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Yumbolt x Vintage 2006

Yumbolt x Vintage 2006

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Yumbolt x Vintage 2006 is another hybrid strain that is mainly Indica from the variation of CH9 Female Seeds. This cannabis is also THC dominant and can be acquired via feminized seeds. Besides, this cannabis is the result when Yumbolt was pollinated in Vintage 2006. Though it is more on Indica, there are still some impacts on its Sativa.

Flavor and Effects of Yumbolt x Vintage 2006

The flavors it has are similar to the lineage of this cannabis where users can sense sweet and spicy feeling with a touch of pine. Through these appetizing tastes, users will have good feelings through the effects of this ganja. As such, users will have an intense physical feeling because of the Indica it has. Others will be happy while some will sense euphoria. When its Indica begins to do its job, most of the users would have drooping red eyes. The total relaxation in the body persuaded by this ganja may not put the users in a couch-lock, but it relies on the number of puffs they take. A few hours after, users will be in a state of drowsiness, and because of that, it is best to consume this ganja at night.

Medical Benefits of Yumbolt x Vintage 2006

Aside from the benefits, it has given to its recreational users, this hybrid ganja can also provide great benefits to its therapeutic users. As such, this strain is also good for those who have encountered stress and depression. This is also effective in dealing with long-term pain that may include muscle spasms, cramps, and the like. In the end, users will be relaxed due to the presence of its powerful Indica, by then, users will be sleepy, and therefore, this cannabis is taking efficacy in solving the problems of those who have insomnia.

Negative Effects of Yumbolt x Vintage 2006

In using this cannabis, users will also experience some bad feelings due to the negative effects that this ganja carries with it. To wit, this cannabis can make the eyes and mouth of its users dry. The level of thee effects varies on how much tokes the users puff. There will be dizziness, and lenient headache adjoined in this cannabis, while some can have a bit of paranoia.

Growing Yumbolt x Vintage 2006

This ganja is also attainable both indoors and outdoors, where the growers need a flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks for indoor growing while outdoors; this is ready in the middle to the end of September. Cultivators of this ganja will be happy with the product they will have at the end of the flowering cycle, as this strain can supply them with huge yields in each of the growing environments. For indoors, growers can have 600-grams/ m2 while outdoors, this can provide 300 grams per plant but can be higher depending on the vegetative cycle and season given to this cannabis. With that, it can reach up to 350 grams per plant.

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