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Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Cancer

Marijuana offers a natural relief against cancer or the treatment of the serious condition. Certain strains can even lower the growth rate of cancer. Others will help you regain a healthy nutrient balance in your system by bringing back your appetite and controlling your gag reflex.

It is important to note that not all kinds of cannabis are suitable as a treatment for cancer or other medical conditions. To help you out, we provide 10 of our recommended marijuana strains for cancer patients. 


The ACDC strain is one of the quintessential medical weed in the market due to its rich CBD content of up to 24 percent and low THC potency of 1.2 percent. CBD is one of the major cannabinoids you can find in marijuana strain that is efficient at providing relief for chronic pain and inflammation.

Unlike THC though, this cannabinoid barely has any psychoactive trait in it to make you high. In fact, CBD can counteract THC from interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in your system that will give you that euphoric rush.

As you can expect from a 1:20 THC to CBD potency ratio, ACDC provides a relaxing buzz that does not have any mental impact. You can consume this strain at any time when the pain becomes too much to handle.

It is also one of the marijuana to take in the morning without making you feel sleepy while working in the office or you are busy tackling other projects. Your reaction will remain normal at all times while the ACDC effect is active. It can even improve your performance by taking away the pain that is hindering you from your work.

Another useful medical benefit of ACDC includes a slight improvement in your mood. This is due to the sativa trait of the strain despite having a low THC potency. In addition, consuming the strain can help you in confronting your addiction. CBD within the ACDC can inhibit some of the withdrawal symptoms that are associated when you stop drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, or take any addictive substances.

2. Chemo

Chemo’s name does come from the type of therapy given to cancer patients. However, the strain will not have you go through a long painful ordeal. Chemo will soothe your nerves and ease away nearly every tense part of your muscles.

This is thanks to the pure indica trait of the Chemo that provide a sedative effect instead of a euphoric high. Taking the strain will help you manage the pain that comes from going through chemotherapy.

The name of this strain is not a coincidence since Dr. David Suzuki coined it. Chemo is bred specifically for people going through chemotherapy. The strain not only provides relief for chronic pain, but it can also fix your appetite.

Chemo helps you manage nausea and prevent vomiting due to the effects of cancer therapy. Both symptoms can severely hamper your will to eat. In addition, the strain can give you a craving for something nutritious and filling.

3. Jack the Ripper

While the name can be intimidating, Jack the Ripper is still great for managing pain. The strain also relaxes your muscles to prevent cramps or spasms.

Being a sativa dominant strain, Jack the Ripper can deliver a stimulating high that improves your mood and give you an energy boost. Both traits will help you increase the quality of your life. It can also drive away depression when you feel like the condition is getting you down.

Other useful benefits of Jack the Ripper includes relief for nausea. Dizziness is one of the symptoms that come from taking cancer treatments. This can indirectly help you regain your appetite.

4. Harlequin

The Harlequin is another CBD rich marijuana strain with a THC to CBD ratio of 5:2. With a CBD potency of up to 16 percent, the strain will help you find relief against intense pain and inflammation. The effect can also lower bouts of migraines, headaches, and fatigue. This is great for the even after ending a long hard day at the office.

What makes Harlequin enticing than other CBD rich strains is the THC potency level of up to seven percent. While this is less than what another weed consumer usually take, the potency is enough for new users to enjoy their first experience.

The THC to CBD ratio drastically lowers the chances of the psychoactive cannabinoid’s effect to overwhelm your senses. In addition, the THC level can improve your mood and boost your creative drive. This is great for times when you want to find a productive distraction and improve your outlook in life.

5. Cannatonic

The Cannatonic is another balanced hybrid that delivers the relaxing buzz of an indica and engaging high of a sativa. It also offers a balanced THC to CBD ratio of 1:1. Unlike the Harlequin, the Cannatonic allow you to enjoy the psychoactive effect of the THC cannabinoid.

Upon smoking or consuming the strain, you will feel a blissful wave of energy that lifts up your body and makes you incredibly happy.

Throughout the effect of the Cannatonic, you will also feel energized and motivated. This helps you become productive in improving the quality of your life while managing your condition.

The CBD content of the strain controls the psychoactive effect of the THC. This decreases the chances of anxiety attacks or heightened paranoia due to having too much THC in your system.

In addition, the CBD content relaxes and soothe your muscles. This helps you control menstrual cramps, stomach pains, spasms, and much more.

6. Sweet and Sour Widow

The Sweet and Sour Widow is an indica dominant strain that has a strong sedative buzz. However, you still get a subtle cerebral high that boosts your mood upon consuming the strain. This effect clears the haze from your mind to give you a sharp focus and motivation boost throughout the day.

As the high dissipates, you are left in a relaxed and pain-free state. The sativa high can give you a sense of purpose despite having cancer.

