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Top 5 Marijuana Apps that Are Actually Useful

We are all obsessed with android apps. Every now and then, we keep on checking these apps in our smartphones to be informed, entertain, and learn. However, our phones have limited storage and we can’t able to keep just any app that we wanted. That is why a careful evaluation is needed to know what apps are quite useful in your day to day life.

As a cannabis enthusiast, there are a lot of marijuana apps available in app stores. However, it’s hard to choose what should be installed or not. It’s frustrating how every app is a necessity in your cannabis journey.

The good news is that we’ll be helping you. In this article, we’ll rank on five of the best cannabis apps available in app stores. Likewise, we’ll categorize these apps depending on their purpose or value.

The Importance of Internet and Android Apps

The digital age and development of the internet had drastically changed everyone’s lives. Every transaction is controlled and governed by computers and life has become more convenient as compared to manual work before. People are casually now checking their smartphones to check their emails and to connect with their loved ones through social media websites. 

Nevertheless, the invention of android apps has more revolutionize the digital age. It has widened the scope of the use of the internet with the introduction of apps. Smartphones are equipped with computer-like functions comparing to word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software that were used from our day to day use in school and work.

Aside from that, apps provide facets of learning and entertainment through mobile games, dictionaries, and video streaming that were never imagined before.

Immersion of Android Apps into the Cannabis Campaign

The dawn of the internet and the development of android apps in today’s modern world has also inspired cannabis enthusiasts to adapt to technological advancement. Like any confined organization, cannabis-lovers want to connect with people who share the same interest as they have.

Aside from that, they seek to learn and gain insights regarding cannabis use and growth as well. The app developers feel the need to create something for stoners out there.

Thus, marijuana apps were conceived as an existing niche of options in app stores.

With the liberation and legalization of cannabis in various countries over the past few years, more and more people are using the herb as a recreational or therapeutic drug. Knowing this, cannabis business had suddenly surge upwards with its demand to a larger market. Thus, a lot of marijuana apps are scattered in the internet offering different services to its customers.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Mobile Marijuana Apps

The development of marijuana-related apps had turned the landscape of the cannabis industry into a more productive field. The legalization of cannabis to multiple states in the USA and to countries like Canada and Netherlands supplements to the upward demand of the industry. As medical experts unleash their findings regarding the herb, a lot of people began to find their hope with the plant itself.

Thus, the cannabis industry has provided a leap towards the adaptation of technology through the internet and apps. However, not everything here on this earth is totally beneficial. Like cannabis itself, using apps are detrimental and has its own drawbacks.

In this part of the article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of using these marijuana apps.

The Advantages of Marijuana Apps


Mobile apps have continued to become an immediate destination for people who prefer convenience. Likewise, it has become the gateway to a diverse function such as effortless buying and selling, dispensary mapping, and healthcare assistance. It enjoys personalized features that one could also enjoy in any non-marijuana related app.

User-Friendly Interface and Entertaining

Regularly visiting a cannabis dispensary is at few times repetitive. Thus, there are people that take time to just scan through their apps to buy cannabis. Aside from its convenient, you’ll be having more ‘fun’ while looking at the template changes and its features that you could not experience while shopping in a dispensary. Other than that, you have multiple options or choices to select from as you’ve wanted it.

Saves Time and Money

Though you’ll have to pay at times for the subscription and shipping, in general, mobile apps are technically practical most especially for first-time users who don’t know the cannabis ways. It’s ideal also for those who live in far regions, taking you a lot of time to travel from one place and another.

Brand Awareness and Advertisement

If you have a cannabis business or a seller, then apps are an efficient way to endorse your brand. It’s prettily accessible, not requiring many efforts or tarpaulin printouts. All you have to do is to post photos and create posts online to generate the following online.

Ease of Communication

Exchange of information could be done within seconds through these apps. There are existing cannabis social media apps that provide facile avenues to communication like video conferencing and calling that will be helpful as needed.

Multiple Areas of Revenue Generation

App development has been a booming industry over the past few years. Aside from it has a huge market, there are a lot of facets to profit on this type of business. Nevertheless, you could fill in advertisements or subscriptions to generate more money from the business.

