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The Ultimate List of Autoflowering Cannabis Strains You Want to Enjoy in 2019

Autoflowering seeds are an effective approach to getting a healthy yield of cannabis without having to be anguish on things such as the cycle of light or eliminating male plants. While the typical seeds cultivators will have to cautiously supervise the number of hours of lights received by their plants to lead them to flower, the auto-flowering seeds, as to how its name implies, will execute it through their own.

This makes the auto-flowering seeds ideal for beginners and a flawless method to get started with cultivating your very first cannabis plants.

With the auto-flowering seeds, growers can already enjoy their yields and harvest their plants in as early as after ten weeks. Just a little incorporation of growing tools, a knowledge on how to proceed with the planting, and a good choice of auto-flowering seeds are all you need to begin your venture, and those three things will do you well on your journey to cultivating not just one, but a classification of various strains.

Autoflowering seeds are ideal for people who have small gardens or people who don’t have plenty of time cultivating their cannabis plants. These seeds are characterized to grow either indoor or outdoor, typically flowering twice or even more throughout a single summer.

Further, auto-flowering seeds are specifically impressive for medical cannabis consumers who may be experiencing some health issues inhibiting them allotting plenty of effort and energy to taking attentive supervision on a much maintenance-heavy typical cannabis classification. By using auto-flowering seeds, their weeds essentially grow itself – you will just to wait for its yield!

Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

  • White Widow Autoflower

White Widow has an auto-flowering version. It is one of the greatest and widely known strain strains all over the world. The auto White Widow Feminized seeds are dependable seeds for cultivators because they have auto-flowering properties that allow you to conserve plenty of time – you will get to enjoy the product of your cannabis sooner than the usual. Harvest will usually happen after 6 to 7 weeks.

Growers have the option to cultivate their Auto White Widow Feminized seeds either outdoor or indoor because of its average height. Comparing the accessibility for this seed – White Widow Autoflower is one of the easiest grown cannabis seeds.

Containing THC levels that go up to 18 percent, users will experience an effect that is the same as the big sister White Widow. It delivers great cerebral effects, with a corresponding high which is aggressive and inspiriting. You will notice yourself to be more artistic and want to be more socialize. For medicinal consumers, you can get comfort for sadness and stress. As for the flavor, consumers enjoy a fresh pine aroma during inhale, while an aftertaste of citrus after exhale.

  • OG Kush Autoflower

This kind of auto-flowering seed has been maximized as a genetic contributor in a notably huge variety of strains all over the West Coast. This wide recognition is proof of OG Kush’s rapid, simple growth, and potential bud.

It takes 7 to 9 weeks for the flowering period with a typical yield that is 250 to 350 grams for every square meter. It carries a nice and pleasant fruity flavor with touches of lime and diesel if smoked and releases an aggressive head trip impact equated with an enduring body stone. Taking into consideration its full size, the plant is still quite short in growth, making it ideal for growers who have limited space and time.

The origin of OG Kush remains a puzzle until now, although there is a common theory that says that this seed came from the genetics of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush.

  • Lemon OG Haze Autoflower

This auto-flowering seed is a prevailingly Sativa strain that originates from a multi-generational blend of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk, AK-48 Automatic, Northern Lights, and OG Kush. This strain is very promising and offers best yields with a controlled 18 hour indoor light cycle. If cultivated in this manner, it can generate 325 to 425 grams for every square meter during harvest. Harvesting is commonly scheduled after 6 to 8 weeks.

Lemon OG Haze Autoflower is a low growing variety with the remarkable spread. Hence, it is important that you secure sufficient horizontal space for its spreading. Its piney, lemony aroma will rapidly direct you to an enduring, aggressive body buzz with a throb on the tongue which is credited to the high THC levels.

Lemon OG Haze has been known for being strong incorporated with a pleasant flavor, scent and effects and the additional advantage of rapidly growing.

  • Blue Amnesia Autoflower

By cultivating the Blue Amnesia Autoflower Feminized, the user gets a high that takes effect strong and fast. This seed has been known to be one of the best auto-flowering strains in 2019 for producing an enduring high. Common cannabis smokers will appreciate its 18 percent THC levels which supply a dependable high feeling. In the meantime, cultivators will love the fact that they can grow these seeds either indoor or outdoor.

For the auto-flowering seeds to completely develop, growers must have to patient and wait for 65 to 70 days, with a period for flowering that is 6 to 7 weeks. The yields are huge though for more knowledgeable growers – thus, it is worthy for all the waiting. With time, even the neophytes can also acquire 100 grams per plant for indoor-grown and 200 grams per plant for outdoor-grown.

It has a flowery aroma. The scent is being compared by some people to tasty bubblegum. Some users say that the taste of this strain is much more of a blueberry.

  • White LSD Autoflower

This kind of auto-flowering seed grants you precisely what its name implies.  This cannabis strain fills a stroke with a psychedelic high which is difficult to defeat – this is being credited to the THC level which can increase to as much as 20%. You will acquire the kind of head buzz you desire, together with a pleasant sense of relaxation of the body.

