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Top Fruits and Vegetables That are Good Cannabis Pipes

Cannabis consumption is anything but boring. There are so many ways you can diversify your smoking routine – it’s merely a matter of letting your imagination run wild!

Sometimes, you may wish to explore other methods of enjoying the green medication than the traditional practice of rolling a joint or packing a bowl of marijuana. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a pinch – for instance, you notice that you have just run out of rolling papers.

Regardless of the situation, it’s high time to consider the top fruits and vegetables that are good cannabis pipes (and, in fact, awesome cannabis pipes)!

Smoking cannabis out of a DIY fruit or veggie pipe won’t break the piggy bank yet this creative technique is definitely not a reserved territory of the budget-minded individuals. Smoking pot out of your favorite fruits and/or vegetables is a fun and rewarding experience – you don’t need any special skills or equipment but only a healthy dose of passion and imagination.

Benefits of Smoking Cannabis from DIY Fruit and Vegetable Pipes

When choosing to diversify your smoking routine with the use of homemade fruits and veggies cannabis pipes, you are likely to reap a whole array of little-known benefits.

First things first, fruits or vegetable pipes do add some extra flavor to your cannabis smoking experience.

Secondly, you can always re-use the DIY fruits or vegetables produce pipes.

Thirdly, smoking out of a fancy, delicious, all-natural, hand-made pipe can be a great conversation starter – it’s amazing to see how boundaries melt away as you and your bud buddies take tokes out of a creative, funny, DIY pipe.

Helpful Tools for Making Fruits or Veggies Marijuana Pipes

As briefly mentioned above, crafting DIY fruits and/or veggies pipe doesn’t involve the use of any complex tools. Basically, any sharp object in your household can do the trick for skewering the vegetable or fruit of your choice.

If you find yourself in an extreme situation (for instance, maybe you’re chilling outdoors with your crew when the brilliant idea of crafting a DIY cannabis pipe kicks in), you can use something as simple as a pen.

Due to its hollow, cylindrical shape, a pen case is perfect for poking even-sized holes. Plus, rinsing your pen before the process of trying out any of the top fruits and vegetables that are good cannabis pipes won’t do any harm to your pen tool.

However, if you have access to more tools than just a basic pen/pencil, it can be a great idea to take advantage of a potato peeler. Thanks to the knife-like tip of the potato peeler, you can easily carve out any fruits and veggies.

In a breeze, you can also dig out your favorite Halloween pumpkin-carve knife and utilize it for the purpose of grinding through the flesh of any types of fruits or vegetables with ease and precision.

When it comes to creating an airway between the carefully-carved bowl and your mouthpiece, a skewer, toothpick, chopsticks or even a hairpin can work beautifully.

Meanwhile, a coffee spoon can work wonders for carving out a bowl in your DIY fruits or veggies cannabis pipes.

If you choose to opt for a paring knife, you want to be extra careful. Since paring knives are very sharp, you need to be mindful about protecting your hands while making your way with shaping the desired fruits or vegetables into cannabis pipes.

Last but not least, having some straws (or pasta that comes in a straw-like shape) make fantastic fruits-and-veggies cannabis pipe tools.

Apple Pipe

Making one of the most popular types of cannabis fruits pipes – a DIY apple pipe – is an easy-peasy task! In fact, if you Google up “apple pipe,” you’ll quickly notice that thousands of pages will appear based on your search.

Nonetheless, you might just as well get illuminated by the cult-classic quote suggesting that an apple a day keeps the doctor away (and it does!) – so, why not upgrade this well-known saying into smoking an apple pipe a day keeps the doctor away, right

The very top concave of apples make a perfect spot for holding your weed – it’s as if Mother Nature herself has figured out the ideal application of the fantastic shape and size of the concave that resembles a bowl so much it almost hurts!

The sides of an apple can be punctured multiple times which is also an asset.

Last but not least, the flesh of apples helps the smoke travel evenly and smoothly in and out. And the flavor experience Simply apple-tastic!

Video by – How To Make An Apple Pipe

Quick Bonus Tip

If you want to bring you apple cannabis pipe game to another level, you can use a fresh raspberry or a blackberry at the very top of the apple’s concave. This way, you can literally place your weed in your added raspberry/blackberry “bowl,” further enhancing the smoking experience.

Just make sure you poke the raspberry/blackberry several times so it will be capable of allowing airflow to pass freely. Also, don’t forget to remove excess moisture or the raspberry/blackberry “bowl” may ruin the smooth burn by dampening your weed.

Pineapple Pipe

Ah, the joy of taking a juicy rip out of a pineapple pipe. Also commonly referred to as “high-napple” by cannabis connoisseurs, the combination of a pineapple’s tropical flavors and marijuana’s subtle undertones is nothing less but mesmerizing. Just beware – you might easily get addicted to this combo!

