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Top Rosin Press Machines: Review and Comparison

Believe it or not, the exact creator of the rosin press machine remains unknown up-to-date.

However, there is no doubt that the evolution of rosin press machines has made it possible to enjoy highest-quality cannabis derivatives without the use of any toxic substances needed to extract the active cannabinoids.

With this in mind, it is no wonder why many cannabis connoisseurs, as well as medical marijuana user alike, would benefit from possessing a personal rosin press machine.

If you’re among these enthusiasts, then let’s check out the top rosin press machines along with review and comparison tips that we have compiled below.

Brief Introduction to the History and Benefits of Rosin Press Machines

One of the pioneers of the rosin press technique is thought to be Phil “Soilgrown” Salazar – a famous cannabis aficionado.

Discovering the technique by accident, Salazar was trying to squeeze non-melt, poor-quality hash in an attempt to make a full-melt dab. But soon afterward, Salazar noticed a waxy substance that was successfully separated from the hash by applying heat and pressure.

Considered by many as the originator of flower rosin, Salazar did bring the rosin press technique straight into the public radar. Thus, in early 2015, the technique finally reached an elevated level of exposure.

Even though the exact discovery of rosin is embraced in mystery, many believe that it was first during hashish extraction operations in Morocco when the participants involved in the process realized that oil can be produced by squeezing hashish bricks – something that presumably happened in the late 1990s.

Nowadays, cannabis tours are becoming increasingly popular in Morocco, and more specifically, in Chefchaouen and Ketama.

When it comes to the benefits of employing the rosin press technique for cannabis extraction, things are pretty straightforward.

There is no need for applying toxic solvents to extract the active cannabinoids, which is the case with Butane Hash Oil (BHO), for example.

Also, the rosin press technique is a fairly easy process even for beginners. It literally takes only seconds and minimal efforts to end up with a top-grade cannabis concentrate.

Video by Slower Future – HOW DABS ARE MADE – touring a cannabis extraction facility

Best Rosin Press Machines: Important Factors to Keep in Mind

It goes without saying that not all rosin press machines are created equal. Some might be better suited for small-scale cannabis extraction purposes, while others might be ideal for large-scale extraction operations.

On top of that, different rosin press machines can be noisy or quietly-functioning, they can take up a lot of space or fit into a limited area, and they can be controlled manually, electronically, or pneumatically (and that’s just to name a few of the possible methods!)

Before choosing a rosin press machine depending on your personal requirements, there are several important factors to keep in mind so that you will be well-prepared on picking the best rosin press machine for your needs.

1. Differences in materials-to-be-extracted

Even a top-quality rosin press machine has its limits in terms of both yield and quality you can expect to achieve. Both of these metrics depend onthe type of starting material you use for extraction.

Marijuana flowers can offer up to 100% quality concentrates – but expected yields are estimated at 25%. Also, do mind that different strains will result in getting a different amount of cannabis concentrate.

Hash can offer up to 80% quality concentrates (mind that quality refers to the number of active cannabinoids you can extract with different materials). Despite the slightly lower quality, yields can be significantly higher – up to 60%.

Kief can offer up to 75% quality concentrates and up to 50% yield.

Trim can offer up to 30% yield vs. 30% quality concentrates.

2. Differences in pressure/ squashing capacity

Pressure is one of the most significant metrics when choosing a rosin press machine.

The higher the pressure, the more cannabis extract you can collect within a shorter amount of time.Not the least, depending on the pressure, you will be able to use only a particular amount of raw material with each extraction. For instance, a 2-ton squashing capacity can allow you to work with 3-5 grams of raw material at a time.

Also, depending on the source of pressure for the different rosin press machines, you may either need to press manually (and hold for a while), or you can opt for an automated rosin press machine.

3. Differences in applied temperature

Pressure and temperature are the most crucial factors for making excellent rosin. After all, it is heat and pressure that are the very basics of the rosin press technology!

But do keep in mind that higher temperature doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality cannabis concentrates. A resin press machine that delivers the right amount of pressure would ideally reach heating temperatures within no more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

High temperatures equivalent to no more than 220 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit can help you get maximized yields.

