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Top 7 of the Best Cannabis Strains for Boosting Energy and Motivation

cannabis strains for boosting energy

An ongoing discussion says that there are no distinctions between indicas and sativas. In that case, different strains of marijuana have effects that are dependent on their chemical composition instead of whether they are genetically either indicas or sativas. So, regardless of whether you have an indica-leaning hybrid or a sativa, you can still expect your strain to have an effect that is almost always tied closely to sativas. We’re talking about the energetic type of high.

While it might be true that there are not a lot of differences between indicas and sativas in a scientific way of seeing it, it cannot be argued that sativas are usually the ones with the energetic high. This energetic high is the result of how sativas tend to help our cannabinoid receptors trigger the release of dopamine, which allows us to feel more euphoric and energized. That said, strains with genetics that are closely related to some sativas tend to be great at boosting energy and motivation. Even though marijuana is known for the “stoner” state the indicas are known for, there is also a good reason to believe that many people see cannabis as a stimulant that invigorates and energizes. That is why, in Europe, there are many coffee shops that sell marijuana with energizing effects as a substitute for caffeine. There are even energy drinks that are made from cannabis.

All that considered, if you happen to be interested in a marijuana strain that can energize your mind and body for whatever kind of reason, here are the 10 cannabis names you should look out for.

1. Durban Poison

Durban Poison technically is not a landrace strain but this pure sativa grows natively in the port city of Durban in the continent of Africa. It is not exactly a poison but is quite the opposite of it. In that case, do not be afraid of what Durban Poison has to offer you as this potent strain is one of the best at making you feel energized.

When it comes to its flavor, Durban Poison comes with a distinct and classic pungent and earthy scent that truly gives justice to its nature as an old-school marijuana bud. However, it does smell and taste like sweet licorice at times to give you an experience your taste buds might not be able to find anywhere else.

Durban Poison has a clean energetic high that hits you immediately with a clear-headed buzz. It instantly uplifts your mood to make you happy while it steadily improves your mental energy and motivation. At first, you will be able to fill some sort of disorientation in the way you perceive your surroundings. But once you get used to it, you will be able to enjoy the energetic and creative high that Durban Poison offers.

2. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a strain that was named after a popular marijuana enthusiast and activist of the same name. It pays homage to one of the biggest names in the cannabis community as this strain has become an all-time favorite when it first entered the market during the 80s. Since then, it has become a strain known for a type of energetic high that gives justice to the man who has helped fight for marijuana legalization.

It is not the most visually appealing plant out there but Jack Herer makes up for that with its taste. It is a strain that has a distinct and unique zesty and lemony flavor that is very smooth. It glides through your throat without much problem as it leaves a citrusy and herbal kind of taste with hints of peppers. On top of that, it smells great and has a fragrance that is similar to flowers.

Jack Herer hits you with a rush of euphoric buzz that instantly uplifts your mood to provide you with the largest smile on your face. You will also begin to notice, as the time passes and as the dosage increases, that this strain can feel a bit disorienting but has an amazing energizing effect that can make you feel very creative and sociable. As such, it is great for activities that require mental focus and energy or for social gatherings that need you to be alert and sharp with your thoughts and ideas.

3. Chocolope

Chocolope is as its name suggests it to be. It is a strain that mimics the taste and scent of chocolate. It comes from the marriage of the Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. This strain is particularly popular in Colorado, California, and in Dutch coffee shops as well. After all, it is a great way of starting the day right because of its amazing taste and effects.

The moment you open a bag of Chocolope, you will be greeted with an aroma that smells like dark-roasted coffee with hints of dark chocolate. The scent alone is enough to wake your senses up and to remind you of what it is to take an early-morning sip of that cup of joe. And when the smoke hits your taste buds, you will certainly taste the earthy chocolatey flavors that have hints of coffee in it. Because of its flavor, Chocolope has become an all-time favorite strain.

