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Zorro is an indica / sativa weed that comes from TH Seeds. This weed comes from the matching between the Grape Ape strain and the unknown strain. This weed is ideal for curing different health conditions. However, side effects are present, so you need to be more careful.

Flavor and Effects of Zorro

The flavors and fragrance of this weed are out of this world. The tastes are grape and sweet with a combination of berry and floral tastes. It induces a feeling of relaxation, which is combined with a euphoric effect.

Medical Benefits of Zorro

This is a reliable cannabis when it comes to medical conditions’ treatment. It soothes muscle spasms and pains. It does well in treating insomnia as well as the loss of appetite. Your stress will be minimized by just consuming this weed.

Negative Effects of Zorro

Despite having good benefits, this strain has negative effects. Its negative effects are very common in all cannabis. Your mouth and eyes will be drying. It may result in slight dizziness and headaches. In some cases, a slight paranoia will occur. Hence, you have to follow the recommended dosage to avoid getting the worst reactions.

Growing Zorro

When growing your weed, you need to know the basic things that you should do. First, you need to prepare the things you need to cultivate your plants. Second, you have to apply nutrients if it is necessary. Then, you can water your plants. Lastly, you must monitor your plants.

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