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Educational Programs for Students Who Want to Succeed in the Cannabis Niche

The legalization of cannabis in some other countries has created numerous jobs. This revolution is known as the new green. No matter how you call it, this weed, cannabis or even Mary Jane has been offering effective and acceptable new job opportunities. No wonder why companies have been launching cannabis and it is growing quickly. Thus, this is the right time to get into these jobs for faster and better pay.

These jobs are alternative and fresh having options which are standard. You can do work in the industry under extraction, growing, production of edibles, dispensing, delivery and packaging. You can also work under jobs related to cannabis like into business, marketing, and so on.

In terms of the industry of cannabis, a lot of opportunities are available for various professionals, traders, and workers. Some even start their companies as entrepreneurs related to marijuana. Therefore, if you want to in the industry of cannabis and succeed in this niche you can get some programs, or pieces of training to equip you with all the necessary skills to find a job in this industry. Below are some courses and programs offered.

1. Commercial Cannabis Production

In one college, they give you the skills in order for you to start in the business of cannabis since there is a high demand for trained and qualified professionals in the said industry. If you want to have a career in a great marijuana company, you’ve got to learn this program.

This program gives pieces of training particularly about cultural and biological practice in the production of cannabis like nutrition in the plant, the environment, lighting, pest and climate control and selection of cultivar.

Here are the highlights of the program:

  • Designing and implementation of the nutrition in the plant, programs about lighting, and management of pest in order to give support to the quality and full growth of the crop.
  • Interpretation of data for assessing the crop’s quality and health and adaptation to the conditional growth as well as strategies to manage the pest.
  • Complying with all the regulations and requirements for the safety and production and packaging of marijuana in legal ways.
  • Creating plans for production in order to procure materials that are raw and to make sure there is consistency in the supply of crops of high quality.
  • Developing and implementing a cost system to have exact documents and cost of tracking the production of crops. 
  • Planning and overseeing of where the staff and spacing are allocated for the support of the execution of the production planning. 
  • Interpretation of financial and budgets for informing about the operations of the production.
  • Accessing and analyzing research’s relevance and application of the findings where it is appropriate. 
  • Complying and executing the proper protocols for security to make sure of everything and everyone’s safety.

2. Active Investing & Trading for Beginners

In this program, you are learning the foundation of the structure of the market as well as the strategies to do active investments and stocks. You will get to know about cannabis stocks, how to invest in them, how to make money when there is a drop in the market.

Also, you will know about the places to buy and sell. This program is also about analyzing technicalities unconventionally as well as techniques and tools for you to read the chart of prices and methods to apply them in your plan and act it out on your investment. This has lessons which are structured having a lot of time for you to practice.

3. Cannabis and the Workplace

If you dream to be a manager, you must know how to manage the issues arising in your area. This is a workshop that lets you discover the effects of the shift in the culture and the important regulations about the government regarding the usage of cannabis as well as the obligations to accommodate the prescribed cannabis. At the end of this course, you can identify the main issues and the responsibilities and rights in the workplace and how to integrate some elements in the policies of the workplace.

4. Cannabis Business Fundamentals

This course is designed on the introduction for people who have an interest in the fast growth of cannabis. This growth has brought regulations about the environment and industry. Therefore, you will come up with policies and unfold the opportunities in the cannabis industry.  Topics are examining the trends in the external environment which affects the business, health and even safety as well as potentials in the market and analysis of provincial, federal and local policies.

5. Cannabis Legislation and Quality Assurance

Equip yourself about the legislation regarding cannabis and its current status. As well as know that the act of cannabis is and the foundation to ensure it complies with the government policies about cannabis production. Get to explore quality and assurance control and know which is effective for cannabis growth and production as well as the relevance of SOP and what roles the bring in the total production.

6. Growing Your Own Cannabis

If you are interested in cultivating and planting your own cannabis, this is perfect for you. Learn how to be sufficient on your own. You will not need others to help and instead control your own. That will be a fun and interesting hobby.

It is important that before you make use of your green thumb, understanding how cannabis grows is challenging and there is a lot of information to know yet. This course gives you the main information on how to select the clones or the seeds also the required equipment and the process of how cannabis is grown while you follow the regulations.

At the end of the course, you should be able to make comparison the advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis inside or outside, do a review of the regulations in different levels and areas related to growing your own, identify what is the required equipment, and make the description of the process on cannabis growing.

7. Pest Management for Cannabis Production

It is intended for people growing and for those who grow for medical cannabis. This will guide you about the pest-related problem in cannabis. Management tools will also be discussed in order for you to know and meet the requirements.