By the way, pineapple has truly made its way into the world of cannabis – it has become a global symbol of marijuana consumption, ranking right next to the iconic fan leaves of cannabis plants.

o make a DIY pineapple bong-pipe (yeah, it’s neither exactly a pipe nor a bong but an impressive hybrid instead), you want to cut the top of the pineapple and use it as a lid.

Next, hollow out the flesh of the pineapple. Afterward, you will need to fill it with a minimum of one inch of water.

Now, you need to cut two holes in the two opposite sides of your pineapple – one of the holes will serve as a bowl and the other will serve as a mouthpiece. The bowl hole should be located under your eventual water line. The mouthpiece hole should be located close to the top. You can use a suitably-shaped veggie such as a cucumber or a carrot to craft the mouthpiece and bowl of your pineapple bong-pipe.

Finally, stick in the carrot/cucumber-made mouthpiece and bowl, add water, place the pineapple’s lid on top, and get down to blazing.

It’s also possible to take a rip straight out of the pineapple without crafting an extra carrot/cucumber or other types of creative mouthpiece hole. However, the coarse coat can feel quite awkward when getting in touch with the tender skin of your lips. In a breeze, you can use a common straw at the top where the mouthpiece hole is located.

Quick Bonus Tip

If the tropical fever has got its grip on you once you tasted the delicious pineapple-marijuana combo, you can try out a coconut cannabis bong-pipe next! Although coconuts’ hard shell makes poking the needed holes a bit more challenging, it is definitely worth the efforts (especially if you’re a choco-addict).

In the case you want to experience the Hawaiian way of enjoying sweet, fruity rips, you can try out a simple yet extremely satisfying pineapple bong with a banana bowl, and/or further add some coconut water instead of filling the pineapple with plain water – a tropical symphony will play your mouth with every toke!

Watermelon Pipe

A watermelon pipe is effortless to make because of the ideal shape of these refreshing summer fruits. However, it almost goes without saying that watermelon bong-pipes are far better suited to party sessions with friends due to watermelons’ large size.

Similarly to crafting a pineapple pipe, you first need to cut the “lid” of a watermelon (its top) and then carve out the flesh before you get down to mouthpiece placement.

Quick Bonus Tip

For the creative souls out there, you can also try out the fruit salad approach –use ½ of a hollowed out pineapple and place it right on top of your watermelon pipe so that the mouthpiece allows you to get a taste of the unique pineapple-watermelon-marijuana flavor combo.

Melon Pipe

Have you ever heard the phrase “Melon out, man” Well, that’s one awesome example of the intricate way melons and marijuana consumption can go hand in hand.

It is good to keep in mind that melons make better pipes than watermelons. That’s because of melons’ hollow cores that allow you to inhale a good amount of deliciously-smelling and tasting smoke.

Be careful when puncturing the holes, though, as this may prove to be a bit challenging for the newbies. Precision and some planning are key.

As a rule of thumb, Honey drew and Cantaloupes melons work best.

Strawberry Pipe

With an excellent, high antioxidant and polyphenolic content, strawberries are tiny gemstones full of health benefits, along with that one-of-a-kind, beloved taste that has made strawberries and creams nothing less than a cult classic combination.

But when it comes to merging marijuana and strawberries, the results are no less impressive and deliberate than the (slightly) outdated strawberries-and-champagne St. Valentine’s gigs.

A strawberry pipe takes less than several minutes to craft, and it’s a perfect one-hitter DIY device.

For a start, use a knife to cut out a small part of the upper top half of a decently-sized strawberry – this is your bowl hole. Next, using a straw, poke the very center of the lower, narrower part of the strawberry all the way up to the “bowl” hole – this is your mouthpiece.

Before you pack the strawberry “bowl” hole with weed, test if the opening provides good airflow – if it does not, you may need to widen the openings a bit. Lastly, pack your weed, light it up and enjoy – it’s marijuana-berry-licious!

Citrus Fruit Pipe

All citrus fruits such as tangerines, oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits can be made into cannabis pipes.

However, they are generally not the most popular choice out there because their flesh is less good suited than the flesh of apples, for example.

But with a tiny bit of practice, citrus fruit pipes can easily turn into some of your favorite ones. And in fact, the high terpene content might prove to further enhance the array of effects that come along with the sense of high.

Pear Pipe

Similarly to apples and citrus fruit, pears have a cannabis pipe-friendly shape that is effortless to work with.

