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Top 2 Recipes for DIY Cannabis Infused Ice Cream (Classic &Vegan Version)

It’s rich, it’s creamy, it’s addictively cannaliscious. Yes, we are talking about cannabis-infused ice cream, the ice cold treat that is quickly turning into one of the hottest trends in the edibles niche! High cream, as some cannabis connoisseurs choose to call it, provides all the amazing benefits of the herb, no matter if you are a recreational or a medicinal marijuana user.

Below, we’re about to share the top 2 recipes for DIY cannabis-infused ice cream, including a classic and a vegan version that will make you forget about single care in the world while all your senses are celebrating a palatable symphony of deliberation.

Would you rather go for THC-rich ice cream, CBD-rich ice cream or a combination of two It really doesn’t matter, for we have got you covered.

Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream Hits the Global Market as if by Storm!

The ordinary ice cream selection worldwide is bound to be changed forever. While THC-infused cannabis ice cream is still rather hard to find, CBD-infused ice cream is one of the most quickly developing trends. From Canada to Oregon and all the way to Israel, master dessert makers are rapidly starting to incorporate Cannabidiol into their icy treats. And guess what, people love it!

Itay Rogozinsky started the Vanigliaice cream chain brand that makes use of only locally sourced ingredients in 2002. Rogozinsky was the first one to introduce Israel’s pioneering cannabis-infused ice cream in March 2018, blending hemp seed oil, chlorophyll, and cannabis terpenes. Up-to-date, Rogozinsky’s artisanal canna nice cream business keeps blooming.

Meanwhile, Ashok Khanna, who is an internal medicine physician at the Florida Primary Care Center, has started to apply a rather unusual, yet simply inspiring approach to helping his patients cope with inflammation, pain, and anxiety. As you can probably already guess, Dr. Khanna is selling ice cream that contains CBD, firmly supporting the idea that patients deserve to get something that will “make them feel better.”

Rules of Thumb for Reaching the Desired Edibles’ Potency

As far as reaching the desired potency of your canna-infused ice cream is concerned, here is a neat cheat sheet to help you figure it out.

#1. 1 gram of weed of 10% THC potency results in the equivalent of 100mg potency in edibles.

To be even more precise, the actual conversion of THC content in dry marijuana buds into mg potency in edibles requires multiplying the expected potency by 0.88, e.g. 100 mg x 0.88 = 88 mg actual THC content.

However, when making cannabutter using coconut oil or dairy butter, you can only extract about 50% and up to 60% of the active cannabinoids, meaning that 1 gram of weed of 10% THC content will result in approximately 44mg THC potency in total.

If using olive oil, you can only get about 30% of the active cannabinoids extracted, which means 1 gram of weed featuring 10% THC content will end up in a total of 29mg THC in your edibles.

#2. For those who are absolute newbies when it comes to previous experience with edibles, ingesting anything from 2mg and up to 10mg THC per serving is considered a decent, well-working dose that is not supposed to lead to overwhelming.

But since each individual’s prudence to marijuana highly varies, the most experienced, well-seasoned cannabis consumers can ingest anything up to 500mg THC and still feel super cool afterwards.

When working out your way with edibles, all it takes is patience, consistency, and precision.

Skip the rush, measure out everything properly, make conscious trials and errors by consuming edibles in a comfortable, cozy environment, and before you even know it, you will be 100% well-aware of how much mg of THC works best for you.


#3. Remember that the way active cannabinoids affect your mind and body, and in particular, the way the psychoactive effects of THC take place when consuming edibles do differ a whole lot from smoking or vaping.

Since the active cannabinoids are synthesized by your liver, contrary to the way smoking/vaping enters your bloodstream bypassing the brain’s barrier, it takes significantly longer to experience the effect of edibles.

For example, the smoking/vaping= first onset of the high kicking in 5-10 minutes VS edibles = the first onset of the high kicking in within 1 and up to 3 hours after consumption.

Thus, it’s best to consume your cannabis-infused treats with moderation until you establish a better understanding of the way your body reacts to different doses of THC potency. Or else, you may easily consume too much than needed and end up overwhelmed and, oh well, pretty messed up.

Also, cannabutter can be substituted with a readily-available cannabis-infused tincture, thus, eliminating the inactive prep time and further being able to microdose the desired amount of THC potency more accurately.

Keep in mind that some cannabis-infused tinctures are intended to be used in hot beverages. Therefore, they need to be slightly heated to activate the cannabinoids’ full potency. So, always read the label of the tincture you choose to use carefully and follow the provided instructions for best results.

#4. The strain you choose to use when making your very own cannabutter plays a huge role when it comes to the expected effects after consuming edibles, just the way things work when smoking/vaping different strains.

With this in mind, even if you follow the exact same proportions of weed-to-butter, different strains will lead to a different type of high when cannabutter is added into edibles, so pick wisely.