First, the part is focused on spider mites and powdery mildew. These are two causes of problems. You will know some options to manage for organic or pesticides that are conventional. The second session is having hands-on experience with products that are biocontrol to kill the spider mites and what is the best usage of spray tools as well as the best methods when you use pesticides. It will be wrapped up with a review on the concerns about the propagation of fungus and others.

8. Cannabis Botany and Plant Science (Seed to Harvest )

Familiarize yourself with the introduction of plant science and botany and how it is applied to the industry. You will know the various kinds of cannabis and their own characteristics and know the means to grow and the stages and the lifecycle of it. It gives the basics on the entry-level plus licensed facility for production. Insights about the industry and production will also be talked about.

9. Therapeutic Applications of Cannabis (3 units)

For a lot of years now, marijuana has been used medically. In this course, the principles of medical cannabis will be provided. Also, an introduction to the Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluations are discussed. In addition, you will examine pieces of evidence in terms of marijuana usage to treat different illnesses and disorders. Finally, there will be a review of the novel cannabinoid and treatment applications.

10. Risks and Harms of Cannabis (3 units)

For those who don’t know yet, cannabis is a type of drug that is psychoactive and is said to bring some harms and risks. This course goes over the strengths of these pieces of evidence to know what is behind the risks.

Topics are about impairment resulting in accidents. This is in terms of misuse of cannabis, disorders, anxieties, depressions and more. Finally, there will be guidelines to lessen the risk when using cannabis and practices that are based on shreds of evidence in order to treat the disorder due to the usage of cannabis.

Priority topics include impairment that leads to accidents; marijuana misuse or marijuana use disorder; effects of marijuana on brain development and cognition; adverse consequences of cannabis for lung health; and associations with depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

11. Budtender Track

If you hope to have a certificate as a cannabis budtender, then this is the right course for you. This course prepares you to do the exam for national certification. A budtender is a “guru” who is knowledgeable about cannabinoids so that it will match the users level of pain. This course on dispensary life is what you need to be a licensed budtender. You will learn the foundations of giving exceptional service to the customers and more knowledge about the product. To complete this course, you need 4 weeks.

To enjoy cannabis, there are other ways to smoke it, Beyond buds are courses that will let you know different methods to get the best. Safe and easy ways will be discussed in making waxes, oils, and budders as well as tinctures and edibles. Making hash, examining the extraction of CO2, discussing on vaporizers and dabbers, and the making of edibles will be described. This will take you 4 weeks.

12. Cooking & Edibles Track

Make use of your cooking skills in the cannabis profession. This track will get you the certification to be a Certified Cannabis Edibles Professional.

With the Cannabis Kitchen course, you will be introduced to the foundations of cooking using cannabis and making staples like butter or oils. You also explore how the system of endocannabinoid works and the effects of cannabinoids in the body. You will need a month for this course.

13. Cannabis Pharmacy

Despite making it legal, there are still misconceptions about cannabis used medically. This course gives a description regarding the usage of marijuana medically by learning the plant’s anatomy and the interaction with the system of endocannabinoid and what disorders or diseases can benefit. Know the correct dosage, cannabis variety and how to store it.

14. Cannabis Laws and Policies

To regulate the sale and cultivation of cannabis, there have been policies and laws made and these are always changing. In fact, cannabis is illegal federally, however, the landscape is growing so fast to being accepted because of the advantages it brings, most especially in treating some illnesses and the like. This course will give you descriptions of the recent laws about cannabis.

15. Start Your Own Cannabis Business

Are you planning to set up your own business with cannabis This course will introduce you to recent things about legalization, the market, and medical cannabis. You will also know how to make plans, funding, licensing, and starting your own shop. You will spend a month to finish this course.

Now that you have known some programs, it isn’t enough that you have the skills. It is also important that you are hired. Here are some tips for you.

Attend conferences and shows related to marijuana. Know representatives from different companies and asks many questions. Get to know about the culture and what they look for.  Check other possible employers. Explore the postings online.

Review your qualifications and strengths. Do you want to keep going with your expertise What kind of job do you really want in this industry Find for jobs that will make use of current skill. If you have a marketing background, find that same job in the industry. Show how your existing ability fits the position. Take note, companies in this industry, hire professionals from industries that are non-cannabis


Let your knowledge in cannabis expand. The more you know, the more chances of getting employed. When you know a lot about cannabis, you can communicate with your customers and coworkers. Good luck to your cannabis career and future business.