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Vaporizer Exploded: Causes and Prevention

The use of vaporizer or vape has been around for over the decade and it has evolved ever since. Vape has been popular especially for young smokers. But recently it has become a hype because this has become a popular way of consuming cannabis as well.

Cannabis has been getting popular votes and is already legal in many states and countries. Vaping is a popular and healthy way of consuming cannabis concentrate. But many consumer’s concern is the safety of using vaporizers. There are events that vaporizer exploded and that worries the consumer as it involves safety and precaution.

Now you want to consume cannabis so badly by vaping but you are having second thoughts of doing so because you are thinking if it is safe or you are thinking that the vaporizer might explode. Well, read on this article as we put into details, why there are cases of vaporizer exploded while vaping and how to prevent them. Also, it is best the know the reasons or causes why some people’s vaporizer exploded. Though you should know for a fact that this nature happens very seldom and it can be prevented. 

Vaporizer or vape devices can explode in your pockets or while in use but there have not been reports of freak accidents concerning this matter.

What are vaporizers or vaping devices

Vaporizers are also known as e-cigarettes, hookah pens, vapes, vape pens, and mods. These are battery-operated devices that are a substitute for traditional smoking methods. Consuming cannabis by the use of vapes is very popular nowadays. It uses cannabis concentrates and creates smoke which the consumer inhales. In the case of cannabis, it uses cannabis concentrates, either THC or CBD oil to be able to produce a cloud of smoke and produce the cannabis terpene, potency, flavor, and aroma which the consumer consumes by inhaling the smoke.

There many types of vape or vaporizers. Some look like traditional tobacco or regular cigarette. Some look likes a pen or USB memory sticks. Though they differ in appearance, they all operate in the same manner. 

These e-cigarettes are composed of four major parts:

  • An atomizer or an eating element
  • A power source (usually it is battery operated)
  • A mouthpiece that is being used to inhale the smoke
  • A cartridge or a pod where you place the liquid solution or the cannabis concentrate

It is simple to use. Make sure that it is on. Place the right amount of solution to the cartridge and when it heats up, it will produce smoke which you can inhale.

Vaporizer Exploded: Causes and Prevention

There are really small chances of vaporizer to explode but anyway it is still best to know the possible reasons and how to prevent them. 

  • According to manufacturers, the main reason why a vaporizer exploded is because of faulty batteries. Note that there are instructions from the manufacturers on how to properly charge the device so it is best to follow the charging directions. Most vapes are using lithium ions so they can hold a strong charge. The problem is that when it is overcharged, it might also result in overheating and lead to an explosion.
  • Most vaporizers now also come with their USB charging ports. To avoid explosions, it is best to use the USB charging ports that came with the vape device. A charger is also included so it is best to use the charging device that came with the package. 
  • The problem with using other chargers or USB port with the vaporizer is that it might be a completely different USB port and will not match the device. If you are using a different charger, you might be using a charger that has a higher or lower charging capacity with your device. That may cause overheating which may lead to an explosion.

So the main causes of vaporizers exploding are because of its battery. Because of this, it is best to know the safest way to charge and keep the battery in good shape. Here are simply helpful tips that will help you keep the battery in good shape:

  • Follow the charging instructions according to the products manual. Yes, this is very simple but this is often neglected. It will tell you how long should be the initial charging. This simple instruction will allow you to activate the battery and charge it correctly.
  • When charging, do not leave the vape or vaporizer unattended. So this means that you have to avoid charging the vape if you are going away or you are going to sleep.
  • Time. Do not leave it plugged in for a long time. Follow the manufacturer’s charging conditions.
  • Avoid plugging it to a computer or other USB capable devices like a smart TV or any other USB hub. Keep in mind that vaporizer chargers are designed to be plugged in on electrical outlets. 
  • Do not lose the battery cover. Keep your battery intact as much as possible. This is another reason why some vaporizer exploded is that the batteries are exposed and damaged. When the batteries are exposed it increases the risk of explosion.

These are a few but important reasons why some vaporizers exploded. The best way to avoid such incidents is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to keep your product safe. Though there is so far no major incident or recorded fatality on a vaporizer exploded, it is already a given fact that safety is a priority in consuming cannabis by using a vape.


Knowing the causes and prevention of why vaporizer exploded is important especially if you have decided to use vaping as a method in consuming cannabis. This will allow you to stay safe and have an enjoyable trip whenever you can. It will also be economical for you because your vaporizer stays long and you don’t change the device too often.

Some vaporizers exploded because of the aforementioned reasons but that doesn’t mean that it is dangerous. Vaping is one of the best ways of consuming cannabis. The issue of vaporizer exploding is all about how you use the vaporizer and how you take care of it. Simply follow the instructions and take care of your gadget so it will work at its best.