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Bred by Uprising Seed Co, this strain inherited the awesome genetics of the prize-winning PCG (Purple City Genetics) Cookies and the highly potent Fire OG BX3 strains. It is an Indica dominant hybrid that guarantees a strong and long-lasting effect.

Flavor and Effects of Zagnut

This weed guarantees a pleasant flavor that is likened to lemons, sweet with a little sour taste. The high is equally pleasant as it offers a warm, relaxing, and peaceful sedation to its users. With very high THC concentration and amazing genetic lineage, this strain can easily strip you of any worries and tensions that may have accumulated over the days. Instead, it will fill your mind with happiness and euphoria and your body with a sense of calm. This strain is recommended for evening or night use because you will always end up in a sedated and immovable state by the end of the high. In high doses, it can lull you to a night of perfect, deep sleep.

What are the medicinal benefits of Zagnut

Patients struggling with insomnia will find relief with this strain. Patients who are also suffering from chronic illnesses will find aid in this weed. This includes patients with chronic headaches, migraines, back pains, gum diseases, arthritis, and glaucoma.

Negative Effects of Zagnut

Cottonmouth is a common side effect of this strain. This is usually partnered with dry eyes that can become bothersome as the high progress.

Growing Zagnut

Another strain that is great for novice growers, this weed can be grown in an outdoor and indoor setting. It does not require much nutrients and attention as long as the environment has been well set up. When cultivated indoors, this strain works in both the SOG and SCROG methods. It also thrives in both soil and hydroponics setups. Outdoor cultivation will require a semi-humid climate with daily temperatures around 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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