However, both flavor and terpenes will be negatively affected – which can be harmful to the quality of the extractions but not to the potency. Also, the consistency of the concentrate would end up being less stable.

Low temperatures equivalent to no more than 150 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit will give way to fewer yields than higher temperatures.

However, the texture of the resulting cannabis concentrate will be much more stable. Quality can be significantly increased since lower temperatures don’t allow for terpenes and flavor to get lost in the extraction process.

4. Differences in the time needed for the extraction process to be completed

As a rule of thumb, different starting materials require a different amount of time before the extraction process is completed. Although the difference in time is merely a matter of minutes, it is still a crucial factor.

Nonetheless, the time needed to extract different types of starting materials also differs depending on the applied temperature.

For example, marijuana flowers heated at 190 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit (with a mind to quality and not yields) should grant you a delicious concentrate within 15 – 60 seconds.

On the other hand, high-quality kief heated at 150 – 190 degrees Fahrenheit should get your concentrate ready within 30 – 90 seconds on an average.

5. List of useful questions when choosing the best rosin press machine

Purchasinga rosin press machine is an investment, and as such, it is highly recommendable that you skip the rush and do your own research. There are many buying guides and readily-available selections of top rosin press machines but nobody can point out to the best rosin press machine for you better than you can! After all, this is a highly intimate matter of choice.

But since most beginnings seem hard, here is a list of questions you want to keep handy when choosing the best rosin press machine for yourself.

#1 –How many hours daily/weekly are you planning to use your rosin press machine

Different rosin press machines have a different daily time limit of use.

#2 –How much plant material do you plan to press at a time

#3 –Are you looking for a quietly-functioning rosin press or you don’t really mind a higher level of noise being emitted

#4 –What are your long-term goals

Answering this question can help you choose between investing in a small-scale rosin press machine vs. a commercial-scale rosin press.

Mind that commercial-scale rosin press machines properties can make the wisest choice for medical marijuana users who need nothing less but the utmost quality (and sometimes, increased quantity) of cannabis concentrates.

#5 – Would you benefit from a portable rosin press machine

#6 – How much free space do you have available to dedicate to your rosin press machine

Now, let’s head straight to the top rosin press machines we have reviewed and compared with a mind to making your mission of choosing the best one as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Video by High Times – Next Level Dab Making: Rosin Presses

1. MyPress Gen 2 Portable Heat Press Machine

With a compact size of 9 x 6 x 11.5 inches, MyPress Gen 2 portable heat press machine is actually less space-consuming than most household coffee machines.

Extremely easily portable, this rosin press machine is created with an eye for the detail – considering the way the power cord can be effortlessly and efficiently stored away with a single move whenever needed.

This rosin press machine is quietly-functioning and can make a perfect choice for both beginner rosin technique enthusiasts, as well as experienced cannabis connoisseurs alike.

One of the most important benefits of this particular rosin press machine comes with the fact that the heating plates are made out of stainless steel – a durable and evenly heated construction material.

Another significant feature of MyPress Gen 2 machine that makes it stand apart from the rest is the LCD count-up timer facing front for effortless use.

By monitoring and fine-tuning the temperature and time needed for cannabis extraction, you can greatly upgrade your skills in achieving the highest quality/yields depending solely on your personal goals and preferences.

Assembling this rosin press machine is an easy-peasy task, too. Simply adjust the pressure plates, plug it in, choose the desired extraction temperature (100 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit), place the plant material into a disk, and press.

However, do mind that you should stay away from playing too greedy when trying to extract more – if you apply more human force than necessary, this rosin press machine might get irreversibly damaged.

As to the downsides of MyPress Gen 2, it is definitely a good choice for small-scale cannabis extraction enthusiasts – you can only press up to 1.5 plant material at a time.Plus, don’t expect to get yield from a second press.

Also, for those of you who are on the look for an extremely accurate heat up, the fact that the heating plates are made out of stainless steel leads to the longer time needed for heating, as well as lower precision of achieving strict temperature rates each time.

