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Vaporizing Marijuana Concentrates Can Customize the High

Aside from the colas, cannabis trichomes also play a crucial role. These are microscopic mushroom-shaped structures on cannabis that are responsible for the production of those ingredients that affect one’s cannabis experience. Every cloudy dome can synthesize more than 400 identifiable compounds found in cannabis. These include flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids.

Once you vaporize the flowers at a certain temperature, those cannabis compounds will become volatile. They will boil off in the vapor that you inhale. The synthesis of different cannabis compounds measures the psychoactive effects of a cannabis strain.

Cannabis concentrates take advantage and influence these psychoactive effects. One can achieve it by separating the vital compounds present in trichomes and collecting them to come up with different consumable products. Concentrates depend on various factors. These include the mechanical or chemical separation methods used in making them, the original profiles of cannabis strains, and the environmental factors that impacted the growing strains.

Some cannabis concentrates try preserving the actual plant profiles, but others separate and recombine the compounds by means of terpene reintegration and cannabinoid distillation techniques. Both methods create new profiles. Therefore, concentrates provide unique freedom for customizing the cannabis experience.

Why Cannabis Concentrates May Be for You

Removing the excess plant materials will leave you with a pure cannabis experience. All of the flavors will come bursting or subdued for better cannabinoid enjoyment. For efficiency and discretion, cannabis concentrates are always the best choice. They can provide more THC in every puff. Thus, you don’t need to keep this out for too long. Faster vaping sessions will mean less attention. Fewer puffs can also mean reduced refilling, allowing you to have more play with less work.

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The Real Power of Concentrates to Your Health

With cannabis concentrates, whether in the form of shatter, wax, liquids, butter, or oil, you can have it all. Cannabis concentrates will allow you to customize your strain’s terpene profile because you can purchase the ratios you like. Likewise, the taste of concentrates is different from the taste of flowers. Some cannabis users eliminate the terpenes to minimize the tell-tale smell. Others choose to save those smells.

However, the customization of the effects of concentrates does not involve only the terpenes. The cannabinoids experience gets the upgrade by using concentrates. Studies reveal that minor cannabinoids play big roles themselves. The concentration process lets the users experience more powerful ratios of THCV, CBN, CBG, CBD, and other compounds that are less abundant.

Factors That Affect the Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

There are numerous factors that one should consider in using cannabis concentrates. These factors include the kinds of concentrates used, the vaporizer’s temperature, and the hardware used in vaporizing the concentrates.

The main contributing factor here is the kind of concentrate. It pertains to the extraction method used in creating shatters, oils, and waxes that provide extraordinary effects on the finished product.

Likewise, some methods try to preserve the entire profiles of the plant while others concentrate on fractioning the compounds and formulating new terpene and cannabinoid ratios with the desire to create a specific effect.

For instance, those products that are rich in cannabidiol or CBD can counteract the strongly intoxicating THC effects and help in moderating the cannabis-induced paranoia or anxiety. Therefore, some cannabis concentrates do contain higher CBD ratios which come with modulating effects on the absorption of THC.

How Terpenes Customize the Effects of Cannabis

THC and CBD (in other cases) tend to become the main compounds in most cannabis concentrates. On the other hand, the terpene profile of concentrates is actually individualizing the psychoactive properties of cannabis products. Terpenes are capable of modulating cannabinoid uptake via the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

If you inhale vapor from cannabis concentrates, you will notice some different effects that are contingent to the proportions of compounds that your body absorb. Higher concentrations of different terpenes can increase absorption. For instance, myrcene has antiseptic, sedative, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects.

Myrcene is a commonly occurring cannabis terpene which is capable of permeating the cell membranes. This will help the cannabinoids in passing over the blood-brain wall at some CB receptors. To simply put, myrcene has the capacity to heighten your cannabis consumption experience by allowing your body to absorb a bigger amount of THC.

A lot of cannabis product manufacturers out there use outdated extraction methods which damage the terpene profiles. They also use crucial reintegration techniques to fix and regain those destroyed terpene profiles. Some of them introduce terpenes that are from food into concentrates with the intention to enhance their effect and flavor. Sadly, this produce often tastes artificial. Artificially flavored cannabis concentrates tend to provide inferior experiences unlike those that show the natural terpene production of cannabis.

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Temperature and Its Role in Customizing Your Cannabis Experience

Temperature also has a critical role in how users experience cannabis concentrates. That’s because various terpenoids and cannabinoids boil at various temperatures. THC has a low boiling point of 315 degrees Fahrenheit. Myrcene has the boiling point of 334 degrees Fahrenheit while linalool, a terpene recognized for its relaxing and soothing effects, has 388 degrees Fahrenheit.

The boiling point for linalool is a little higher and requires a higher temperature so that they can blend with the vapor you inhale. CBD’s boiling point is 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Pinene, a terpene that can make a person feel alert, has a lower boiling point.

However, some compounds tend to be harsh and volatile when setting at a higher temperature. This will make them ineffective and foul-tasting. Finding the temperature’s sweet spot is important in preserving the effects, aroma, and flavor of cannabis compounds.

