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Zimbabwe is a sativa dominant hybrid, and it is from Seeds of Africa. This weed comes from its parent strain, which is the Africa strain. This strain’s plants have green buds. Users can use this weed in the day or in the morning. This is a very beneficial weed for some marijuana patients, but it can be harmful due to its side effects that will get worst when taken with a higher dose.

Flavor and Effects of Zimbabwe

Users will be able to feel the musky, hazy, that is combined with earthy flavors. It allows its users to get relaxation and euphoric aftereffects. It can make you more positive and energized. Happiness will kick in after using this weed.

Medical Benefits of Zimbabwe

This cannabis is capable of treating different medical conditions. You will become stress-free after consuming this weed. It will alleviate chronic pain and aches. Users can use this weed to reduce depression and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Zimbabwe

If this weed is consumed in high doses, there will be extreme side effects. This strain’s usual reactions are a feeling of parched mouth and cotton-mouth. Your eyes will be itchy and irritated, which will make you feel the need for drinking water.

Growing Zimbabwe

This weed is good to be grown both indoors or outdoors. If you are aiming for good yields, you can use products that are organic and natural. You should consider the environments in choosing your weed, and you have to protect your plants from the diseases and pests that would harm your plants.