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Top 10 Fastest Flowering Cannabis Strains You’ll Adore Growing

There are three types of cannabis that you can grow at home: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis sativa plants are taller, statelier and will grow large leaves. C. indica plants are smaller and have compact structures. On the other hand, C. ruderalis strains are the smallest strains and have very few leaves and buds.

With these differences in plant size and structures, these three types of cannabis strains also grow differently. Because sativas are taller and lankier, these tend to grow the slowest. Meanwhile, indica strains grow faster than sativas but of the three, ruderalis strains are the quickest.

Cannabis ruderalis are autoflowering varieties of cannabis and can grow in just 7 to 9 weeks. This fast growth allows the ruderalis to grow as much as two to three crops per year. Autoflowering strains also don’t need a special flowering light schedule, unlike photoperiod strains. This means that ruderalis strains will bloom by the time the plants have matured and not according to a strict schedule.

Autoflowering Strains Perfect for Fast-growing

Autoflowering strains are available from most online and local seed banks and there are hundreds of strains to choose from. Take note that each autoflowering strain comes with its characteristics, growing needs and unique traits. You must understand these and keep these in mind when you choose the right quick-growing strain to grow.

Here are the top fastest-flowering cannabis strains that you’ll surely love growing

  • White Widow Automatic

White Widow Automatic will flower quickly in just 75 days. This autoflowering cannabis has sweet and sour buds plus a delicious aftertaste. White Widow Automatic is a very popular strain because of its truly impressive effects. This strain is responsible for a large number of strains that we know and love today.

White Widow is effective for pain, headaches, stress, depression and chronic pain. Most patients use White Widow for effective relief of medical conditions and to enjoy a relaxing psychedelic high.

And when growing White Widow in a small room or space you‘ll get better yields because of its compact size. You can grow up to 5 small plants indoors without anyone suspecting.

  • Sweet Skunk Automatic

Sweet Skunk auto plants are known for their very potent taste and smell. This strain is a joy to grow at home because of their quick-growing times and abundant yields.

Sweet Skunk Automatic was made by combining the genes of a Green Poison and a Big Devil #2.

Expect buds in 8 weeks. This strain will give you good yields even when the plant has a small structure and height. As long as you grow this in a favorable environment, you can expect to harvest around 40 to 50 grams per plant.

Sweet Skunk Auto has a compact size, therefore, this is perfect for stealth growing. When you grow Sweet Skunk at home, you can keep around four or five plants in your home without arousing suspicion.

And don’t forget to control the strong smell of Sweet Skunk auto because this is a total give-away. You can use carbon filters and strong fans to remove the smell from indoor growing areas.

  • Royal Cheese Automatic

Royal Cheese auto smells and tastes like real cheese. This autoflowering strain will grow quickly in just 8 to 10 weeks and will give you an abundant yield. As long as you grow this in the right environment, Royal Cheese Auto can give an average yield of 40 grams per plant.

Royal Cheese has very powerful effects. This can range from very strong to completely soothing therefore it’s a wonderful strain for first-timers and to expert growers. And aside from being a recreational strain, it is also a medical strain that can relieve pain, fatigue, and depression.

Royal Cheese Automatic is also a great strain for stealth growing. These are small, compact and will grow even in tight growing spaces.

  • Royal Critical Automatic

Royal Critical Automatic is the ultimate strain for cash cropping because these will be ready for harvest in as fast as 9 weeks. And aside from growing fast, you can get wonderful, tight buds that will provide give you a very potent effect.

You can get up to 70 to 80 grams of marijuana in just one plant! Royal Critical Automatic is ideal for the relief of all types of pain such as headaches and muscle pains. This is the best strain that’s perfect for novice and professional growers.

And if you want to grow secretly, this small and compact strain is for you. Royal Critical Automatic plants can grow even in very small places because of their miniature size.

  • Royal Jack Automatic

If you want something fast then a Royal Jack Automatic strain is the best choice. This autoflowering strain can grow in less than 9 weeks and even with this quick flowering time, you can get a decent amount of yield at around 40 to 70 grams per plant. But for this to happen, you need to cultivate it in the best environment as possible.

Just like other auto strains, it has a compact structure. Due to its size, it is the best for small growing areas like a grow tent, cabinet or indoor area. You need to have a steady supply of Royal Jack Automatic because you will love its potent uplifting effect. This will make you feel energetic and creative. And when it comes to its taste, you’ll fall in love with the slight tinge of pine. It’s fresh, easy to grow and comes with good yields. This is why it’s popular among first-time and seasoned cannabis growers.

  • Royal Haze Automatic

If you’re looking for a fast-growing and energetic strain, try Royal Haze Automatic. This uplifting strain grows fast in just 10 weeks. You might think that it’s a bit slower than other strains but wait till you hear its yield.

