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YEM OG is an indica dominant hybrid between Ghost OG and Phishhead Kush strains from The Bank Cannabis Genetics.

This Strain is extremely rare but had won 3rd place for 2013 Best hybrid in Cannabis Cup. The tropical fruit results in a euphoric numbing body buzz.

Flavor and Effects of YEM OG Strain

The flavors include earthy, pine, and with a hint of tropical fruit. YEM OG’s high has an entire body numbing buzz sensation that starts at the top and moves down. Your body and mind relax which changes into a deep sleep state.

Medical Benefits of YEM OG Strain

This strain is ideal for treating Cramps, depression, headache, insomnia, and even lack of appetite. This Strain is best for nighttime usage.

Negative Effects of YEM OG Strain

Although this strain is characterized as a potent strain, it portrays minimal adverse effects. Effects may include dry mouth and dry, itchy eyes. Users may also need to drink much water to prevent dehydration. Other effects may also include paranoia and dizziness when smoking and due to high consumption.

Growing YEM OG Strain Some information and tips

The parent strains are an average yielder, but makes up for it by being resistant to many common diseases, and being low-maintenance in nature. For an indoor type of cultivation, it can be anticipated to take an average of about 8 to 9 weeks in preparation for a bountiful harvest. This strain needs much attention when it undergoes a vegetative stage.  A fence is needed for this plant for extra protection.

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