Just like vaporizing flowers, it’s important to have the necessary equipment to be sure of your maximum control over the concentrates. The equipment should guarantee accuracy within some degrees Fahrenheit and will heat the unit to your desired temperature in no time. This will let users experiment and discover the right balance of effect and taste so that they can have the best possible cannabis experience.

Crank up your equipment to a certain temperature that will intensify your desired cannabinoids and terpenes. Or, you can minimize the temperature to have a more relaxing experience. In maximizing your concentrate experience, you should have other equipment featuring advanced features to give you full control over your concentrate’s vapor.

Therefore, you should make sure you’re using your vaporizer at the right temperature to customize your high. The chemical compounds in the cannabis are not the only ones affected by the set temperature of your vaporizer.

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Is Vaping Much Better than Smoking

Definitely. Vaping cannabis tends to provide a more powerful effect than smoking. Vaping your favorite strain at lower temperatures will give you subtle effects. One of these effects is the slight change in the way you think and other mellow effects which will let you focus on your activities and get them done.

If you don’t have a very important task for the day, then why not try ramping up the high Vaping cannabis concentrates at a higher temperature will amplify those effects that you experience. Consider a more intense high and heavy relaxation and boosted euphoric sensations.

Customizing the high using the vaporizer’s temperature is an excellent way of getting yourself high. It depends on your mood and your activities for the day. Controlling your experience and your consumption of cannabis is a completely new experience.

Low-Temperature Vaporizing

Do you wish to customize the high to experience a slightly elevated feeling without getting yourself knocked down If you want to use cannabis concentrates but still hesitating because you still have some tasks to finish, why not try low-temperature vaporizing

In low-temperature vaporizing, you have to set the vape at a lower temperature. This will be enough to get yourself uplifted and motivated to finish whatever you need to accomplish. Vaping cannabis concentrates at a low temperature is ideal in the morning. This will help a lot, especially in those days you should be productive and more energetic.

Setting your vaporizer’s temperature between 300 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit will stimulate a clear-headed “high”, elevated mood, and increased focus. Since the boiling point of THC is 315 degrees Fahrenheit, you will feel some subtle effects. depending on the strain’s profile that you smoke, the concentrate you use will release the terpene pinene at 311 degrees Fahrenheit. This will add to the concentrate’s uplifting effects.

If you’re searching for a great daytime buzz, the strains that are rich in pinene are Blue Dream, Jack Herer, OG Kush, and Strawberry Cough. These are all your excellent options. Anybody who is new to using cannabis will surely appreciate vaporizing cannabis at a low-temperature setting. This will always induce mild effects that will keep one focused and productive throughout the day.

Medium-Temperature Vaporizing

If you want to increase the temperature of your vaporizer, the effects that you will experience will start to intensify. If you want to be productive while experiencing a euphoric and giggly feeling, set your vaporizer to a medium-temperature setting. This will release different terpenes and higher THC amounts. Therefore, you will feel a stronger high that will still keep you attentive and productive.

If you want to try this temperature setting, just set your vaporizer’s temperature between 330 and 370 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperatures within this range will likely provide you the famous psychoactive effects that the only THC can offer. Set the temperature at 349 degrees Fahrenheit to activate the terpene called limonene. It is a citrusy and aromatic terpene which can uplift your mood and eliminate stress. It can even increase your focus and attention span.

Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison, and Jack Herer are strain rich in limonene which is ideal for mid-temperature high which provides a focused but heady buzz that will accompany you for hours. A medium-temperature setting is like a sweet spot in which you are eager to finish your tasks with an obvious head change. While this may be a little much for newbies, a mid-range temperature is best for people who consume weed on a regular basis.

High-Temperature Vaporizing Conclusion

The higher the temperature of your vaporizer is, the more extreme the high will be. If you’re looking to experience the greatest effects of any cannabis strain, set your vaporizer’s temperature to a higher point. Setting the temperature to its highest setting will provide an extreme euphoric feeling, intense relaxation, sound sleep, and increased relief for pain.

High temperature vaping is highly recommended for evening use and for days you like to sit down and relax. If you want to experience the exact effects of a particular cannabis strain, just set the temperature at the highest point and get ready for a sudden gush of euphoric and psychoactive effects. Taking two up to three draws on the vaporizer at a high temperature is often great. Experienced cannabis users will surely love this idea.

If you are using cannabis to get rid of insomnia, try Granddaddy Purple and Skywalker. Vape them at a high temperature before going to bed. In no time, you will experience the sedating effects of these cannabis strains. For sure, they will get you knocked out and sleepy for the whole night. You will wake up in the morning with a refreshed and energized feeling.


Customizing your high when using cannabis concentrates is really a very interesting topic. It is one of the things you can do to make the most of your daily cannabis consumption. Feel free to decide how mild or strong the effects of your preferred cannabis strain should be.

Choose the right temperature. This will depend on your body’s capability to tolerate THC. If you are new to cannabis consumption, then try vaping your favorite strain at a lower temperature. If you have been using cannabis for a long time, then why not try increasing your vaporizer’s temperature Just keep in mind that you should choose only what you can handle so that you can truly enjoy the effects of any cannabis strain you want to try. If not, you will end up missing those effects that you wish to enjoy for hours.