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Time Saving Marijuana Growing Techniques

We all lead a busy life. There are things that we intend to address first rather than the cannabis plants that are cultivated in the backyard or into the grow rooms. Nonetheless, as much as we want to look at the plants every day, we just can’t manage to do it because of conflict schedules. That is why a lot of growers tend to quit and rather just buy buds since they really can’t monitor their plants as it should be.

Though cultivating cannabis is quite demanding from light, temperature, to nutrients, there are few ways that you could manage everything in a small amount of time. Thus, here are some of the tips that you could try in order to assure that the cannabis plants will grow well despite the busy schedule.

Setup and Installation

As much as possible, grow into an environment that everything is provided. Water, soil, and light, the primary requirements for cultivation of a cannabis plant should be readily available and accessible as needed. Thus, the best way that you could get all these things easily is through planting outdoors. You just need to plant your seedlings in the soil and let nature takes its dominion over the plants. There’s no need for maintenance on a humidifier or grow lights as compared to growing indoors. It is simply done in a short amount of time as compared to indoor growing with a lot of equipment to set up with.

Growing outdoors has a lot of drawbacks like pest infestation, weather disturbances, and other external factors that could not be easily controlled. But if you’re considering this option, then the best time to plant is during early of the year preferably spring to harvest on readily as summer ends.

Growing Cannabis with Hydroponics

Much of this process can be automated which is why it’s one of the best and most effective ways to grow cannabis. Hydroponics is an existing method known to not utilize soil as its medium for the growth of plants. Nonetheless, this planting strategy has been proven effective in planting cannabis plants. All that you have to do is to use a nutrient solution, a reservoir, a net pot, and your plant itself to start doing hydroponics. The process of hydroponics is easily done as a contrast to what everyone knows. Though it could be expensive, planting using hydroponics secures the budding and growth of your plants. The most known method of cannabis cultivation using hydroponics is the DWC or Deep Water Culture.

Apply Plant Nutrients

These plant supplements like fertilizers are specifically made for cannabis plants. These supplements contain specific nutrient contents that are used for your plants to grow and bud readily without much monitoring. There are numerous cannabis companies like Remo Nutrients that produce nutrients for growing cannabis.

Grow Lights and Automation

hydroponic growing

If you plan to cultivate your cannabis plants indoors, then make sure to purchase grow lights that are powerful enough to help your plants to grow from the vegetative to flowering stage. While using these lights, there’s really not much necessity to monitor over your plants. Thus, only a few adjustments are necessary to your lights depending on the stage and situation.

The only thing that you should be careful is choosing on lights. CFL Lights is totally not recommended to be used. These CFL lights though cheap, they are demanding and requires close monitoring. To get things right, its best to purchase LED or HPS grow lights to get much more control with the lighting over your plants.

Secure a location that is readily accessible by every grower. You could do it in your bedroom or living room through enclosed tents and cabinets to easily take a grasp and check around anytime you wanted to. If your planting outdoors, then make sure that it is located right through outside your house or to the place you live.

Choosing Specific Strain Type

There are two options that you could use into this. First, you could cultivate plants that would be able to handle different conditions or are flexible with extreme temperature, humidity, and watering problems. Basically, these strains do not require a lot of monitoring since they thrive well into different conditions. Award-winning strains like Northern Lights and White Widow are often used since these strains are easily grown to any temperature and conditions.

Aside from that, most growers used auto-flowering plants since it’s a short-lived plant with the minimal light requirement. A harvest could manage 3 months from planting the seedlings. Though, you’ll need to monitor the plant in the first critical three weeks of the plant.

Consider Plant Training. This could be time hassling but had proven that is effective to bud your cannabis plants earlier. There are a lot of techniques that you could use from Screen of Green (ScroG), trimming, Low-Stress or horizontal planting, defoliation, and manifolding.
Among these methods, manifolding requires the minimum amount of time. This technique is accomplished to make sure that nutrients are utilized efficiently and light will be evenly distributed into the plants.