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What are the Different Types of Weed

How many types of weed are there Cannabis strains are more often classified and divided into two major groups, depending on the species of the plant they came from. As weed initially came from those 2 major types, the market is now flooded with many other types of strains called ruderalis and hybrid strains. 

Marijuana and Its Types Explained

There are different forms of marijuana or weed. Cannabis or marijuana pertains to dried stems, seeds, flowers, or leaves of a cannabis plant. The specific kind of weed is being defined and determined by how the plant has been prepared and the type of marijuana plant it is. 

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the leading active ingredient of weed. It goes with psychoactive effects. Meaning, it can change one’s mood, level of alertness, cognitive functioning, and cognizance. CBD or cannabidiol is likewise a big weed plant component that comes with relaxation effects. However, it doesn’t have the psychedelic effects of tetrahydrocannabinol. Cannabidiol or CBD is believed to be effective in alleviating pain as well. 

The strongest forms of cannabis tend to have a higher percentage ratio for CBD and THC. This means there’s a lot of THC but less CBD. If the ratios are even, then CBD may be able to offset THC and its psychedelic effects. Hence, the level of those chemicals present in a cannabis strain will determine how weed will affect a person. 

Main Types of Weed and Their Effects

The two major kinds of weed originate from 2 different cannabis species: cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. The different kinds of weed differ depending on the kind of marijuana plant in which they originate and in their possible effects on a person or the kind of high they can induce. 

For the past few years, cannabis ruderalis has been used in making new strains of cannabis with fast-flowering quality. Cannabis ruderalis is nice for anyone who takes weed for medicinal purposes because it contains less THC. If you don’t want to get high while using cannabis, then this would be good for you. 

Hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. They can be either indica-dominant or sativa-dominant. People who are using cannabis will often prefer to use a kind of weed, depending on the effect they like to experience. While every type is recognized for having a distinct effect, the experience of one will be different from the experience of another user. 

The mode of administration, like eating or smoking, can significantly affect the possible impact of any type of marijuana you will consume. As every user’s experience varies, there are certain general effects related to every strain:

Cannabis Indica

Indica came from the Hindu region, which is located near Afghanistan. Since it comes from a mountainous area with freezing climates, cannabis indica is often shorter and grows with a bushy look. The leaves of cannabis indica are fuller, darker, and rounder compared to the leaves of cannabis sativa. The buds of this type of pot tend to develop in clusters. 

Cannabis indica produces THC in huge amounts and CBD in reduced amounts. Hence, it is quite potent and intense. It also tends to be extremely sedating or relaxing. It sometimes makes a user dizzy, sleepy, and lazy. It even brings the user to the couchlock state once consumed in higher doses. Due to this, cannabis indica is often used in the evening before you go to bed. The effect is more a sedating body high since it comes with relaxing effects. 

Due to its relaxing sedative effects, cannabis indica is normally used by medical marijuana patients and recreational users seeking for effective insomnia relief. The recent study revealed that a lot of insomnia sufferers experienced soothing relief from pain and insomnia when they used a cannabis indica strain. This particular effect might be an outcome of higher THC levels. 

Cannabis Sativa

This kind of weed came from regions with warmer climates like South Africa and Mexico. Cannabis sativa tends to develop as a tall plant with thin and long leaves. This plant will then flower depending on specific light conditions that need darkness for over 12 hours per day.

Cannabis sativa contains THC in lower levels, which is the opposite of that of cannabis indica. At the same time, it contains CBD in large amounts. Thus, if you want to use cannabis but still need to stay alert and functional throughout the day, the best choice for you will be cannabis sativa. 

This type of marijuana boasts some energizing effects. Users typically consume sativa strains in the morning or early afternoon. Some of them even claim that cannabis sativa lets them concentrate better and be more artistic if they have to. When it comes to effects, cannabis sativa induces a head high or cerebral buzz that will keep you alive and productive during the day. It is exactly the opposite of the relaxing body high of cannabis indica. 

With its energizing and mood-enhancing effects, cannabis sativa is more suitable to people with depression or dealing with extreme fatigue. This kind of weed can also help alleviate the common signs of various mood disorders like ADHD. 


Cannabis hybrids are developed by cross-germinating the seeds of 2 typical cannabis strains in the attempt to develop the effects of the parent strains. Many strains of cannabis typically grown these days are hybrids instead of purely sativa or indica. 

The cannabis hybrids are typically described depending on the leading effect these plants have. For instance, a sativa-dominant cannabis strain is more likely to induce cerebral buzz and energizing effects. 

Cannabis Ruderalis

It is another species of cannabis that was initially found in the south of Russia. Cannabis ruderalis grows and thrives shorter compared to cannabis indica and sativa. Likewise, it develops slim and fibrous stalks and big leaves. 

Also known as an auto-flowering plant, cannabis ruderalis will flower based on the plant’s age instead of the lighting conditions. It contains less THC, unlike cannabis indica and sativa. That’s why it is used primarily for therapeutic purposes. 


Knowing the different types of weed will help you pick a strain with qualities and effects suitable to your needs. Hopefully, this guide helps you make a good choice.