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Zimlicious is a largely sativa weed, and it is from Seeds of Africa. This parent strain of this weed is the Zimbabwe landrace strain. This plant’s branches are short, and it produces fat buds with light green color. The leaves of this plant are long. This weed is good for medical and recreational use as long as it is used moderately. If it is taken with its higher dose, it can cause an uncomfortable feeling.

Flavor and Effects of Zimlicious

The aftertaste of this weed is musky at the same time earthy. A feeling of relaxation will occur and a euphoric effect, too. It has a psychoactive effect. It will make its users feel a calming effect.

Medical Benefits of Zimlicious

This weed can be a good way to cure persistent pain. You can also use this weed to treat insomnia and anxiety. If you are experiencing depression, this is a good weed to use for alleviating it.

Negative Effects of Zimlicious

The negative effects are present in this weed. You will get a sensation of dry mouth and eyes. You will feel a bit of a headache and dizziness, too. You need to use this weed moderately, especially if you are not prepared for its worst adverse reactions.

Growing Zimlicious

There are different methods and strategies in growing your weed. You just have to use the effective one. This weed is good for indoor and outdoor growing, and you can use SCROG and SOG method. Appropriate nourishment for your plants should be applied as well as appropriate protection.

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