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Wreckage a powerful sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between S.A.G.E and train wreck, it offers delicious sandalwood and mint flavours which is derived from the S.A.G.E lineage which will wreck one’s palette, the cannabinoids will enter the body injecting uplifting and happy feelings.

The flower of the wreckage is comprised of a silvery olive green with hints of yellow shining off from the bottom curves of the calyxes. Every surface is glazed and covered of furry looking amber trichomes and pale brown hairs.Wreckage’s versatile effects can have several applications for medical, especially those with attention deficit disorders

Flavor and Effects of Wreckage

This strain has a spicy, earthy and pine flavours, it makes one relaxed, creative and focused it will likely make one sociable and feelings of Euphoria is likely to be experienced

Medical Benefits ofWreckage

This strain is suitable in assisting medical ailments and is ideal in helping those who suffer Migraines, ADHD symptoms, and depression, it is also good in relieving pain and stress

Negative affects you Can Expect from Wreckage

There are some known side effects in using this strain, like other strains it will leave you having Dry mouth which is accompanied by Dry eyes

Growing Wreckage Some information and Tips

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, requiring a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These strain can grow tall, and growing them indoors may need trimming of their crops to fit in limited spaces. Wreckage flowers within 8-9 weeks, when grown indoors, offers a moderate yield of flowers during harvest