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The Ultimate Breakdown to Kush Cannabis Strains: Comparing Purple Kush, OG Kush, and Super Kush

Kush cannabis strains have always been some of the best indica strains in the cannabis community. These marijuana buds are also connected to the ancient indica landrace strain found in the Hindu Kush mountain range. As such, if you are looking for strains with effects that are as close as possible to what a true indica is, kush strains are great choices for you.

But, as the world is now steering towards a direction where there are now different types of strains due to hybridization and better and more advanced breeding techniques, we are now seeing different types of Kush strains penetrating the market. In fact, Kush strains are among the most popular indicas especially when it comes to breeding. If you do not know it yet, many of the best indicas we have today all descended from the Kush family of marijuana.

No matter how popular different Kush marijuana strains have become, three strains from that family stand out better than the other: Purple Kush, OG Kush, and Super Kush. Those strains seem to be the three most popular in the Kush family. However, does one of them excel over the others But before we get to compare those strains, it is better for us to first discuss more what an actual Kush is.

What are Kush Strains

The Kush is a line of marijuana strain that can trace its roots all the way back to the indica marijuana landrace strains found in the Hindu Kush mountains that border countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan. This region was where the first strain to be classified as an indica was collected by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a notable botanist back in the 1700s.

While their attributes vary from strain to strain and from where they were bred and how they were bred, Kush strains still have common characteristics. They usually have green colas and leaves that have a bit of purple coloration. Moreover, like most indica strains, Kush strains have dense buds that are indicative of their generous yields.

Kush strains also tend to have aromas that are floral and earthy in nature but can also smell and taste like sweet fruit with a bit of spice and fuel-like tastes hiding underneath. They usually are very pleasant in terms of the overall aroma and flavor profile.

Meanwhile, when it comes to their effects, Kush strains are usually similar to most pure indicas in the sense that they tend to make you feel heavily sedated and relaxed. However, some Kush variants might express different additional effects depending on how they were bred. But, generally, Kush strains are actually pretty relaxing buds to use.

Kush strains have always been favorites for breeders to use for backcrossing as well as hybridization because of their overall terrific attributes and effects. For one, Kush strains tend to be hardy plants thanks to how they originally come from the cold and harsh regions of the Hindu Kush mountains. Moreover, their dense buds are indicative of how generous they are when it comes to yields. As such, breeders love using Kush genetics to improve the yields of their marijuana strains. That is why, if you have not noticed, many great strains have “Kush” in their names.

How do Purple Kush, OG Kush, and Super Kush differ from one another

Overview and origins

Purple Kush is a strain that originated from Oakland, California and was bred using pure indica strains to preserve its status as a 100% indica bud. It actually is a product of the crossbreeding of two known landrace indicas: the original Hindu Kush landrace and the Afghani landrace. That means that this strain has genetics that is close to the classic indica landraces.

OG Kush is a strain that has already become one of the most legendary names not only in the Kush line of marijuana but in the entire world of cannabis. While it might be named OG Kush, it actually is not the original Kush strain but is simply the product of crossbreeding as well.

However, its genetics are quite mysterious as nobody can say for sure where it came from. Some say it comes from a Hindu Kush crossed with Chemdawg while others say that it simply is a phenotype of the Hindu Kush. Whatever it might be or wherever it might have come from, OG Kush has become a staple strain for breeders and users alike. Its genetics have been used to produce other marijuana strains as well.

Super Kush is a strain that combines the great attributes of two of the most popular strains in existence: the landrace Hindu Kush and a phenotype of the legendary Northern Lights strain. With parents such as those, Super Kush really is a “super” Kush in the sense that it has all the great attributes and effects of both Hindu Kush and Northern Lights. As good of a bud as sit is, Super Kush is pretty difficult to find and is mostly available only in the West Coast.


Due to how it carries the classic indica genetics of its pure landrace parents, Purple Kush has the size and appearance of your common indica strain. However, it does differ in other aspects. First off, it stays true to its name because of how it has flowers and leaves that give off a kind of purple coloration. This is due in large part to how it was selectively bred with Purple Afghani indicas so that it can carry a distinct purple appearance to make it a very unique strain. Its buds are also medium to large-sized, which means that it be quite abundant in terms of yield.

OG Kush also has that classic indica appearance in the sense that it has large and dense buds and a typically short height. However, it stands out due to its vibrant yellowish or even orange pistils. Its leaves have a kind of yellowish-green glow as well and look a bit different from usual indicas in the sense that the classic kind of Kush or indica tends to have a dark green or purple coloration in their leaves. However, typical of any kush strain, OG Kush may sometimes exhibit purple leaves or flowers depending on the phenotype.

Super Kush is like the common Kush strain in terms of the overall structure. However, it stands out particularly well because of its bright aqua-colored buds. Such buds may even be covered with bright orange hairs or pistils as well.

