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The breeder of the ZeiGeist strain is I&I Genetics. ZeitGeist strain crosses a female Sour Amnesia
and a male Purple Pantera. This strain carries a sweet lemon and grape aroma that is followed by
subtle aspects of piney gas notes. ZeitGeist strain is excellent for evening time use.

Flavor and Effects of ZeitGeist Strain

ZeitGeist cannabis strain has a sweet and grape taste with a touch of diesel flavor. ZeitGeist strain’s
high begins with a powerful cerebral effect, but this soon dwindles into spacey forgetfulness and as
well as couch-look. This strain will give users a euphoric cloud that swarms the mind almost
immediately after the first use. It can better the mood and provides a sense of happiness to the

Medical Benefits of the ZeitGeist strain

ZeistGest strain has various medical benefits. It is suitable for the treatment of depression and
other mental conditions such as PTSD. It can relax the muscle and can also relieve different kinds of
body aches and pains, and lastly, it can also reduce inflammations.
Negative Effects of ZeitGeist strain
ZeistGeist strain can give users dehydrated eyes until it becomes itchy. It can also make their mouth
and throat very dry that can make them uncomfortable. When smoked, they can experience
temporary dizziness and may cause them to feel slightly anxious.

Growing ZeitGeist strain

ZeitGeist strain is not that easy to handle. It needs a lot of techniques for it to develop nicely. This
plant must be planted in a warm sunny, and dry environment so that it can thrive under the
sunlight and is generally invulnerable to common pests and diseases.