It also creates cerebral effects which include inspiration and euphoric feeling. A lot of users attest that they acquired an expansion in artistry and feel very positive if they are on this weed. White LSD Autoflower can give you a kind of high that can stay for hours.

It would also be good to know that although it can take some procedures to do the growing, the time for flowering is fast for this kind of strain – these seeds can flourish in as quick as 8 weeks. If you can execute the growing tips well along with perfect conditions, there is a huge chance that you will get a huge yield potential. The seed can either grow indoor or outdoor.

  • Silver Bullet Autoflower

If you are looking for a weed that can give a happy, sensible high, then it is the Silver Bullet Autoflower that can grant you this desire. It creates a strong effect because of its THC levels that can go up to 19 percent.

This kind of auto-flowering seed approximately takes around 70 days to fully grown from seed to be a plant. The Sativa-dominant auto flower seeds can flourish regardless of the time of the year as long as the weather is mild.

Growers further appreciate the characteristics of this seed because it can either be grown indoor or outdoor. Plenty of users associate the aroma of this cannabis strain to be woodsy with a little combination of citrus in it. It has a sweet taste and creates for a pleasant smoking experience before the high completely occupies you.

  • Cheese NL Autoflower

You will find a new aroma with Cheese NL Autoflower Feminized in 2019, which has a scent that is similar to a mixture of old cheeses. It has a distinct unsophisticated taste and results to a high which is both creative and happy.

With regards to the levels of THC, you are looking at around 16 percent. Obtain the typical Cheese stone you have learned about with this kind of auto-flowering strain, counting in the feeling of giggle and desiring to loosen up with friends.

The yield is huge, so make sure to enjoy this output. The Cheese NL Autoflower Feminized seeds flourish fat buds on a plant that has a compressed size.  Every cultivator must try this strain to get the chance of enjoying multiple harvests in one season.

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower

This kind of strain is Sativa-dominant which was cultivated to be the auto-flowering version of Dutch cherished, Haze. This kind of auto-flowering seed has a flavor that has a hint of lemon ad citrus which emanates an inspiriting and invigorating buzz. Anyone will agree that this is a special kind of strain.

Consumers of Amnesia Haze Autoflower were seed to feel energized, happy, creative, uplift, and euphoric. It gives a pleasant, flawless smoke with no trigger to coughing. It has a bit of sweet aftertaste. This strain can also be used for medicinal purposes, specifically for the treatment for depression, stress, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, loss of appetite, and pain.

Amnesia Haze Autoflower can generate an impressive psychedelic effect without taking so much time in growing, resulting in dense and sticky buds in as fast as 9 weeks.

  • NYC Diesel Autoflower

This kind of auto-flowering strain is very easy to grow either indoor or outdoor which flowers in an early as 7 weeks, producing an average yield of 250 grams for every square meter. If flourished outdoors, the plants will typically conclude in the early period of November. It is a condensed variety that does not require a huge room to develop out in. Its flavor is a blended sweet fuel and citrus with a poignant aroma.

NYC Diesel creates a calming, complete body stone effect. People who are experiencing anxiety see the significance of NYC Diesel Autoflower because of its capability to offer excellent relaxation without unwanted effects such as paranoia. It is also an ideal strain for casual and social use because of its inspiriting, artistic, and articulate effects.

NYC Diesel is also rapidly growing, condensed, and does not require too much maintenance but still manages to create an excellent quality, pleasant bud.

  • Early Miss Autoflower

This kind of auto-flowering seed is Indica-dominant. Its name is based on its quick turnaround time. Overall, it takes around 50 days to completely grow this strain – starting from seed to yield. Growers have the option to cultivate it in outdoor in any time of the year provided that the weather stays over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

This seed can also be grown indoor achieving the same outputs and yields of up to 200 to 250 grams for every square meter. Its THC level is 20 percent which leads to the production of the remarkable calming effects which can be utilized as an ultimately efficient approach for medical pain alleviation.

Early Miss is cultivated with genetics from Original White Widow and Big Bud. Although it is not as simple to grow as other types of auto-flowering seeds, this strain is still a great choice for neophytes.

  • Short Rider Autoflower

This kind of auto-flowering seed is a hybrid of their now discarded Top 44 and Early Special. These ancestral strains are recognized for their intensely rapid harvest times. It does not frustrate growers with its common flowering period of 6 to 8 weeks.

This quick span of growing as well as the abundant yield makes this seed an industrially applicable strain for people who are inclined to that kind of venture. Short Rider Autoflower generates a regular quality weed – it is neither bad nor fascinating. However, the rapid turnaround time may lead to a worthwhile growing. The buds are highly flavored – fruity flavor which creates a calming effect with average levels of CBD and THC.

Short Rider Autofloweris ideal for neophytes who look for a bit immediate pleasure, or just people who do not have enough patience but are willing to prejudice a bit of quality in exchange for quicker grow time.