What makes the Sweet and Sour Widow a good medical strain for cancer is its balanced THC to CBD ratio of 1:1. This helps ease the psychoactive effect of the strain to a manageable level if you are not used to potent marijuana. The balance of both cannabinoids allows for efficient management of various pain and inflammation in your body. Sweet and Sour Widow helps in improving both your physical and mental state with its potency.

7. Mr. Nice

Being the first strain in the list with a pleasing name, it actually comes from Howard Marks who wrote a book with the same name. Marks advocated for the legalization of cannabis in the UK. To commemorate his achievements, Mr. Nice breeders used Mark’s book title for the strain’s name.

Mr. Nice hits you with a strong sedative stone that takes effect as soon as you consume the strain. You will feel incredibly relaxed and void of any concerns of any important matters at hand.

The effect will also take away the pain and aches coming from the medical condition or while you are going through therapy. The potent relaxant effect will help you overcome insomnia, which is necessary to naturally heal your body.

Apart from relaxing you, Mr. Nice can also elevate your mood. This is due to the small sativa trait of the strain.

In addition, the strain will help you manage nausea and boost your appetite. Mr. Nice can help you retain a healthy weight and maintain a good nutrient level while going through cancer therapy. To further show you the importance of an appetite while taking treatment, here is an educational video.

8. Sour diesel

While the Sour Diesel may seem an odd entry in the list with a high THC level of 25 percent, the strain can still provide relief for intense pain. This is likely due to the cerebral high that can also change your perspective of your surroundings.

Movies and music will seem new to you while riding this high. The joy of experiencing certain mediums you loved in a new way can boost your mood while enjoying the absence of pain and ache in your body. It is also great at helping you dig yourself out of your depression due to the medical condition.

Other useful benefits of Sour Diesel is an increased willingness to talk with anyone in the room with you. Nearly any conversation other people will want to have with you may seem interesting to talk about. In addition, the strong sativa trait of the Sour Diesel will fill you with motivating energy.Both benefits can improve your outlook on the future as well as increase the quality of your life.

9. Lemon Haze

Before talking about the Lemon Haze’s high, the strain has a strong smell of citrus due to its limonene terpene. Breaking apart the bud will seem like squeezing freshly sliced lemon juices from the fruit itself.

When it comes to limonene, it is one of the beneficial aromas for anyone dealing with cancer. The smell can provide relief for intense stress as well as calm your mind down. It even has an anti-cancer property. Here is a useful video that talks about the benefits of Limonene.

Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant strain that can manage different degrees of pain. Cancer patients who regularly use the strain can attest at how Lemon Haze helps in managing their condition and find relief for the symptoms of treatment.

The real benefit of the strain is on your mental state. Lemon Haze has a high CBD and THC potency than other strains on the list. This results in an elevated mood upon smoking or consuming the strain. The effect will help you in taking down depression and giving you more control over your life.

Other benefits of the strain also include a cerebral high that changes your perspective in your surroundings. Everything around you will feel new and interesting than before.

Adding to the effect is a heightened increase in your creativity. With a new view of the world, your unleashed imaginations can lead to radical and fresh ideas. In addition, the sativa aspect of the Lemon Haze can remove any distraction from your mind. This can help you focus on fleshing out those new ideas.

10. Remedy

We end the list with one of the appropriately named strain, Remedy. The people behind the strain intends for Remedy to be for medical use instead of recreational. You can see this with the THC to CBD ratio of 1:18, which means that you will barely experience any psychoactive effect after consuming the strain.

However, there is still enough potency in the strain to give you the benefits of THC such as a boost in your mood.

Being an indica strain, Remedy is all about relaxing you to the point that your body will feel like it is turning into goo. The effect feels like most of the nerves are shutting down for the night.

This also leads to a reduction of pain and aches around your body. Remedy will help you fight insomnia by getting rid of nearly anything that is keeping you awake. This can help you get a full night of sleep, which will heal your body. Other benefits of Remedy comes from its pinene eterpenes As the name suggests, breaking open a remedy bud will smell like chopping some pinewood. The aroma of the remedy has an anti-inflammatory trait. Taking in the smell of fresh pine can also open up the airways along your nose and lungs.


You now have a good grasp on the best strains to take when you need something for managing the symptoms of cancer or its treatment. Remember to avoid highly potent strain such as the Sour Diesel if you have yet to try any form of marijuana.

Overloading your system with too much THC can lead to side effects, which will worsen your condition. Take it easy on your first time in experiencing marijuana. Consider strains that are high in CBD and low in THC so you can get a feel for the psychoactive effect of cannabis.

If you are not inclined to smoke dried buds or concentrates or have anything touch your lungs, these medical strains are also available in the form of edibles. You can extract the cannabinoid content of the dried strain to a butter or oil medium. You can use the medium for various recipes, including sauces for full meals.