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What is THCA Crystalline and Why it is Considered the Purest Form of Hash

It was in the nexus for cannabis innovation in the USA where the purest form of THCA possible was first created some mere years ago back in 2016. Thank you, California state, for never failing to bring all things cannabis-related to never seen before levels of creativity, mastership, and top-notch quality! Now, apart from the sparkling cannabis atmosphere in the West Coast, THCA Crystalline has managed to find its way to the hearts of medical and recreational cannabis consumers all across the globe, but what’s all that fuss about

THCA Crystalline is a triumph in isolating cannabinoids from the cannabis plant without the use of hazardous solvents, such as Butane. Similarly to the purest form of hash, there are many ways to enjoy THCA crystalline, although the most preferable option among others is none other but using a dab ring.

What is THCA Crystalline

THCA Crystalline is also known as THCa diamonds and is also commonly associated with terp sauce, for many users choose to drip their THCa crystalline in terp sauce because all of the aromatic terpenes are inevitably lost in the extraction process of THCA diamonds.

Above all, THCA Crystalline is not to be mistaken with THCA, although these two are intricately intertwined. But while THCa is produced within the cannabis plant, THCA Crystalline is man-made.

THCA is the raw, acidic form of THC. The thing is, cannabis plants do not produce readily-available THC but THCA, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. It is CBGA (Cannabigerolic acid, also known as “the mother of active cannabinoids”) that is the precursor to THCA, and so once CBGA is converted into THCA within the cannabis plants through complex reactions making use of special synthase enzymes, it is merely a matter of heating up the THCa cannabinoid to activate THC (something that we do every time we spark a joint or cook with cannabis).

However, even though a large part of the cannabis consumers prefer to heat up THCA Crystalline as to enjoy a substantial dose of THC, and hence, the potent psychoactive properties of pot, there is an ongoing increase in the number of people who are looking forward to reaping the potential health benefits of THCa.

Indeed, THCa has become quite a buzzword lately, and even though research is still rather limited and scarce, especially since both THC and CBD steal much of the scientific attention away from other active cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, new waves massive interest in the lesser-known active cannabinoids and terpenes are hitting the world globally.

THCa & Thermal Instability: Will THCa Make it into the Clinics

Now, the thin line with the possible clinical applications of THCA is that this raw cannabinoid acid is very thermal sensitive. The thermal instability of THCais what has been complicating the promising rise of THCa treatments in clinics. THCA is such a delicate compound when it comes to tolerating particular temperature rates that it does pretty much decarboxylate into THC readily.

Still, before smoking or baking with cannabis, one needs to decarb weed to activate the cannabinoids fully, however, even in the mere process of drying and curing the cannabis flowers a huge portion of THCA automatically turns into THC, although this type of conversion in the lack of proper decarbing does not lead to experiencing the real potency of THC, and that’s exactly why we heat up cannabis flowers.

Ultimately, THCA is known to degrade, thus, converting into THC, even at room temperatures, which makes storage and large-scale THCA isolation operations quite challenging.

Those who want to reap the promising therapeutic benefits of THCA and to avoid experiencing highly psychoactive effects associated with THC might think that adding THCA Crystalline into a cup of tea or other beverage as to make use of a non-intoxicating, alternative green medication by not exposing THCA to decarbing is a good idea. Well, keeping in mind the thermal instability of THCA, doing so is actually not such a good idea, as even when introduced to average room temperature, the chemical structure of THCA will be quickly changed.

The world of cannabis is full of enchanting mysteries (which are often accompanied by unknown terms that feel like a mouthful at first). But above all, it is so much worth it getting better acquainted with the active compounds produced within the cannabis plant. In fact, the cannabis plant is becoming one of the most studied plants of all times, researchers point out.

And so, before you hurry to turn ahead around when the scientific part about cannabis kicks in, think twice. Behind the seemingly complex terms, there is a whole new dimension to be discovered, so no matter if one uses marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, and regardless of whether one grows his/her very own cannabis plants or purchases products from dispensaries, it is always of best benefit to know what’s going on inside the miraculous green medication that we consume.

THCa Crystalline Benefits

So, what is the purpose of isolating THCA from the cannabis plant and turning it into THCA Crystalline

THCA Crystalline is the purest form of hash available on the planet. It is because of the crystal-like appearance of the isolated cannabinoids why this modern-day form of cannabis concentrate has been referred to with the use of words like “crystalline” and “diamonds.”

Up-to-date, THCa crystalline remains unparalleled in not a single one but two categories, as it is not only the purest but also one of the most concentrated forms of active cannabinoids that experts have been able to create scientifically. Simply put, the creation of THCa Crystalline is an unparalleled triumph of cannabis concentrate gurus.

