others. With respiratory methods of consumption, the high usually lasts from one and up to three hours max.

If you ingest cannabis through methods of oral consumption, the active cannabinoids won’t bind directly to the receptors located in your brain – instead, they will be metabolized by your liver.

And since weed is metabolized differently when digest VS when smoked, the high is also quite different. It is much more potent than the traditional sense of high associated with smoking the herb, and it is also much more lasting. While it can take anything between one and three hours for the high with edibles to kick in, it can then settle in for some good three to eight hours.

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When it comes to getting stoned, that’s something like reaching the peak of intoxication after getting very (or even too) high.

You can get stoned by consuming more marijuana than needed or you can get stoned by consuming strains that induce the particularly stoney effects – effects that are best to be described as heavy, drowsy, and dopey. In a nutshell, if getting high makes you feel “up” in the clouds of sensations, getting stoned makes you feel “low” – not in a bad sense of low, though. A great stone will make everything feel like running in slow motion – your perception of time, your thoughts, etc.

So, now that we have cleared things up, we want to get straight down to sharing the ways you can enjoy your cannabis high (not the buzz and not the stoney effects, deal). We want to focus on how you can highlight, control, and enhance the most profound sensation – the high – that makes you feel one with the Universe, yourself, and every living creature in this big, wide world in a unique, absolutely one-of-a-kind manner.

1. Set VS Setting

If you want to rejoice in the sense of high with best results, the first factors you need to keep in mind are the set and the settings.

The set is your mental state – it is the internal environment that impacts your cannabis experience. Your current thoughts, mood, and expectations are all a part of this mental state – a part of the set.

The settings are the external environment – including both the physical, as well as the social aspect of the term “external environment.”

To illustrate this better, the atmosphere in a room that is created by suitable or unsuitable lighting, absence or presence of music, to name a few, are all physical factors of the setting.

On the other hand, the social aspects of the settings refer to the way you feel in the company or absence of other people – factors that determine whether you can be completely free to express yourself while high or if you will feel exactly the opposite.

No matter how much weed you have smoked in your life, you can discover a never-experienced-before sense of high when you find yourself consuming cannabis with an unusual setting and inan unusual setting – for instance, smoking weed together with your parents for the first time.

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As a rule of thumb, the best ways to enjoy your cannabis high are strictly individual – nobody can work out the right set and settings for you better than you can.

Start by creating the type of atmosphere you feel that corresponds best with your current mood – maybe something more intimate or something more social; something more romantic like lighting a few candles and burning sweet-smelling incense vs. something more energetic like turning on your favorite music so loud that you piss off your neighbors.

While working on creating a great setting, don’t forget to work on creating a great set, too. And since balancing out your thoughts, emotions and mood might be a difficult task at times – we’re getting into more detail on how to create the right mindset to enjoy your cannabis high to the fullest below.

2. Set the Right Intentions

Anyone can light up a joint and get high – but not everyone will be able to reap the real benefits of the herb. Above all, marijuana is medicine; it is a gift from Mother Nature, and it has been considered a sacred plant by many of the greatest ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians.

So why should you treat cannabis as anything less than the mystical, magical natural treasure that it is

Chaotic, unfocused or abusive cannabis consumption with the mere intention of getting high or getting stoned is an example of failing to set the right intentions. In such cases, you cannot expect anything else but chaotic, unfocused, or abusive results. Not that you won’t be high or stoned, and not that you won’t experience the pain-relieving properties of weed – but nothing more profound will happen on that plane either.

On the contrary, if you choose to consume cannabis by setting spiritual, artistic and/or philosophical intentions – then you will be able to enjoy your cannabis high on a conscious, artistic, spiritual and/or philosophical plane.

But how to set the right intentions Most noteworthy, remember that practice makes perfect – the more you train yourself on setting the right intentions, the more you will be able to feel their beneficial effects on the ways you enjoy your cannabis high.

#1 –Get familiar with the strain you’re consuming.

Knowing what to expect in terms of potency and most common effects of the strain you are planning to consume is a big step in creating the right set. The same goes to the consumption method you choose – get familiar with the expected ways in which the effects take place so that you can be well-prepared.

In fact, failing to create the right set and the right setting is probably the number one reason why so many people have bad, bad memories from ingesting edibles (apart from possibly consuming much more than actually needed, though).

#2 –Hold and explore your intentions.

Let’s say you want to enjoy your cannabis high by making your creative juices flow better. Before you get down to consuming the herb, hold and explore your intentions – let your mind get prepared to dive into the very depths of your creativity.

Your mind is like a tiny sponge – the complex network of signals that extends throughout your entire body is controlled by a single organ: the brain. So it is with the brain that you need to start when working your way up to indulging in your cannabis high in the best way possible.

But your brain needs a certain amount of time to switch from one “channel” to another. You can’t just come back home exhausted from work and mad on your colleagues and expect to light up your cannabis and enjoy it to the fullest – in such case, you won’t let your brain switch to the intention you wanted to set in. It should take about fifteen minutes or less to hold and explore your intentions – although taking more time to do so can work even better.

Just ask yourself what is it that you want to highlight while getting high right here, right now – are you craving for sublime relaxation or you want to let your mind take a trip to the Moon and back, searching for artistic inspiration It’s all up to you – just hold and explore.

#3 –Observe your thoughts.