Moreover, Chocolope also has a coffee-like effect that makes you feel like you had your early dose of caffeine. It uplifts your mood while energizing your mind and body in a way that is just as effective as caffeine. As such, Chocolope has become a good substitute for acidic coffee and for sugary energy drinks because of how it makes you feel just as mentally alive and focused as those substances.

4. White Widow

White Widow is an Amsterdam favorite that has been a cultural phenomenon in the Netherlands for decades already. It is a mainstay in the Dutch coffee shop scene and will always be one of the first strains to fly off the shelves because of its amazing energetic kind of high. But the thing about White Widow is that it is actually a hybrid strain with a good amount of indica genetics in it. As such, you can also expect it to have relaxing properties.

When it comes to taste, the White Widow does not really stand out. It has a classic earthy and skunky kind of marijuana scent and flavor that is reminiscent of the classic and traditional smell and taste of cannabis. However, it does have a certain appeal to it as there are people who love its overall flavor profile.

What makes White Widow truly stand out is the high it induces. It tends to hit you with a clean and invigorating kind of high that is anything but disorienting. You will not feel a potent kind of cerebral rush that can make your mind race. However, it still energizes your mental state to make you feel more focused and creative. On top of that, its indica side helps in making your body feel more relaxed so that you can be productive without feeling jittery and physically hyperactive.

5. Harlequin

Harlequin may not be the best when it comes to THC levels but this strain is just as effective as any other bud when it comes to making you feel energized and focused. As a medical marijuana strain, it has a CBD concentration that dwarfs its THC levels. That means that you can expect it to provide effects without the psychoactive kind of rush you will get from THC. This makes it a great strain for those who are sensitive to the effects of THC.

Bred to be a medical marijuana strain, Harlequin is not the most appealing bud. It comes with a musky scent and a flavor profile that is tropical in nature. When combusted, Harlequin greets your taste buds with a combination of mango, citrus, and earthy tastes that are not entirely very delicious but still pleasant enough for anyone to handle.

Harlequin’s effects are more medicinal than recreational. However, because it still is a sativa, it can provide you with a heady high that uplifts your mood while improving your focus and energy. It is great at fending off fatigue and its related symptoms all without the psychoactive high that THC tends to induce. As such, this strain is a favorite in the medical field because of how it helps people suffering from illnesses that affect their energy levels.

6. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a cultural favorite thanks to how James Franco and Seth Rogen immortalized it in a Hollywood film with the same name. Nevertheless, Pineapple Express has always been a well-known strain all over the Netherlands because of how this hybrid is great at invigorating the senses while also providing a long-lasting high that makes your mind work to its fullest.

As the name suggests, Pineapple Express comes at you with fragrances and flavors that are truly tropical in nature. It smells and tastes like ripe pineapples. In that sense, it is sweet, citrusy, and very appealing to your taste buds. There is no wonder why it has become such a popular strain all over the world.

Pineapple Express has a high that is energetic in nature as it makes your mind work well enough to become more creative and imaginative. It does make your mind race but not in the same way that the Pineapple Express film depicts it to be. Nevertheless, it is still a pretty potent strain that you should never take without caution.

7. Green Crack

Green Crack often gets a negative reputation because of its name. But it is not a bud that is similar to crack. In some cases, to remove any negative connotations, people would rather call it Green Crush instead. But, if there was one thing that makes it similar to crack, it is that it can make you quite addicted to it because of how tasty and great it is at delivering the effects you would expect it to have.

When it comes to taste, Green Crack is a very delicious strain that comes at you with a unique and appealing scent. It has an earthiness and a kind of woody fragrance in its smoke but it is also quite sweet. The moment you inhale the smoke through your throat, you will feel a unique and tasty combination of spicy and hashy flavors that are masked by the sweet and delicious taste of mango. It is quite smooth and will not leave you coughing as other strains do.

Green Crack’s effects are also pretty addictive as well but in a very good way. It carries a potent and strong sativa high that provides you with an amazing boost of mental and physical energy. And the best part is that it makes you more motivated to do work that is boring and mundane in nature. You will find suddenly find yourself having more fun in the usual tasks you do as your levels of enthusiasm increases by using Green Crack.