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The Next Generation of Mommies: The Rise of Stoner Mums

If years ago the image of the average mother trying to keep herself sane through the ups and downs of parenthood by taking a glass of wine was omnipresent, nowadays, with the rise of marijuana legalization, a new generation of mommies is becoming a thing. Here’s a toast – oops – we mean, here’s a big, tasty rip to the next generation of mommies who mark the beginning of a whole new era: the rise of stoner mums.

And while the anti-marijuana propagators would find hundreds of senseless reasons why moms who unwind by getting high are a number one threat to the well-being of the future generations, we’d like to take quite the opposite approach when discussing how cannabis consumption can prove to be the better alternative to combating stress than alcohol, unhealthy food and/or medications.

We challenge you to type “mums who smoke” in Google search to find out how huge the impact of the mommies who smoke weed has become up-to-date. As you can easily see for yourself, once you type mums who smoke Google will automatically provide you the most relevant results based on your search which are none others but “mums who smoke weed,” followed up by “pregnant moms who smoke weed.

Indeed, the hilarious memes that once signified the very essence of #momlifeby representing a baby’s pacifier helplessly lying right beside a glass of Pinot Noir filled all the way up to the brim are slowly but steadily getting out of date.

Gone are the days when mothers’ favorite, traditional after school drop-offs were to be celebrated by drinking wine or tea while catching up on all the juiciest gossips and exchanging vital pieces of advice on how not to lose their minds while raising children.

Nowadays, stoner mummies prefer to blaze one up together or on their own after a long day, and we can’t help it but find that the new generation of mommies represents a whole new dimension of parenthood.

After all, a healthy, happy mom who feels relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind will most certainly give her children the full spectrum of love and care much better than a mum whose thoughts are scattered between responsibilities, hardships, bringing up children and taking care of their mess without losing her sanity and/or temper, right

How Cannabis Can Help with Overcoming the Challenges of Being a Mother in the 21st century

Most mummies will admit that they have been there before when it comes to uncorking in the later afternoon, early or late evening with a glass of beer, wine, or, in certain occasions(provided things have really got totally out of control), even a glass of whiskey.

The thing is, most mothers are actually encouraged by other mothers to opt for the go-to salve for their utterly exhausted nerves: alcohol.

Should Mommy Better Substitute a Glass of Wine for a Dose of Cannabis

Without any doubt, wine has become the standard among mommies trying to be those Superwomen who are always there for their children, their husbands, and nonetheless, for their professional responsibilities.

However, despite being funny, the #WineMom memes signify a huge problem in our modern-day society: mommies are, indeed, encouraged and/or simply forced to drink (more) in order to cope with the challenges of motherhood in the 21st century.

But it is not a secret that it is extremely easy to take the slippery road to addiction when drinking on a regular basis.

Any average mom can find at least a hundred excuses (which will not be deprived of a healthy dose of common sense!) to pour a generous glass of wine as she is prepping dinner, exhaling deeply all the rush and the race related to motherhood. Some days it is a cider, other days it’s a Prosecco, and then there are days when it’s bourbon; whatever the alcohol-based liquid mothers feel the need to opt for, things are really not as simple and as harmless as they appear to be at the very first glance.

Please, mind that we do not want to criticize or condemn mothers who drink since being a mother is one of the sweetest yet also one of the hardest jobs in the world. However, we do feel responsible to highlight the troubling facts and stats regarding alcohol and the ways regular alcohol consumption affects the body and mind.

So, you’ve most certainly heard the phrase mommy needs her wine, haven’t you

But, have you ever wondered, what is it that mommy really needs when she feels the urge to consume alcohol Reaching a phase when a glass of alcohol is something a mother needs, then this sounds quite hazardous, taking into consideration that regular drinking builds a tolerance.

Alcohol tolerance has little to do with marijuana tolerance. Similarly to alcohol tolerance, marijuana tolerance is built through regular cannabis consumption.

However, the negative consequences of cannabis tolerance are super innocent and easy to deal with as compared with alcohol tolerance because cannabis tolerance does not lead to genetic mutations in the cells. Instead, it simply makes an individual need to consume higher amounts of marijuana in order to experience the same intensity of the effects he/she used to experience when marijuana tolerance was still low.

Marijuana tolerance is easy to reset once you take a break from the green medication every once and a while. For instance, if you consume about 5 grams of weed a week, you may need as little as 2 days per month restraining from marijuana in order to let your body get rid of the accumulated cannabinoids. However, this suggested period can vary from person to person because the time needed to reset your marijuana tolerance depends on factors that are unique for each individual such as metabolic rates, weight, food habits, age, genetics, etc.

The quick takeaway when comparing alcohol tolerance vs. marijuana tolerance: opting for regular weed consumption is better for your physical and mental health than opting for regular alcohol consumption, mommies.

