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Yeti F4

Yeti F4

Yeti F4 is a collaboration of Indica and Sativa genes from the variation of Cultivated Choice. This hybrid strain is also THC dominant but cannot be accessed as feminized seeds. Crossing two Yeti Headband phenotypes made this hybrid cannabis intending to continue what Loompa Farms has started. The breeder of this ganja made another step to improve the quality of the Yeti strain. Initially, he made a cross of the said strain to maintain a head stash but then determined to show it to the general audience because of the great offspring that the parent strains have.

Flavor and Effects of Yeti F4

Yeti F4 has appetizing flavors that its users will love due to the potency they have that can help them feel better and happy. When it comes to its effects, Yeti F4 is so good. For instance, taking this cannabis can relax both the body and mind of the users, which is good for those who want to have a great night after an exhausting day outside. The euphoria it has persuaded is distinctive as it can make the mind of the users like it is soaring as well as soothing and appealing. This may also give the users a high rise in creativity and the courage to think of some great idea. It has an uplifting effect that cannabis users would also love.

Medical Benefits of Yeti F4

Yeti F4 has some medical properties that can aid therapeutic consumers of cannabis quickly and efficiently. To wit, this hybrid ganja is also good at lowering the stress level of the sufferers because of its euphoria that can calm the enormous worries of the victims. This can also be efficacious in combatting the sign of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The THC level it has helps this ganja in several palliating kinds of aches and pains like cramps, headaches, and fatigue. Those who have insomnia may also try taking this cannabis to assist them in easing the problem they have at night.

Negative Effects of Yeti F4

Due to the vigor it has, Yeti F4 can also give some side effects to its users, especially to the new users of cannabis. Common among all of the strains are dry eyes and mouth, and with that, it is vital to keep the body hydrated to ease the said conditions swiftly. Others may also have paranoia and dizziness.

Growing Yeti F4 Info and Tips

Growing this cannabis is achievable in various locations like indoors, outdoors, and in the greenhouse. Though it does not grow tall, pruning in this cannabis could also be possible because of some traits that this ganja has inherited from its parents. In growing this cannabis, growers should spend at least 65 days so that they would see the number of yields that they deserve. However, certain conditions should also be provided in this cannabis so that it can yield pretty well.