Aroma and Flavor

In terms of its aroma, Purple Kush carries a scent that is similar to the Afghani landrace strain. It smells a bit musky and also earthy at the same time. It kinda is similar to sandalwood in terms of initial scent. However, the scent also hides notes of fruitiness that is reminiscent of grape. It actually is pretty sweet but the smoke it gives off after combustion goes back to the initial earthiness you can expect from a strain that has Afghani parents.

Purple Kush has a taste that characterizes its purple color. It actually tastes a bit like grape and is pretty sweet to both your tongue and the throat. In that sense, it kinda tastes like wine to some extent. Often times, it might remind you of cough syrup that is flavored with the grape.

OG Kush has a scent that is also quite earthy and musky. In that sense, it is actually very similar to your typical Kush marijuana strain. However, it also carries a scent that is also has a pine-like aroma that can even have notes of citrus. In a way, the scent might remind you of common craft beers because of its earthy and citrusy scent.

When it comes to taste, OG Kush is particularly known for having a harsh smoke that is difficult to inhale. It will most likely leave you coughing and teary-eyed. However, once you get over that experience, you may be able to enjoy a hashy kind of taste with hints of spices. At times, it might taste a bit like beer. Generally, it does not have the most pleasant flavor but classic indica lovers seem to enjoy how traditional OG Kush´s smoke experience is.

In terms of its aroma, Super Kush tends to have an earthy and floral scent and is a lot closer to the classic Kush strain than both Purple Kush and OG Kush when it comes to how it smells. Meanwhile, it still retains the same earthiness when it comes to its flavor. However, you can expect a bit of pine in its taste.


At the onset, Purple Kush hits you with a heady kind of high that usually is not typical of a pure indica strain in the sense that indicas are characterized by their physical high. This cerebral high may come off as disorienting as you will see yourself feeling a bit confused with the slight distortion in your sensory perception. However, this high will steadily translate into a body buzz that is quite calm and relaxing. At this point, you can only expect your body to feel heavy with the relaxation that will lull you into a peaceful state.

You might still feel psychedelic effects affecting your mind but this buzz actually goes well with your relaxed state as you will be able to enjoy listening to music or watching movies more than you usually do.

Overall, it has pleasant effects that go well with one another. Purple Kush, like most indicas, is better consumed at nighttime because of how it heavily sedates you. And this high will typically last for about three or so hours. Also, take note that this strain can have THC levels as high as 27%. That means that you should never take it lightly.

Like Purple Kush, OG Kush also has an odd heady high that is not typical of your usual indica. This strain can lead to slight distortions in the way you perceive things as you might be able to see and hear objects in your surroundings in a different manner compared to the usual. However, this heady high seems to make you feel focused on the different things you see and hear in your surroundings rather than make your mind float. You can also expect yourself to feel euphoric after taking this strain.

But, like any indica, OG Kush will still make you melt into your couch with effects that are very relaxing. As such, you will be able to feel very relaxed and heavy on your couch or on your bed while you are enjoying the different things that your senses experience while under the effects of this strain. OG Kush has THC levels that can reach a high of about 25%.

Super Kush, despite its name, tends to be the more mellow out of the three popular Kush strains. It has THC levels that can reach a high of about 22%. That means that it is still a potent strain despite being a bit more mellow compared to both Purple Kush and OG Kush. But you certainly will not feel its potency because of how mild its effects seem to be when compared to other Kush strains.

While Super Kush also has an effect that lingers in your head, it does not have the same kind of buzz that Purple Kush and OG Kush have. Instead, this cerebral high is more euphoric than psychedelic in a sense that it serves to uplift your mood rather than distort your sensory perception or make you see things differently than normal.

However, as the high intensifies, you will begin to feel the effects in the rest of your body especially in your limbs. This sensation tends to give your limbs a tingly sensation that is not very heavy in terms of sedation but can still make you feel relaxed. It is even typical for this tingly sensation to make you feel sexually aroused. As such, Super Kush tends to be a good strain for those who want to enjoy a good evening with their partner.

The Bottomline

There is no definite answer to which among Purple Kush, OG Kush, and Super Kush is the better Kush strain. After all, each of those strains excels at different attributes and in their own unique way. In that sense, they all have their own market when it comes to their attributes and effects.

For example, those who seek a flavorful experience may want to opt for the tastier Purple Kush. When it comes to psychedelic qualities, sedating effects, and overall hardiness as a plant, OG Kush might be the more popular choice. However, if you want a Kush strain that is not too potent and one that would still allow you to enjoy your evening in a relaxed and calm way, Super Kush seems to be the best choice.

Again, it all boils down to preferences and personal tastes when it comes to choosing the best Kush strain for you. But the one thing you can be sure to be a common denominator in this narrative is that all three of those strains carry the great qualities and attributes that have made the Kush line of marijuana so popular and well-received wherever you go.