As far as alcohol addiction vs. marijuana addiction is concerned, according to stats based on NHS research only about 10% of cannabis consumers tend to develop an addiction for weed, as opposed to 15% of alcohol consumers who tend to develop an addiction to alcohol.

Meanwhile, in 2018, the Canadian chief public health officer shared a troubling Report on the State of Public Health, according to which, alcohol has been identified among the most urgent concerns of our time. Within the course of 6 years (2011-2017), deaths related to alcohol among Canadian women increased by 26%.

On the contrary, deaths related to marijuana use alone are quite uncommon since one cannot possibly overdose on cannabis. It is important to highlight, though, that if weed is not consumed in a sensible manner, in a comfortable environment, and without being mixed with any other types of mind-altering substances including but not limited to alcohol, the activities consumers may choose to get involved in can be, indeed, dangerous, and even lethal.

Ultimately, it is the dose that makes the poison, yet it is indisputable that alcohol consumption does not come with any less of health risks than weed consumption. In fact, according to recent research, the risks related to marijuana use that we have been fed up to believe in have been quite overestimated (and we dare to say, quite over-exaggerated). Psst, stoner mums, we’ve got 1 bonus point for you and 0 bonus points for alcohol so far!

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Studies Show Modern Motherhood is Marked by High Levels of Stress: Can Cannabis Be the Cure

For a start, according to recent research from the University of Warwick published in the journal Sleep, new parents are shown to face up to six years of sleep deprivation, the effects of which are strongest in mothers.

It is good to keep in mind that the negative consequences of sleep deprivation which are interconnected with higher chances of experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, and nonetheless, physical disorders, do not merely hit the parents who get a taste of parenthood for the first time. Instead, the study on the effects of sleep deprivation in new parents focuses on each time the family greets a new member, meaning that it doesn’t really matter if one becomes a parent for the first or the third time as far as the adverse effects of falling victim of sleep deprivation related issues are concerned.

Meanwhile, marijuana has been well-known as an excellent, all natural remedy to insomnia and sleep disorders, so stoner mums get another bonus point on choosing to medicate with cannabis instead of addiction and/or side effects inducing pills and/or regular alcohol consumption.

Of course, consuming weed will not make your baby cry less giving you higher chances to take the vital dose of healthy sleep; however, weed can, indeed, help mom (and in fact, help daddies, too) when it comes to making the most out of the quite limited hours parents get to enjoy in high-quality, deep sleep that recharges their batteries and hence, their abilities to take better care of their children.

Furthermore, researchers from the University of Essex and the University of Manchester have shared in a recent study that moms working full-time are hit by 40% more stress than the mums who stay at home taking care of their kids without committing to a regular, full-time job.
The thing is, even moms who have the chance to stay at home and fully commit to motherhood are not immune to stress in our modern-day world. Motherhood in the 21st century is greatly defined by the pursuit of having-it-all, marked by childcare, household demands, work, and nonetheless, limited support along the way to coping with the mountain of daily tasks. And so, the average modern mother is literally forced into taxing her nervous system, body, and in return, the mental and emotional health by carrying a very, very heavy load.

Taking all of these facts into account, it is true that alcohol can, indeed, help mommies in taking the edge off. On the bright side, there are studies that show potentially positive effects of consuming red wine in moderation. However, alcohol consumption, in general, makes the body process alcohol just as if it were nothing better but a poison.
Regular alcohol consumption can result in your body responding to too much alcohol with brain fog, weight gain issues, increased depression, and nonetheless, hangovers. What’s worse, for mothers who have a predisposition to alcoholism, the seemingly innocent situation with alcohol consumption can get really out of control.

On the contrary, the medicinal properties of cannabis have been shown by numerous studies. Even though we are still at the very beginning of expanding our collective understanding and awareness of the multiple benefits cannabis can provide when consumed in an intelligent, sensible manner, there is no more place left for the outdated stigma depicting marijuana users as couch-locked potatoes who lack the desire to move a finger.

When used properly, cannabis can be a wonderful treatment for pain management, muscular relaxation, anxiety relief, migraines, insomnia, and even sexual function. All in all, cannabis is all about providing an increased feeling of general wellbeing that starts from head to toe, leaving users in a blissful state of mind where tackling mundane daily tasks or urgent issues that require out-of-the-box, well-working decisions can feel like a breeze rather than a burden.

And so, moms are quickly starting to catch on the truth about cannabis vs.the good old alcohol. Really, why poison your body when you can enjoy efficient relief of an elevated experience that offsets stress as if by a magic stick The thing is, the magic stick can be a joint, a vape pen, a cup of weed tea or a sneaky bite of low-THC edible that won’t make you feel the least overwhelmed by the potent effects of cannabis-laced treats.