The strongest marijuana strains one can indulge in nowadays do contain between 25% – 31% of THC (like Gelato strain or Gorilla Glue strain), which is a pretty tremendous amount, especially when compared with other potent strains that contain moderate levels of about 15% THC. The truth is, 15% THC content indicates potency that is still more than enough to make even experienced cannabis users fly high away from stress and pains.

However, THCA Crystalline is absolutely incredible because it can provide 99.9% pure THC. As a comparison, most of the cannabis concentrates one can purchase or create at home, such as weed tincture or rosin hash, among many others, vary in THC purity, thus, ranging in vicinity from between 50% to about 85% on an average, which is amazingly potent yet hard to outperform the 99.9% purity of THC-a crystalline.

Keeping in mind that active cannabinoids can be also absorbed through the liver by enjoying cannabis-laced foods or beverages, as well as through the skin and mucosal tissues by applying topical creams, vaginal sprays, patches, and nonetheless, rectal suppositories, many are intrigued by the numerous possible application of THCa Crystalline. THCa Crystalline is suitable to cook with, add to cocktails, mocktails, shakes, smoothies, or hot beverages, and it can be also successfully added to topical solutions, as well as into cannabis capsules that make microdosing especially easy.

THCa Crystalline can be a suitable way to administer a reliable dose of Δ9-THC for anyone who wishes to reap the full potential of medicating or entertaining through high levels of THC. Just recently, University of Mexico researcher Jacob Miguel Vigil shared in a press release that innovative studies point out to THC potentially being “more important than CBD in generating health benefits.”

Another benefit of medicating with THCA Crystalline is that it is easy to ingest an ultra-specific dose of THC, adjusting it to the exact amount of milligrams per serving you find to work best for you.

Of course, let’s not forget about the benefits of whole cannabis plant-based medicinals. Even though it is a true privilege to be able to enjoy THCa Crystalline, the entourage effect theory suggests that the active cannabinoids work best when in conjunction with other cannabinoids, as well as terpenes. That’s why THCa Crystalline users are highly encouraged to make sure to use whole cannabis plant-based products alongside THCa diamonds for maximized benefits.

Combining THCa Crystalline and terp sauce is surely a fantastic move but there are many other options, as well. For instance, you can simply take a few tokes after rolling cannabis flowers into a traditional joint, you can administer homemade or commercial CBD Oil, you can have a handful of cannabis-infused gummies, or you can have a delicious serving of your favorite pot brownie, or why not take a few drops of weed tincture or weed honey. The point is to help THCa Crystalline provide your mind and body with the best it has to offer by combining it with reliable sources of the full spectrum of active compounds produced within the cannabis plant, and not merely their isolated forms.

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How to Make THCA Crystalline at Home

Nowadays, more and more fellow cannabis enthusiasts are looking into making THCA crystalline, as well as other forms of isolated cannabinoids,  concentrates, in the comfort of their homes. It almost goes without saying that cannabis growers are among the most passionate DIY cannabis derivatives makers, as they are blessed to have access to reliable amounts of weed to experiment with. Not to mention that homegrown ganja-based products come at a fraction cost when compared to working with dispensary-bought cannabis buds that can be quite costly.

Some mere years ago, making THCA Crystalline was a reserved territory of cannabis experts, who were the only ones to have the privilege of working with top-grade, laboratory equipment, as well as cut-edge technologies required for high-quality cannabinoid extraction purposes. However, things have changed and are changing dramatically at the very moment we are creating this article because the rapidly expanding cannabis industry and steady lift on the ban on marijuana make it possible to bring the art of cannabis extraction at the average cannabis consumer’s home.

DIY water hash is surely one of the best ways to enjoy a homemade batch of pure hash. Also, let us wholeheartedly share that water hash is a cannabis grower’s best friend as it is one of the most awesome ways to make use of trim, with or without making use of cannabis flowers, based on potency preferences. Strains that are praised for their high resinous content, such as Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow, and nonetheless, their glorious hybrid child White Cookies, are among the most well-suited for water hash making purposes.

Homemade THCa Crystalline Recipe

What you’ll Need

1. Rosin from fresh frozen bubble hash (aka water hash)*
2. Rosin press
3. 25 or 37-micron size bag
4.A sheet of parchment paper

Important Notes

#1. Alternatively, you can use other types of rosin, such as stiff budder or wax. What you need to remember is that the starting rosin material must be in either budder or wax form (which is the case with bubble hash, too), as the texture of the rosin plays a crucial role in isolating THCa into crystal-like form.

Provided the right conditions, we can “persuade” rosin to nucleate (at least to some extent), and to then form a loose budder through agitation and heat, and this is what actually happens when we stir a dabber over a hot plate that is set to reach a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit (50 Celsius) or less.

Do mind that degradation of terpenes is merely inevitable when cannabis extracts are created by exposing the starter material to the high temperatures needed to separate trichomes from the plant material, which is the case with THCa Crystalline. You can re-introduce terpenes to THCa Crystalline by opting for terp sauce.

