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Y2K is a pure Indica from the variation of Vancouver Island Seed Company. This strain from the said breeder is also THC dominant but cannot be acquired as feminized seeds. Though it is 100%Indica, it has a power that is similar to a hybrid strain but with a solidity of a real Indica. As a real Indica, this cannabis is suggested for an evening and nighttime use because of the potency it has possesses.

Flavor and Effects of Y2K Strain

Considering that Y2K is 100%Indica, most of its effects are concerning to the physical side of the users. However, it also has a bit of Sativa that can satisfy the Sativa users out there. To wit, this ganja is efficacious in giving relaxant to the users. This can also make the users happy because of the relaxation they have felt. This cannabis is mostly used in the evening because it somehow wants the users to simply not think too much and desert them from being fruitful. If consumed too much, it can cause sleepiness to its users where nobody or nothing can disturb once they are already asleep. As it can make the users happy, they will also be euphoric and stimulated until the high is there. Also, users of this cannabis need to have some snacks near them because this might make them hungry due to the potency it carries.

Medical Benefits of Y2K

Though its origin is unknown, this real Indica is also good at alleviating some medical conditions that can satisfy the therapeutic of cannabis, especially those who love pure strains. As such, this cannabis is most efficacious in palliating long-term insomnia and assuring the sufferers to sleep at the right time as well as not to wake up in the middle of a goodnight’s sleep. This can also be useful in mitigating persistent headaches. As a calming strain, Y2K may also help fight the problems with long-term migraines and continuous headaches. This can also be advantageous to other kinds of long-standing pain and conditions that are difficult to alleviate. Mental disorders like long-term stress and depression could also be mitigated by this ganja.

Negative Effects of Y2K

The THC level of this cannabis is not that high, which minimizes the majority of its adverse reactions. Similar to other pure Indica strains, Y2K can also desert the users with dry mouth and eyes that can be itchy and irritated. This may also sometimes make the users dizzy, especially if they are not familiar with using pure ganja. Headache and anxiousness may also be felt in this cannabis.

Growing Y2K Info and Tips

Quick flowering and 100%Indica are the highlights of the traits of this cannabis. Y2K is another short plant that is suitable in any garden or growing space that has small areas. Novice growers of this cannabis can also manage the growth requirements of this ganja, provided that the basic methods in growing ganja are met. Just like other strains, Y2K is also possible to grow both indoors and outdoors and can adjust to many mediums in growing, which are liked well by veteran growers such as hydroponics and coco aside from the old soil. The flowering period of this cannabis is anticipated when it arrives for seven weeks. It grows like extreme Indica sprouts and with great density. Its yield is just normal, and cultivators can anticipate cropping from 2.5 to 3.5 ounces per plant. This amount can be increased if the needed requirements are met.

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