The Drawbacks of Marijuana Apps

Despite its benefits and convenience to its users, there are few risks that you should know when it comes to using these apps. This includes the following;

High Cost of Investment

To create an app, you’ll have to invest a great deal of money for it to fully realized. Approximately, you’ll spend at least $10,000 for simple apps. Nonetheless, as more features are incorporated, an increase in price the conception will cost. Complicated apps with multiple features could cost approximately from $200,000 to $300,000 depending on its use.

Difficult Maintenance

In times of trouble with your app, then it’s not quite easy to fix it. The complexity of apps with its programming and developing is totally nerve-wracking most especially if you are a newbie app developer. Nevertheless, troubleshooting ain’t just sometimes a one-man job and it takes a lot of people to do it.

Health Risks

As they say, too much is not good. There are people who spend most of their time to mobile apps to the point that it gets unproductive. Consequently, exposure to radiation promotes risk to multiple illnesses that could lead to death if not prevented.

Best Marijuana Apps for 2019

After evaluating the pros and cons of installing an app, then you’ll be ready to know excitingly top marijuana apps that are entirely helpful ona regular basis. In this part of the page, we’ll explore more these apps and organize them according to their use or purpose.

Top Mobile Marijuana Game or Entertainment Apps

#1. SimLeaf

If you are planning to cultivate cannabis in your place, then this cannabis planting simulation app is a good practice for you. It will give you concrete knowledge on growing cannabis including pH, lighting, and nutrient adjustments. Aside from that, you’ll get to choose different strains from its menu according to your preference. This app is only available in iOs systems and costs about $1.99 per purchase.

Video: simLeaf App Preview

#2. Hemp Inc.

A mobile game similarly functions as the web-based game ‘Farmville’. Like Farmville, you’ll have to cultivate plants (most specifical cannabis) on a regular basis. Aside from that, you’ll get to interact with different cannabis enthusiasts including celebrities such as the rapper Snoop Dogg and Jimi Hendrix. You could also do business as well by selling your weeds to other cannabis users. This app is currently available in both iOs and Android for free.

#3. Growtronix

It’s not an app neither a software. It’s a direct simulation, most likely an-out automation system develops from a combination of hardware and software. It works like Simleaf however, very detailed and resembling real-time cannabis growing. As for basics, you’ll receive upon purchase controllers, a network interface, temperature, humidity sensors, and comprehensive software suite. Nonetheless, it could be bought through contacting its developers. You could visit through their website to find out for more.

VIDEO: Growtronix Grow Room and Greenhouse Computer Automation and Control System


Like the simleaf, Hempire is another cannabis growing game. Nevertheless, it has a Farmville styled template and layout. It has a very friendly interface, easy to use, and has a lot of features. This app aims to give an opportunity to cannabis enthusiasts who cannot grow to learn and cultivate virtually their own plants. Also, the app allows its users to sell and compete with other game players as well. The app is available in android.


#5. Weed Island

Similar to Hempire and Simleaf, the aim of the game is to grow a cannabis plantation. Nonetheless, you’ll have to do plowing virtually, buying seed strains, and cultivate your garden as if it’s real. Similar to Farmville, as the game proceeds your wealth will increase with a bigger land for cannabis planting. The game is available in app stores exclusively in the Google Play store.

Top 5 Cannabis Consultation Apps

These apps refer to seeking any help from a professional whether a medical doctor or an expert cannabis grower. These apps aim to assists your needs on any related cannabis activities.

#1. Let’s Grow Buddy

If you have problems growing your cannabis plants, then you could ask someone to help you. This app will help you find consult and assist you on cannabis cultivation. Likewise, this app allows you to send a message or even call that expert to encase of emergencies. This will also take the track on the growth of your plants as well.

VIDEO: How to grow Cannabis app Lets Grow Buddy

#2. We Grow

It’s a Colorado-based cannabis app that aims to help users on cannabis cultivation. Through this app, cannabis growers will be able to share their views, insights, and questions regarding cannabis cultivation. Nevertheless, there’s also a chatbot named ‘Elle’ for which you could ask anything regarding nutrient, temperature, and growing optimizations. The app is only recommended for use to states in the USA with legal cannabis laws and policies.

