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Vaporizer High vs Smoke High: Understanding the Difference

The cannabis community is changing. It has been constantly changing and it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the globe. The change in the cannabis community is so great it affects cannabis consumers and investors alike. The change is positive as it changes the face of cannabis from the understanding of the public that leads to is legalization to several states and countries. 

The cannabis community is fast evolving and it is coping with technology. One of the hot topics of debate in the cannabis community is which is better, vaporizer high vs smoke high. This is because vaping is becoming a trend and a popular way of consuming cannabis herb or cannabis concentrate.

The main fact that may cannabis smokers is shifting from the traditional method of smoking cannabis to vaping using vaporizers. Well, with the help of modern technology, smoking cannabis has been developed in many ways. It may seem like vaping and smoking cannabis may have no differences since they are both consuming cannabis by smoking, but according to experts and long time cannabis consumers, there is a distinct difference between the two in terms of use and the smoking experience itself.

What is smoke high

The traditional way of smoking cannabis is by smoking. It is by lighting something on fire. It will produce smoke that the consumer will smoke with its by-product burnt or delivered via combustion. The smoke from the burnt material or herb produces the smoke to be ingested by drawing or inhalation. 

What is vaping

Vaping is a popular alternative method of consuming cannabis concentrates like cannabis juice or THC or CBD oil. In vaping, you are not going to burn the herb or the bud. Instead, the process involves a heating method that heats the concentrate and then produces the vapor which is being inhaled by the consumer.

According to many, vaping is the best substitute for smoking cannabis. It is also much healthier. Vaping is a discreet way of consuming cannabis concentrate. In vaping, you will be using different vaporizers and the most popular are vape pens. They are these handy and easy to use cannabis vaporizers that replicate a cigar or tobacco. 

What is the difference between vaporizer high vs smoking high

At a glance, you would think that there is no difference between the two. Both of them are effective ways of consuming cannabis and they are both inhaling the vapor or the smoke that comes out from the device.

Like in smoking a cannabis cigar, it is evident that to enjoy it you have to light up the cigar and draw the smoke. Same case with vaping. Heat the device and then enjoy the vapor. But wait, there are many differences between vaporizer high vs smoke high that cannabis consumer should know especially if you are into smoking cannabis or consider vaping cannabis concentrate.

Here are the pros and cons of smoke high:

Smoke high is the term used if you enjoy the high you get from smoking cannabis the traditional way. 


  • Smoking is not costly. It does not require so much investment. All you need is good quality and roll it up in a joint and you have your cannabis cigar. 
  • It is low maintenance. You do not need to have a device in smoking. You have a good quality strain rolled up in a joint. When you consume it then you have nothing in your hand so you have nothing to clean or maintain. There may be some devices need like pipes or bowls but they don’t cost much.
  • It can bring about intense effects especially if you select cannabis strain with high THC content. When the herb is burnt, it releases all the cannabinoids which are responsible for the effect of the herb. 
  • Smoking is simple. It does not require complicated instructions.


  • There is a big risk associated with the combustion or burning process. This can be risky to health specifically it might cause some issues with the respiratory system. This might produce inhalants like tar, carcinogens, and other by-products not to mention the hazards and effects of second smoking.
  • You have less control over traditional smoking. You may select the type of strain thus you can get the high that you prefer. You may take smaller puffs or draws to control your intake.
  • Smoking produces a much stronger odor and vapor lingers. It has a burnt smell because of the combustion process.
  • It is not efficient. Traditional smokers tend to burn their stash quickly. 

Vaping as mentioned earlier is the new trend. With the legalization of cannabis in many places, it has paved the way for cannabis consumers to consume cannabis concentrates by the use of vapes as a substitute for the traditional way of smoking. Fortunately, may have shifted to vaping and it is also a great substitute for cigars if you are trying to quit smoking.


  • Health reasons. This is perhaps the most important reason why vaporizer high is better than smoke high. Cannabis concentrates are used in vaping thus there are no more unwanted and unhealthy particles attached to it. It is not also combusting materials instead it heats the concentrate and produces the vapor.
  • It also delivers a more pronounced flavor. It is tastier because it is already concentrated. 
  • You will have control over the temperature. The vaporizer will allow you to control the temperature throughout the trip.
  • Efficient. Vaping will allow you to extract the cannabinoids from your dry herbs or concentrate and you can have multiple sessions from a single pack. 
  • It is battery operated so no lighter or matches required.
  • It is a discreet way of consuming cannabis because it is handy.


  • It is battery operated so it needs to be charged or plugged.
  • This is not very simple to use, unlike smoking. There are instructions that you need to follow for the vape to work.
  • Requires maintenance. Reusable vape should be kept in good condition for your next session.
  • This is costly and may require you to invest in a vaporizer which is not cheap.

Vaporizer High vs Smoke High It is subjective. Every cannabis consumer has a preference for consuming cannabis. Some have been smoking cannabis for a long time and would rather stay smoking because they like the effects of smoking herbs. While some prefer vaping because they find it more trendy and easy to use. We are talking about the younger generation to be specific. The choice is yours.