Holding and exploring the right intentions is not the final step of enjoying your cannabis high to the fullest. The process continues as you finally intake your marijuana supply. This is the time when you need to keep on holding to your intentions, although only gently – because you also need to be here, now.

You need to be present in the very momentum – the basic principle of the Zen philosophy. Take a deep breath and focus on the sensations you experience as you inhale and exhale. Don’t let your mind roam from one thought to another – make it merge with the sacred moment of inhaling and exhaling deeply – no matter if you’re smoking cannabis or you if are simply taking a tiny break right after ingesting some form of edibles.

Don’t be afraid of your thoughts seem to be hard to control, though – this is completely normal for the untrained brain, and is also one of the major obstacles that people who are trying to get into meditation practices are faced with.

If you’re surrounded by other people, don’t give up on observing your thoughts and enhancing the joy of your high – we’re not discussing this type of mindset as a form of secluded, solitary marijuana experience.

In fact, it is exactly the opposite because you are making yourself one with the higher consciousness of the Universe – the sublime, invisible intelligence that flows through all of the living creatures on the planet, including your bud buddies. Just let your guard fall – allow yourself to experience the energy of the surrounding people and environment without letting go of the intentions you have set.

At some point, you may find yourself being high for an extended period losing track of time – that’s how powerful is the mere process of observing your thoughts while high. Inevitably, as the high embraces your senses, no more holding or exploring of intentions will be possible – it will be only your amplified awareness of the high that will prevail. This is when you want to tune in and go with the flow – the perfect momentum of enjoying your cannabis high to the maximum.

3. Enjoying your High to the Fullest: Top 3 Quick Tricks

#1 – Eat some dark chocolate.

Did you know that the amazing science behind cannabis is intricately related to the science behind chocolate

Chocolate and marijuana make such a great pair but this mouth-watering combination also comes with little-known extra benefits: chocolate and marijuana can work synergistically to help you further enhance and enjoy your cannabis high. Most importantly, this beneficial effect isn’t limited to cannabis-and-chocolate-infused treats.

It was in 1996 that Daniele Piomelli and his team of fellow researchers first managed to isolate a cannabinoid neurotransmitter known as anandamide (AEA or n-arachidonoyl ethanolamine). Surprisingly, this cannabinoid neurotransmitter was not isolated from marijuana but from chocolate.

What’s more, anandamide is an internally naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in the human brain and nervous system. It plays a big role in stimulating the feeling of overall well-being. The very word “anandamide” literally translates into “the bliss chemical.”

Cannabinoids such as CBD, THC, CBC and anandamide, among others, either fit into or agonize cannabinoid receptor sites. Whether agonizing or binding with these receptors, cannabinoids work together to trigger different responses by the cells.

If you eat a piece of dark chocolate about fifteen minutes and up to thirty minutes prior to your smoking session, you can enjoy another dimension of your cannabis high, as you will inevitably reap the benefits that come with the way anandamide affects your endocannabinoid system.

#2 – Go, go mangoes!

While dark chocolate is rich in anandamide, mangoes are rich in a terpene called Myrcene. Marijuana plants produce terpenes– tiny aromatic molecules – to attract pollinators and keep pests at bay. But more importantly, terpenes have their very special role in the way cannabis consumption affects your brain and body – a unique, symbiotic action scientifically referred to as the entourage effect.

In a nutshell, Myrcene helps THC and other active cannabinoids to pass the blood-brain barrier much more successfully, which can lead to a more of a euphoric, enhanced sense of high.

Similarly to chocolate, you want to eat a mango about an hour prior to your smoking session – or as soon as the high kicks in if you are opting for edibles.

How about a combination of dark chocolate and mangoes The more, the merrier!

#3 – Crack a beer.

All the way back to 2001, an intriguing study was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. According to researchers, ethanol found in alcohol has much to do with increasing the effects that the participants experienced after consuming marijuana.

Higher plasma levels of THC indicated that alcohol does enhance the associated effects of marijuana consumption, and in particular, it can lead to higher waves of euphoria.

Beer is a fantastic marijuana companion as it is not a strong alcoholic drink. Drink slowly and enjoy every sip – and you can just as well enjoy your cannabis high even better! If you are an aficionado of palatable combos, you can choose a craft beer that can match the strain you are about to consume beautifully.

However, it is a must to remember that alcohol and marijuana should be only combined in moderation – or else, you may experience a tiny nightmare instead of a great way to enjoy your cannabis high.

In large doses, marijuana and alcohol can get you overwhelmed to the point of literally losing the ground beneath your feet. And while being too high on weed is not that much of a big deal since you cannot possibly overdose on marijuana, cannabis and alcohol can even be a lethal combination – so act wisely and don’t be greedy in trying different ways to enjoy your high.

Video by Lifehacker – What To Do If You’re Too High On Weed

Ways you Can Enjoy your Cannabis High: The Wrap-Up

Osho, who is a beloved Indian philosopher and spiritual guru once shared an unforgettable quote stating that the mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master.

Osho’s wise words can’t be truer than when it comes to exploring the ways you can enjoy your cannabis high. It all starts in the mind – and this is where you and only you can operate. With the right set and in the right settings, your cannabis high can reach new horizons – horizons so bright and so mesmerizing that you might find yourself wondering if you have ever really experienced the high before. If you want to stay tuned for more exciting things cannabis-related, subscribe to our newsletter. Peace and love to ya’ll, bud buddies!