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Zen strain is enhanced by CBD Seeds. It is a three-way cross of Mexico, Afghanistan, and Lavender strains. It is also known as “Zen X.” This marijuana is the best healer of the stomach and digestive problems.

It grows with a medium-sized bud coated with resin. Its nug looks like popcorn that is yellow and green with a sprinkle of dark orange hairs and yellow trichomes and has a robust sour aroma mixed with fruit. Zen marijuana is ideal for daytime medical use.

Flavor and Effects of Zen strain

Zen cannabis strain has a taste of sour berries and as well as diesel along with a sharp spiciness when exhaled. It generates uplifting and functional high. It gives energy on the mind, makes concentration better, and stimulates giggles to the users. Lastly, it relaxes the body, so that’s why it can relieve stress.

Medical Benefits of Zen strain

Zen strain is exceptional because of its high CBD content. With that, it can help people dealing with epilepsy, seizures, nausea, and some tremors because of the power of CBD. It contains strong analgesic properties, helps with chemotherapy side-effects.

Negative Effects of Zen strain

It can cause users to have some headaches. Dry eyes and dry mouth are also included, and sometimes it can give them anxiousness or dizziness.

Growing Zen strain

People can cultivate Zen strain both indoors and outdoors. When it is planted inside the house, growers must use hydroponics, and they should use soil as the medium. With that, it can preserve its flavor and the potency of CBD. This strain requires more attention.