You can get as much as 80 to 100 grams per plant! This is an amazing yield considering that this is a very small plant with small buds. As long as you grow your plants in the growing conditions, you can expect good yields with the Royal Haze auto.

This strain is a blessing for growers. It’s even called a cash crop because of its huge yields despite its size. Imagine growing five or more of these plants inside a grow closet or tent. You’ll have enough supply and even grow for other people as well.

  • Royal Creamatic

You will never get over the creamy and sweet taste and aroma of Royal Creamatic. This strain has an intense and sweet caramel aroma and flavor which fit its potent energizing effects. This juicy combination of flavor will linger on even hours after you take it.

Royal Creamatic is the best for cultivating indoors because it grows dense and small. But despite its miniature size; it will still give you 80 to 110 grams per plant for as long as you cultivate it in the right growing environment.

Similar to traditional autoflowering strains this plant flowers very fast. You can expect Royal Creamatic to bloom in just 8 weeks. And if you live in an area where it’s not okay to grow cannabis, this strain is for you. Grow this in cabinets, inside space buckets or just on your window sill and no one will suspect you’re growing weed.

  • Royal AK Automatic

The Royal AK Automatic is a powerful hybrid strain made by combining the genes of a Mexican, Columbian, Afghani, and Thai. All of these are very potent landrace strains so expect tripe or even quadruple the potency when you consume Royal AK auto. There are so many reasons why you should consider growing this impressive hybrid strain at home. First, it can grow in almost any environment. You may be in an area with a warm climate or a chilly breeze and you can still guarantee good growing results. This strain can give you high yields of 70 to 120 grams per plant.

Royal AK also grows quickly and is ready for harvest in just nine weeks. You’ll get a cool, smooth and musky sweet taste that will make you uplifted and happy all day.

  • Northern Light Automatic

Northern Light Automatic is the most popular strain in this list. It is known as one of the forefathers of cannabis because it is the favorite of breeders for its formidable genes. This strain flowers almost automatically and will be ready in just nine weeks. You can grow this indoors because it’s small and compact but it can also survive outdoor growing conditions.

When harvest time comes, Northern Light Automatic can give you the as it can produce up to 200 grams per plant! This is unexpected for a small cannabis strain. Northern Light has a sweet taste and a relaxing physical effect ideal for pain and stress relief.

  • Royal Dwarf

You’ve never seen anything like Royal Dwarf strain. This is a precious compact plant that will surprise you with the best yields. This is one of the smallest auto cannabis plant and one of the best when it comes to yields. It grows tight buds that won’t take up much room inside your growing cabinet or tent.

Despite its tiny size, you can get at least 60 grams per plant. It blooms in just 8 to 9 weeks so you’ll be able to grow two to three times a year if the conditions are right. Another impressive quality of a Royal Dwarf plant is that it has a very potent effect. You’ll get a very strong and pleasant aroma along with its mild and very relaxing effects.

If you have no place to grow cannabis then Royal Dwarf is your strain. You can cultivate this plant just about anywhere. It grows fast and blooms fast making it worth to grow.

How to Look for The Best Fast-growing Cannabis Seeds

Always search for a reputable supplier or dispensary for the best quality seeds. Keep in mind that these strains in our list are indeed the fastest growing BUT there are a lot of factors that can affect the flowering time of cannabis plants. One of these is the way the quality of the seeds used and how these are shipped. It’s smart to look for dispensaries and seedbanks that provide guarantees for the viability of their seeds.

Don’t just settle for the cannabis seeds from one online or local seed bank but instead, compare different sites, read reviews and look for recommendations. All of these will help you find the best place to buy fast-flowering cannabis seeds.

If you can purchase seeds from a local supplier then this is a lot easier and safer. When you purchase seeds from a local seed bank, you can immediately take your seeds home. There’s no need to pay for shipment or delivery fees, therefore, you’ll save money.

Inspect your seeds before growing or germinating them. Experts say that you can predict the health of your plants as early as checking the seeds for viability. First of all, make sure that you are buying fresh and viable seeds.

Inspect your seeds for firmness, color, and for any marks, cracks, pits, and opening. Seeds are usually sold packs with labels where you can find information about the date when the seeds were harvested, the type of strain, the name of the breeder and other useful information. You must prefer freshly-harvested seeds to ensure the viability, quality, and health of your plants.

Other factors may also affect the flowering time of strains. The most common culprit of delayed flowering is stress. Cannabis plants can get stressed easily especially when these are not provided with correct lighting, nutrition, and water. This is why you should ensure the right pH of your growing medium and the plant roots. Provide the most appropriate nutrients according to your plants’ developmental stages and avoid physical stress such as unnecessary transplantation and overtraining.

Consider your plants’ health as you would your own and you’re on the road to lovely, fast-flowering cannabis plants.