#3. PotBot

This app provides personalized medical treatment to those people who want to use cannabis for medication. The app will be able to assess the dosage, type of strain you’ll use, and methods for consumption (smoking, cannabis-infused, or oils) depending on your illness to be treated. The app brags on its extensive research treatment based on experiences and scientific data gathered. For those who want to download, it is both available in iOs and Android app stores. 

#4. Releaf

The most satisfying way to consume cannabis. This app will help you with proper cannabis dosages and even look for a strain suitable for your medical condition. The app also takes tracks on your cannabis consumption and will give you detailed information as to how to improve your state. The app is available for download in the GooglePlaystore.

#5. My Canary

Sponsored by NORML, this cannabis app allows you to take track of your mental and physical abilities upon daily consumption of cannabis. Aside from that, this will determine your state of mind whether you’re safe to drive or go to various places. It will give you accurate details as to safe and responsible cannabis use. The app is currently available for purchase at a price of $4.99 in various app stores.

Top 5 Cannabis Dispensary or Professional Finding Apps

These apps work like a ‘GPS’. It will help you locate and recommend any cannabis dispensary nearby at your place. Other than that, this particular section will also include seeking for medical professionals as well.

#1. Eaze

This is the ultimate app for a medical cannabis patient. It keeps things convenient by just scanning over your driver’s license and medical prescription. The app will look for suited strain for your condition and assures to deliver it within 20-minutes to an hour as it should be. Its an Uber for any weed, available only in different cities and towns in California.

#2. WeedMaps

The app provides you the nearest dispensary or cannabis-infused lounges or coffee house located in your place. Aside from that, this app will aid you on how to reach the destination either by walking or riding a bus as needed. The good thing also about this app is that it could be access to various locations and countries around the world.

#3. Tokr

This app helps you find what strain suits depending on your lifestyle and inner desires. This will be a useful tool most especially if you aren’t sure of what strain to buy. Nevertheless, the app will also find an appropriate dispensary nearest to the place where you live.


This app allows you to search for a particular cannabis strain or type nearest to your location. The app’s objective is to satisfy the user of finding his preference or wants. Aside from strain, edibles and concentrates could be searched from the app. Nonetheless, this app is available in multiple app stores such as Google Playstore and iOs.


Dubbed as the ‘Instagram for Weed’, this is a social media cannabis app for which you could post and share photos to your fellow cannabis friends. Though it does not directly locate any dispensary nearby, this app allows you to sell and even find any dispensary through your friends.

Top 5 Informative Cannabis Apps

This app mainly delivers important and latest news articles, journals, and reviews regarding the cannabis industry. It’s a helpful app most especially to those users who want to get updated on the cannabis legalization in their state or country.


An app that supports its website written with a similar name. Likewise, to its website, the app contains all marijuana latest news articles including the legalization, technology, and growing techniques that will help cannabis growers and consumers on their day to day use. The app is supported through Android or iOs app stores.

#2. Merry Jane

A new app started by Snoop Dog, this cannabis media site delivers stories related to cannabis from business, health, and growth strategies. You could also search for dispensaries, weed strains, and marijuana paraphernalia from bongs and pipes as needed.

#3. Weed Cookbook

Not available free of use, this app presents you various recipes for which cannabis is a main or an added ingredients. The cookbook includes snacks, drinks, and desserts infused with cannabis on them. The app is currently available in iOs or Android app stores. If you want an alternate substitute for this app, you could check the Cannabis Cookbook Lite which could be purchased for free.

#4. CannabizLegendz Cookbook

Another cookbook app which will teach you how to create savory drinks and cannabis-infused menus. It will give you step by step instructions as to how to do things as needed. This is an app recommended for use to any recreational or medicinal cannabis users. It’s currently available in both iOs and Android users.

#5.The Stoner’s Cookbook

Its an all in one cannabis app. It isn’t just a cookbook giving you recipes on cannabis-infused drinks or deserts. It includes news articles, updates, technological developments, and legal actions regarding cannabis. This app is available in both iOs and Android users.

Final Word

With the rise of cannabis secularization to various places in the world, its no wonder how these apps are slowly making its way to a world full of technological development. The major proof of this upsurge is increasing thenumber of cannabis apps as years passes by. It’s a wonderful thing that more people are appreciating and helping cannabis enthusiasts into their struggles and desires. It’s something worth celebrating for. All hail cannabis!