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Terpenes 101: Cannabis Terpenes Lab Testing Methods Revealed

If you were to browse the phrase “cannabis terpenes” a mere year ago, you’d get redirected to thousands of pages containing different bits of information regarding the origin, effects, and potential benefits of these amazing active compounds produced by the cannabis plant. But have you ever wondered about the highly advanced cannabis terpenes lab testing methods that allow us to get to know more about these incredible aromatic molecules

Above all, terpenes are not found solely in cannabis, for there are thousands of other plant species that produce terpenes, such as sage, rosemary, pine, citrus fruit, and many others.

However, the terpenes released by the cannabis plant are unique and highly treasured because of their invaluable, complex synergies with the rest of the active cannabinoids present in ganja plants.

And so, if you get to Google cannabis terpenes up nowadays, you’ll get well over 3,820,000 results, and that’s only true as of the writing of this article in the summer of 2019. By 2020, the information available on all things cannabis terpenes-related is bound to double, and maybe even triple in volume, since not only is the public interest over the beneficial properties of terpenes increasing but so is the availability and accessibility of and to multiple cannabis terpenes research and studies that are currently on the rise.

Join us below to find out more about the latest cannabis terpenes lab testing methods revealed. You will discover useful information that will help you expand your horizons no matter if it comes to medicating or entertaining with marijuana. Nonetheless, we hope that the data we have compiled below will help you in improving your skills of growing cannabis like a pro with a focus on increasing terpenes content.