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XJ-13 is popularly every wake-and-bakers dream. It is a perfect day starter as it helps smokers rise and shine with focused energy and uplifting feeling for succeeding mundane, real-world tasks.

Its famous genetic parents, Jack Herer and G-13, gave the Strain a unique flavor. XJ-13 also has neon buds, which implies the fun ahead. It is ideal before bed unless you’re planning to do something that doesn’t involve sleeping.

Flavors and Effects of XJ-13 Strain

The pine flavor of G-13 combines with the pungent, peppery haze spice of Jack Herer, creating a unique character of XJ-13 that is a pungent citrus aroma with hints of sharp pine that awakens your senses. The effects of this Strain kick in immediately, lifting you with a powerful, cerebral high and endowing you with a very visceral body buzz. It simulates intellectual conversations and increases creativity, making it pleasurable for consumers looking for a mellower, functional experience. Its high is also known to last up to four hours.

Medical Benefits of XJ-13 Strain

This strain is widely for treating chronic pains, migraines, nausea, and anorexia. It’s high also provides relief from insomnia and mood-related symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of XJ-13 Strain

Improper consumption of this strain may veer into paranoia or anxiousness.

Growing XJ-13 Strain Some Information and Tips

This Strain is clone only, capable of thriving in both indoors and out. It can be grown in either soil or hydro indoors for maximum THC development using SOG or SCROG methods to maximize yield and space. Gardeners also recommend vegetating the plant for a month and topping it at least once.