#5. Last but not least, if you want to mix a batch of canna ice cream that will not get you high while still allowing you to reap the multiple benefits of cannabis consumption, you can opt for solely incorporating CBD Oil into the recipe, hence, curbing the inactive prep time.

As to the amount of CBD Oil you’ll need, there are no particular limitations on the quantity you can incorporate since CBD has not shown to lead to adverse effects even in high dosages.

You can feel free to add less or more CBD Oil based on your personal needs and preferences.

Classic Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Important Notes

Please mind that you will need to dedicate approximately 8 hours in inactive preparation of your classic cannabis-infused ice cream because of the time needed to devote to making a batch of cannabutter. However, if you do have your homemade cannabutter already available, you only need to take into consideration the active prep time suggested above.

Also, even though we have labeled the use of lecithin granules in this recipe as optional, lecithin is something like the secret weapon of making your homemade edibles reach a whole new level of amazingness.

In a nutshell, being a phospholipid (type of fat) lecithin helps different ingredients that would usually repel each other to not merely bind better but also to stick together much more efficiently.

Lecithin also stabilizes food, thus, extending the shelf-life of different types of treats.

Not the least, lecithin is believed to increase the potency of edibles being a surfactant (a type of compound that can lower surface tension), leading to a more efficient distribution of THC and other active cannabinoids. Plus, since lecithin is an emulsifier, it is also thought that the well-bound ingredients can be more easily accessed and digested by your body. As a result, using lecithin in edibles can maximize the potency of the total amount of weed you opt for.

Do mind, though, that lecithin in its various forms is not equally suitable for all individuals, so doing your proper research is crucial.

List of Ingredients

¼ ounce of a decarbed cannabis&½ cup butter
14 ounces condensed milk
2 cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pound Fudge sticks/ 1 pound broken Oreo cookies/ ¼ caramel sauce (optional)
1 teaspoon lecithin granules (optional)
CBD Oil (optional)

Step 1:Start with decarbing your weed. For this purpose, place the cannabis buds on a sheet of baking paper. Heat the oven to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and let your cannabis decarb for 40 minutes. Once the process of decarboxylation is completed, grind the buds to medium-sized pieces.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to make your cannabutter. Mix 1 teaspoon of lecithin (optional), your decarbed, grinded weed and ½ cup butter in a suitable container placed into the very top part of a double boiler. Keep cooking for 2-3 hours on low heat. Do not forget to check on the mixture regularly. Lastly, strain the unwanted plant materialusing cheesecloth.

Step 3: Combine melted cannabutter and 14 oz condensed milk into a suitable bowl. Whisk carefully until the mixture becomes perfectly smooth. At this point, you can also add extra CBD Oil if desired.If you wish to refrain from any traces of THC in your canna ice cream, feel free to skip the addition of cannabutter for plain butter and stick with using solely CBD Oil.

Step 4:Proceed with whipping 2 cups heavy cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract into a separate bowl using a mixer. It should take about 5-7 minutes until you reach the desired whipped cream consistency.
Step 5:For this step, it is best to use a rubber spatula as to fold the cannabutter and condensed milk mix into the whipped cream mix until both become perfectly uniform and smooth. Finally, you can also add broken fudge sticks and/or Oreo cookies (optional). Step 6: Transfer the mixture in ice cream molds or spread it on a 9×9 baking dish. If desired, top with caramel sauce and freeze overnight. Your classic cannabis ice cream will be ready to enjoy in the morning! Store in the freezer and consume within up to several weeks after preparation.

Vegan Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

This vegan-friendly cannabis-infused ice cream recipe results in a fantastic equivalent of the beloved Bounty chocolate bars. The only difference (apart from getting you high) is thatyou can further enhance and diversify the mouth-watering, indulgent flavors by experimenting with different types of chocolate topping or by following our sweet tip for adding chopped pistachios on top.

Prep Time: 5 – 10 minutes

List of Ingredients

1/4 cup unsweetened desiccated coconut
1 cup of coconut milk
½ cup cannabis-infused coconut oil
1 cup vegan-friendly dark chocolate
Honey/Maple syrup or another sweetener to the taste
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
Chopped pistachios (optional)
CBD Oil (optional)

Step 1: Combine desiccated coconut, coconut milk, cannabis-infused coconut oil, vanilla extract, honey/maple syrup/ or sweetener to the taste, CBD Oil (optional) as well as a tiny pinch of salt into a food processor. Mix for approximately 30-40 seconds or so. Make sure to scrape down the sides carefully.

Step 2: Transfer the mixture into a suitable container of your choice. If opting for ice molds, don’t transfer the mixture yet. Proceed with melting dark chocolate. Once fully melted, sprinkle with pistachios (if desired) and pour the dark chocolate over the ice molds before pouring the ice cream mixture over. Or else, pour the dark chocolate directly over the ice cream mixture is placed into a container.

