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Yeti OG

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Yeti OG cannabis strain initially recognized as the Headband BX and this was created by the Norcal aggregate Loompa Farms. It has gotten an exceptional taste and substantial yields by its genetic lineage, but it is not been given. A verdant smell that is covered by a fresh and rich fragrance along with the nugs that are big and so green. Alongside with that, you can find a gold trace within the hairs and the crystal colors in its trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Yeti OG

This strain is too creamy which you will like best, at the same time, it got the hints of sour, lemon, pine, and diesel undertones. The first hit will not be quickly felt until some minutes will pass and then you can experience the first impact. It will charm your mind and will help you to invent new things or new ideas. This bud encourages you to discuss with people as this helps you to take away your timidity. The impact will then crawl in the body and will discharge any bad feelings. This will defeat your energy and draws you in couch-locked.

Medical Benefits of Yeti OG

Stress and depression will be diminished the moment you take this cannabis strain. It has an elevating euphoria which will deactivate all your fears or any bad thoughts. Your sadness will then be replaced by happiness and those joyful moments. You will likely have fond in a feast as this triggers you to have more of decent meals. Consequently, it will leave with a boosted appetite. Anorexia and cachexia will be sedated and nausea will be gone by Yeti OG cannabis strain. With its calming properties, this will improve the quality of the pains you had. It will then numb body pains, fatigues, cramps, and spasms.

Negative Effects of Yeti OG

The cannabinoids in this cannabis strain will let you feel parched. It will be observed within your eyes and mouth. After some time, you will feel irritated by those effects. If you added more on the dosage you take, then you will encounter dizziness, headache, and migraine. This will sometimes confuse you which will trigger anxiety and paranoia, which then this happens when you had more of this.

Growing Yeti OG

Yeti OG cannabis strain grows tall and its branches may thicken so you need to prune this regularly. The reason it needs pruning as the air will not flow best on the lower nodes. Also, this needs assistance on the harsh climates so best grow this on places with no drastic change in the temperature. Keep this from frosty or cold places as it can kill the strain.