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This strain is hybrid cannabis that is well balanced between its Sativa and indica effects, bred by the phenol-Type Seeds crosses of sour diesel, Mask, and the pure indica Purple Drank; the strong tangy flavor and the buds that grow dense is attributed to the Sour Diesel. Flowers of X Files have a complex aroma that begins with some musky and slightly herbal top notes, similar to dried wood.

This strain has palpable high takes hold quickly, rocketing smokers to a new plane of consciousness. X Files’ mental effects may also manifest in sensory distortions, including warping of depth perception.

Flavor and Effects of X-Files

It has an earthy and sweet flavor. Others say that it has a floral flavor somewhat a lavender flavor; this strain will make one feel Social, Euphoric, Sedated, Focused, and Relaxed; it also useful in reducing pain and stress.

Medical Benefits of X-Files

This strain is often used as a treatment of some common medical ailments, which are Insomnia, Migraines, and ADHD symptoms. This strain is also useful in relieving pain and is used as an anti-depressant

Negative Affects you Can Expect from X-Files.

There are some known side effects in using this strain; like other strains, it will leave you having Dry mouth, which is accompanied by Dry eyes. It may cause Dizziness and Nausea

Growing X-Files Some Information and Tips

This plant tends to grow short and squat, with strong sideways-growing branches, growers usually trim away any broad fan leaves from time to time to encourage the flowering of any low-growing nodes

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