Step 3: Leave in the freezer for at least 1 -2 hours to set. minutes to set. You can store your vegan cannabis-infused ice cream in the freezer for up to 3 months and enjoy whenever you feel like it.

Pssst! Don’t Forget to Try out Cannabis-Infused Fruit Sorbets!

Prep Time:5 minutes
The reasons why cannabis-infused fruit sorbets rule is quite straightforward: cannasorbets are effortless to make (literally prepped in the blink of an eye), and irresistibly refreshing! No fancy ingredients, no gluten. Oh, and hooray for food processors, of course.

Just puree the fruits you love the most, add the desired amount of sugar, add cannabis-infused tincture and/or CBD Oil, and blend all ingredients into a food processor. Finally, transfer into suitable containers/ molds and freeze for 1 and up to 2 hours. All done!

If tempted by the idea of enjoying a delicious cannabis-infused sorbet, here’s what you need.

1. Your favorite fruits (mango, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, peaches, lemons… you name it!)

As a rule of thumb, two pounds of fruit are considered ideal for prepping a quart of sorbet. Anyway, using a little bit less or more fruit is perfectly fine, too. After all, that’s merely a basic formula; sorbet making is definitely not a strict science.

Sugar syrup

Sugar syrup is the secret of achieving that extra creamy, melting-evenly-in-your-mouth sorbet texture because sugar really does much more than merely sweetening your icy, fruity treat.

However, you can feel 100% free to substitute sugar syrup with maple syrup, honey, sweetener of your choice or not added sugar at all. Just keep in mind that doing so will affect the texture of your sorbet.

Most noteworthy, freezing generally dulls the fruits’ natural sweetness, so when experimenting with adding more or less sugar syrup to the taste, you want to check out if the base feels slightly sweeter than what you would consider perfectly sweet to your palate before tossing it in the freezer.

3. Freshly squeezed lemon/lime/orange juice to the taste (optional)

Add just a pinch to the taste as to open up the full blend of flavors and achieving that whimsical balance between sweet & tangy.

4. Cannabis-infused tincture and/or CBD Oil

With cannasorbets, adding a big amount of cannabutter will result in altering the sorbet’s structure adversely. That’s why it is highly recommendable to use cannabis-infused tincture instead, although this is not, by any chance, imperative. For some of the cannabis connoisseurs out there, that altered texture we mention is not really much of a big deal anyway, so the choice is entirely in your hands.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, it might be best not to add too high amounts of CBD Oil either.

Video by: The Domestic Geek – 5 EASY Vegan “Ice Cream” Recipes | Dairy Free Summer Desserts

Bonus Recipe: Raw Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

For all the fans of the raw cannabis juicing movement that has been gaining a spectacular momentum, here’s an awesome recipe to enjoy!

As to those of you who have never tried consuming raw cannabis, please, mind, that this type of canna nice cream will not get you high yet you will reap the fantastic benefits of freshly harvested cannabis flowers/ leaves that are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

Prep Time: 5 minutes

List of Ingredients

1 cup blanched spinach
1 cup mashed banana
1 cup of freshly harvested cannabis flowers/leaves
2 cups milk of your choice (dairy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, and nonetheless, Greek yogurt can all work beautifully!)
A handful of blueberries (optional)
A handful of goji berry (optional)
A handful of chia seeds and/or flaxseeds (optional)
A pinch of vanilla (optional)
A pinch of cinnamon (optional)
Honey/Maple syrup/ Sweetener to the taste
CBD Oil (optional)

Step 1: For a start, blanch the spinach. Once done, combine 1 cup blanched spinach, 1 cup mashed banana, 1 cup fresh cannabis flowers, 2 cups milk of your choice, honey/maple syrup or sweetener to the taste, a pinch of vanilla and/or cinnamon, and CBD Oil (optional) into a food processor or blender. Make sure the mixture becomes perfectly smooth and uniform. If, by any chance, the texture is too thick, add water to refine it.

Step 2: At this point, you can also toss in a handful of berries, goji berries, chia seeds and/or flaxseeds. Whisk well.

Step 3: Pour the mixture into ice cream molds or into any suitable container of your choice. Freeze for 2 hours and your raw cannabis-infused ice cream will be ready to indulge in!

DIY Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream: The Takeaway

Learning how to make your very own cannamazing ice cream is like opening the gateway towards a whole new dimension full of magic and literally endless options for reaping the delicious health benefits of the green medication.

Experimenting with the addition of various essential oils that are naturally rich in terpenes(Peppermint, Rose, Lavender, Orange, just to name a few) can further boost the active cannabinoids and terpenes synergetic action as you indulge in an array of mouth-watering, innovative flavors.

We truly hope that we have managed to contaminate you with tasty cannavibes by sharing these DIY cannabis-infused ice cream recipes!