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Zerculese is a very rare Sativa-dominant cannabis bred by In House Genetics. It is a cross between Zkittlez and Goliath. Grassy flavors dominate the smoke of Zerculese.

Flavor and Effects of Zerculese Strain

There is little information about Zerculese, but its parent strains taste like sweet candy, with shocks of fresh grape and berries further enhancing your high. It is balanced even in its flavors, with a sour grapefruit and general tropical vibe that you will notice when coming in contact with this strain. You will feel uplifted and motivated when smoking this hybrid, and it will keep you fueled by good vibrations until the effects start to wear off, making you consequently sleepy.

Medical Benefits of Zerculese Strain

There is little information about Zerculese, but its parent strain Zkittlez can cure chronic pains and can increase appetite for patients who experience radiation treatments. It can also cure depression and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Zerculese Strain

This strain will usually leave you with dry mouth and dry and often itchy eyes. Zkittlez may also, in some cases, cause slight anxiety and nervousness. For some users, this can result in a lingering yet mild headache. That is likely to last for the entire high.

Growing Zerculese Strain

The In House Genetics has kept Zerculese cannabis in secret, but for future growers, it is recommended to crop its parent strains. The parent strains are an average yielder, but makes up for it by being resistant to many common diseases, and being low-maintenance in nature. When grown indoors, it can be anticipated to take only 7-8 weeks to be ready for harvest.