#3. In a pinch, you can substitute a micron size bag for a repurposed unbleached paper coffee filter that you can cut and make fit to wrap the rosin with.

Step 1: Switch your rosin press on and set the plates to 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit(55-60 degrees Celsius). Keep the plates pressed together tightly to help them reach faster a uniform temperature.

Step 2: Wrap the rosin into a very tight parcel, much like you would wrap a gift. Next, place it into a folded sheet of parchment paper that you have pre-cut to make the best fit in the pressing process.

Step 3: It’s time to get down to pressing. Make sure to place the folded parchment paper containing the tightly packed rosin with the open end facing outwards, so that you can see the sauce oozing out from the rosin press.

Step 4: Close the plates very carefully, without applying any extra pressure, and allow for the rosin melting process to begin within the next 20-30 seconds. After 20-30 seconds have passed, you want to begin to apply pressure, however, you only need to apply it very slowly and gently. Doing so is important to avoid bursting the bag. It is a matter of seconds before you finally get to see liquid resin dripping from the plates.

The very moment you reach maximum pressure, your goal is to hold it there for up to 60 seconds. At some point, the sauce simply stops dripping out. Now, open the plates.

Step 5: After opening the plates, you need to take everything out of the press. Your next move is to put the parchment paper to one side very carefully, thus, keeping the rosin parcel for round two of pressing.

Step 6: Repeat the pressing process for a second round. But this time, set the temperature to175-195 degrees Fahrenheit (80 – 90 Celsius). Make sure to use a fresh piece of parchment in order to collect the sauce. The second round of pressing will give way to less sauce but it will also be less runny.

Step 7: Once you are done with the second press, your mission is to remove everything from the plates. This way, you will allow the rosin press machine to cool while you are carefully opening the filter parcel to check down on your rosin. At this point, you should have managed to create a substance that possesses a chalky texture and is white or very pale yellow in color. For a better, lighter colored, as well as purer THCA, you can press it once again, only this time you want to slightly increase the temperature of the plates to about 212 – 230 degrees Fahrenheit (100 – 110 Celsius).

Okay, so now you have reached a phase when your homemade THCa isolates is perfect when it comes to accurately dose edibles, topicals, or whatever your preferred way of ingesting THC is.

However, if you are into making some real deal THCa diamonds that are suitable to dab, then you still have some extra polishing work to do.

The final stage of making THCa crystalline is to melt the raw THCa but this time, without applying any pressure This can be accomplished once you place the chalk-like THCa you’ve managed to isolate so far on a piece of parchment paper, then place it on the plates and let it liquefy until it forms a pool. For this purpose, you need to set the plates to temperatures upwards 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 Celsius).

Once it liquefies, remove it from the heat and let it cool down. The cooling process will help isolate stabilize. After it gets stabilized, it will take into a much more appealing texture that resembles crystals or diamonds, and hence, the name THCa Crystalline, just don’t forget that you’ll need to break it into smaller pieces as to enjoy the visually attractive crystal-like structure to the fullest.

Lastly, using a little heat to reduce viscosity, you can re-combine a little of the terpene-rich sauce separated earlier with some of the THCA crystals to make the most from whole cannabis plant-based medicinals and pure isolates! Not only will your homemade, DIY THCa Crystalline dabbing experience be far tastier once you have re-introduced terpenes into the mix but it the effects will also be more potent.

Important Note

Please, mind that premium-quality THCA Crystalline of 99.9% can only be achieved in an excellently-equipped, high-tech laboratory. However, a DIY approach to making THCA diamonds can be a brilliant move, too, as you can reach quite satisfying purity of your final product. Don’t forget that a trial and error phase in homemade THCA Crystalline is inevitable, yet if you observe the process closely and carefully, each attempt will bring you closer to crafting purer and better THCA diamonds at the comfort of your home. Ultimately, we must admit that being able to experiment as much as one craves for with DIY, various cannabis extracts and concentrates at fraction cost is one of the most fantastic benefits of being a cannabis grower, at least on the practical side, as there are far more invaluable assets to cultivating cannabis than merely the cost efficiency-related side of the coin.

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THCa Crystalline, the Purest Form of Hash: Final Notes

We can only imagine how proud is Dr. Ralph Mechoulam, the cannabis pioneer who was the first to isolate THC, as well as other of the most famous and abundant active cannabinoids we know up-to-date, as he is blessed to witness the rise of cannabinoids extraction with improved purity, affordability, and convenience!

We are excited to watch the ongoing expansion and growth of cannabis-related research, high-quality cannabis products, and most importantly, the ever-increasing number of people who embrace the ancient cannabis plant and choose to craft their own, all-natural green medication by growing cannabis from seed. We hope that we have managed to inspire you to give the purest form of hash, aka THCa Crystalline, a try, and nonetheless, that this article has been educational, informative, and entertaining enough to enrich your day with tons of positive cannavibes.