Most importantly, pears’ flesh helps the smoke to travel smoothly so that you get large hits in return.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you pick more elongated pears and also check if they feel hard to the touch – that’s what you’re looking for. Or else, choosing pears with rather soft flesh can result in difficulties when crafting your pipe, much like with citrus fruit – if you’re not careful, you might end up wasting your weed instead of enjoying it to the fullest.

Banana Pipe

The leathery coat of a banana (meaning the banana peel), all together in a combination with the easy-to-shape without breaking or bending insides of this commonly found tropical fruit are a cannabis pipe’s best friends.

Simply cut the outer tip of the banana (not the handle but the tip). Use the tip you have cut to make a bowl and proceed with hollowing out the inside of the fruit to create a good air passage. Voila, there you have it – a bananahuana mini celebration for the senses!

Video by VICE – SMOKEABLES: Abdullah Smokes Out Of a Banana Bowl

Squash Pipe

It’s not hard to picture a squash pipe, is it The shape of squash is perfectly-fitted for the production of DIY cannabis pipes.

Most noteworthy once hollowed out the right way, a squash pipe becomes quite a durable smoking device which means that you can re-use it over and over again to diversify your marijuana intake routine.

As a rule of thumb, elongated, short squash is best suited to making cannabis pipes that only require skewering up to get straight down to sucking out the delicious smoke. Meanwhile,large, round-shaped pumpkins make wonderful bongs – the choice is entirely in your hands.

Cucumber Pipe

As you get to think of it, a cucumber is naturally shaped like a pipe. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to apply a healthy dose of imagination and some efforts for crafting a well-working cucumber pipe.

Generally, a cucumber is ways easier to hollow out than a carrot, for instance. The trick is to create a clear passage that allows the air to flow well, and this can be more challenging if you pick a long cucumber.

With this in mind, short-sized cucumber works better. Just add a bowl about 1/3 up and slide a skewer to the very center. All that’s left to do is to puncture a nice hole at the side – and there you have it!

Now, take a fresh cucumber-scented rip and why not use two cucumber slices to help reduce puffiness in the eye zone for a relaxing, mini SPA treatment

Similarly to cucumbers, zucchini make beautiful and easy-peasy cannabis pipes, too!

Potato Pipe

Let’s get things straight at the very start – a potato pipe won’t possibly grant you the same juicy, deliciously flavored smoking experience as other fruits and vegetables can.

But if you’re feeling adventurous or simply need to be creative in the absence of a bong/pipe/rolling papers – then a potato is effortless to turn into a cannabis pipe. Both its flesh, as well as its round shape won’t cause any difficulties even for beginner DIY pipes enthusiasts.

Carrot Pipe

Commonly referred to as a carrot chillum, you won’t need to spend a lot of efforts to re-purpose a decently-shaped carrot into a DIY cannabis pipe.

For a start, chop both ends of the carrot. Afterward, skewer through to create a well-working air passage. And, guess what – BANG – you’re ready to inhale the good vibes and exhale the bad vibes!

Video by VICE – SMOKEABLES: How to Make a Carrot Chillum

Pepper Pipe

Peppers are still quite underrated when it comes to turning vegetables into cannabis pipes. That might be related to the fact peppers are not that succulently-smelling like other fruits and veggies.

However, peppers do make fantastic pipes with very little efforts. Nonetheless, the smoking experience can feel quite amazing, too, depending on the type of peppers you choose to work with.

To make a pepper pipe, just slice the pointy end, as well as the stem. It is the stem that you will use as a pipe (although it pretty much resembles a chillum). Don’t forget to clear out the seeds.

If you don’t want to remove the stem completely, you can make a more of a horizontal-like pipe than with the method described above. Just craft an opening at the very top near the stem without removing it – and you’re ready to get down to action.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try out a Jalapeno cannabis pipe (S-s-smokey hot, indeed). Nonetheless, you can try covering the inner side of the pepper pipe with melted chocolate. Let it harden before you light up your Chocolate dream jalapeno pipe – and enjoy the flavorfulride.

Top Fruits and Vegetables That are Good Cannabis Pipes: The Wrap-Up

The world of cannabis consumption knows no limits. Meanwhile, we know fair well that the road to developing a healthy lifestyle routine goes through increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and veggies, as well as taking the time to exercise regularly.

With this in mind, adding marijuana to the big picture seems like fitting the missing piece of the puzzle that can help us solve the problems related to the fast pace of life in the 21st century, marked by extremely high levels of stress, lack of physical activity, and getting stuck in line waiting for another portion of heavily-processed fast foods.

Trying out the top fruits and vegetables that make cannabis pipes is a process full of joy and a lot of smiles – sure, there might be some trials and errors involved but hey, that’s just part of the fun, isn’t it Don’t miss out all the exciting cannabis-related news, know-how and tutorials by subscribing to our newsletter!