Effortless to use
Lifetime warranty
Discreetly-functioning and lightweight
Offers high yields from small amounts of starting material

Can squeeze only small amounts of starting material
Not the most precise option in terms of full heat up control
Needs to rest between several repeated cannabis extraction sessions
Can’t reach temperatures over 250 degrees Fahrenheit

The Wrap-Up: Ideal for beginners looking for a portable, space-saving rosin press machine that is easy to operate and requires only very little manual work to get things done right.

2. Dulytek DW6000 Hands-Free Electric Heat Press Machine

100% powered by electricity with a total size of 13.6 x 10.4 x 18.9 inches, Dulytek DW6000 rosin press machine is simply a game-changer.

The 5 x 2.5-inch heat plates are made out of solid aluminum. Compared to stainless steel heat plates, aluminum heat plates are much more accurate in setting up the exact temperature and precise time needed to end up with pure, potent cannabis extracts each and every time.

Also, the innovative button that allows you to stop the extraction process at any time truly brings your experience to the next level.

Following the best modern-day practices in design, the temperature and time controls are operated with the use of a touchscreen.

One particular feature of this electricity-powered rosin press machine that we simply adore is the additional LED light built-in that allows you to monitor carefully and precisely exactly what’s going on during the extraction process.

But above all, we are impressed by the pressure – a solid 3-ton pressure that feels like a warm welcome to the future of cannabis extraction. On the downside, pressure cannot be further adjusted.

However, we do highly support the fact that this rosin press machine comes in a discreet packaging along with free tools and materials that make the process of both pressings, as well as collecting resin as effortless and professional as possible.

Extremely durable
Modern-day design that makes operating feel like a breeze
Can be used for pressing more or less starting plant material as needed
Powered by electricity (no handwork involved)
Full package that comes with a manual, as well as extra tools and materials

Limited warranty
Pressure cannot be adjusted manually

The Wrap-Up: No matter if you’re a beginner/experienced cannabis connoisseur or a medical marijuana patient who highly relies on the green medication – this rosin press machine is our team’s all-in-one, welcome-to-the-future cannabis extraction winner.

8’’ x 6’’ Pneumatic Heat Press

A new generation in rosin press technology, this pneumatic rosin press machine can easily exceed your expectations thanks to the powerful pneumatic cylinder that brings cannabis extraction to a whole new level.

This is the only rosin press machine on this list that offers separate digital temperature controllers. That means you have a wide room for experimenting with adjusting the settings of the top vs. the bottom heat plates with maximum accuracy.

As compared to Duyaltek DW600, this pneumatic heat press does allow you to not only the pressing time but the applied pressure, as well.

Another brilliant feature of this rosin press machine is that it can work with bags of different sized – which means you can extract less or more as needed. One smart trick that can be applied when working with skinny bags is to simply tilt the press forward – this way, you can easily collect the rosin once it runs off into the convenient silicone tray.

However, this machine may require additional air supply (you’ll most probably need an air compressor of at least 120 psi). Plus, you’ll also need to purchase air tool oil for best results.

Adjustable pressure1-year warranty
The most versatile rosin press machine on this list Works with bags of all sizes
Easy assembly

No air compressor

The Wrap-Up: A heavy rosin press machine with a total weight of 80 pounds, this pneumatic monster is definitely not the average hobby-cannabis-concentrates choice but is undoubtedly a heavy-duty, extremely precise functioning piece of rosin extraction equipment of the 21st century.

Top Rosin Press Machines Reviewed and Compared: The Takeaway

With the rosin press-tech literally sweeping the US dabbing society, making highest-quality cannabis extractions in the comfort of your home is no longer merely a dream.

But even more importantly, for verified medical marijuana patients who are dependent on the accessibility and quality of the green medication, the introduction of rosin press machines has been a revolutionary step for better days.

We can’t wait to see where the symphony of merging cut-edge technology and the science behind cannabis will bring us next in the foreseeable future! The top rosin press machines that we reviewed and compared as part of this list are only the tip of the iceberg – oh, but what an astonishing tip they are! Stay tuned for all things cannabis-related and get premium access to exciting news, tutorials, and marijuana know-how by subscribing to our newsletter.