Now, for some of the moms out there, weed may bring up memories of stoner ex-boyfriends, paranoia and dorm-room rips from your mate’s penis-shaped bong. But the truth is, things have dramatically changed nowadays, and the world of cannabis has something to offer to any conscious human being who wishes to unwind, relax, heal and/or entertain through cannabis consumption.

In the 21st century, one can indulge in the marijuana experience through a wide variety of consumption methods. Furthermore, there are tons of experiential choices that can suit each and every individual’s unique comfort levels, desired effects and/or constitution.

From CBD-infused gummies through topical creams, cannabis-based tinctures, and vape pens, just to name a few, the rise of the cannabis industry is also correlated with the rise of stoner mommies for nowadays, moms can discreetly integrate cannabis into their self-care routines without feeling awkward or uncomfortable for doing so. After all, if weed can help moms cope better with the challenges of parenthood including but not limited to stress alone, then isn’t it high time that we start accepting stoner mums are the intelligent human beings they are instead of making them victims of ugly, stigmatized labels

Can Weed Make You a Better Mom

Ultimately, one of the best benefits of the rapidly growing legalization of cannabis is none other but the fact that we are no longer limited to the old ways.

Through a simple click, moms can lay their hands on top-quality marijuana seeds and get to grow their very own anti-stress, green remedy that doesn’t come in a bottle but instead, peacefully grows in a neat container right next to other valuable herbs such as rosemary, basil, and sage, to name a few.

Moreover, never before has it been so easy for moms (and all cannabis consumers alike) to make the most informed choice when picking a suitable strain to consume based on their needs and personal prudence to marijuana. From high-CBD strains through out-of-this-world high-THC strains, it is simply amazing to know that you can grow your own remedy and walk the path to a sustainable, healthy, happy life.

In fact, if years ago stoner moms were condemned by society, having to keep their cannabis consumption private, nowadays, growing and consuming cannabis while taking care of your children can actually go hand in hand. It’s a beautiful experience like no other to teach our children the importance of respecting and living in harmony with Mother Nature, so to all the moms who like to get high, you are the trailblazers, the rebels, the square pegs in the round holes working together for the better, greener future our planet Earth needs so badly.

Yes, weed can make you a better parent although, we do not want to promote the idea that it is a particular substance that makes you a better parent. What weed can do for overloaded moms and dads alike is grant them the much-needed opportunity to relax, unwind, and let go of the daily stress and worries which make up for many of the parenting mistakes nervous, angry, tensed parents tend to commit.

In fact, stoner mums are becoming the new top social media influencers, so it might just turn out that being a stoner mum who blogs or vlogs her daily weed-and-parenting pieces of advice, funny moments, and insights, might be a fantastic way to save money for your children’s education and kick start in life.

By the way, did you know that a recent study has found out that stoner moms’ babies develop a particular aspect of their brains which is related to a crucial process known as “global motion task” 50% better than their non-stoner mums’ baby mates In the foreseeable future, we are bound to witness so many stigmas regarding cannabis being wiped off that we can’t help it but wonder what’s it gonna be there next when it comes to the rise of stoner mums

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The Rise of Stoner Mums: Final Thoughts

If you happen to get asked by a mom about your plans for 4:20 this afternoon, then it is highly likely you have just met your new stoner mum partner in crime.

The world is changing, and so are the habits of moms that used to rule the generations in times when cannabis was a word that brought massive fear, paranoia, and nonetheless, hatred, because of the total lack of research on the benefits of cannabis, accompanied by the lies we have been fed up with for far too long.

It is not about making bold, vain claims about weed being the magical substance that will erase the struggles and challenges modern mums are faced with more than ever before. It is just that weed can be, indeed, a beautiful, all-natural remedy to coping with stress, lack of sleep, depression, and worries in order to be able to apply all your love and devotion for bringing up healthy, open-minded kids who are not victims of limiting beliefs and labels.

Without any doubt, stoner mums do seem to fit the prognosis made by cannabis experts who suggest that stoner mommies are the greatest untapped market of the rapidly growing marijuana industry.

Yet, more importantly, let’s not think of stoner mums in terms of bringing more money into the cannabis industry. Instead, let’s think about stoner mums in terms of being the pioneers who have the unique chance to rebuild the much-needed connection between the generations by choosing not to hide their weed preferences but to share them with their children once they already become adults, as well as with their grandmothers or grandfathers.

Video by: Cut – Madison, Her Mom and Her Grandma Smoke Weed Together

Best of all, if you have the chance to do so, grow your cannabis plants and praise motherhood, stoner mommies, for as we know fair well, each moment of this amazing journey is precious and worth every single effort and every sleepless night when you see the glowing smiles of your little ones.