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This strain is an indica powerful hybrid that is known for its potency; this strain is a clone-only strain making it hard to find. Wookie has a great genetic profile, inherited from its parents.

Though this strain is an indica dominant type, the effect of the Wookie is fairly balanced, being that it is well balanced its cerebral effects, which are provided by the Sativa and the aided relaxation of the indica, making it an enjoyable strain to smoke. The Wookie high has a very distinct relaxed, and uplifting vibe that leaves you completely at ease.

Flavor and Effects of Wookie

This strain exhibits a sage, sweet, pungent, and minty flavors; this strain makes one feel euphoric, happy, sleepy, uplifting, relaxing, it triggers one’s appetite making one Hungry.

Medical Benefits of Wookie

This strain relieves the symptoms of depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and is a good stress reliever. This strain is also reported to make one relaxed, talkative, euphoria, and like any other strain, it makes you happy.

Negative affects you Can Expect from Wookie.

This strain has an adverse side, which is headaches and dry mouth and is also accompanied by dry eyes.

Growing Wookie Some information and Tips

As an indica dominant strain, it is recommended to shade out the rest of it, and the strain should be top, which means useless leaves of the plant should be cut away, letting this strain to flower for the full ten weeks to get the potency and flavor of the strain. Drying and curing the weed fully once it is harvested is also great to do.