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Wombat is a sativa dominant weed that is from Blim Burn Seeds. This is a weed, which is from the combination of the unknown Original Haze and the Critical Mass strain. The buds that this strain will produce are enormous and dense, which will result in high yields. Its plants will grow large, which makes it great in production. You can take this weed for recreational use and for medical use.

Flavor and Effects of Wombat

This cannabis has aftertastes of sweet with a mix of hazy aftertaste. It gives a cerebral high that will uplift your mood. The euphoric effect will be experienced after consuming this weed.

Medical Benefits of Wombat

You can use this weed as a remedy for having too much stress. It is a good treatment for depression, too. Persistent pains and aches will be reduced if you take this cannabis.

Negative Effects of Wombat

Users will tend to experience a feeling of being dehydrated, which will leave you with a mouth that is dry and dry eyes, too. It can induce a feeling of anxiety and mild paranoia. Therefore, you really need to be cautious when using this weed.

Growing Wombat

You can grow this weed successfully even if you are a beginner grower as long as you will follow some basic ways of growing cannabis. For a place, this weed prefers indoor and outdoor. Some growers apply nutrients to their plants. You can also do that to your plants, but just make sure the amount of it is exactly the same as the amount required.

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