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Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

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Witch Doctor is a ruderalis / indica / sativa strain that is from Magic Strains. It is a weed that comes from the result of crossing between Bubba Kush Auto and Bubba Kush Auto F2 strains. This strain produces strong plants with average yields. The buds are coated with sugar that becomes purple.

Flavor and Effects of Witch Doctor

This cannabis offers a smell of hash and soup with a bit of sweet, coffee, and earthy tastes. It will make its users feel a calming effect. Aside from that, this strain will result in a relaxing feeling, and it makes it a perfect strain to take after having a long tiring day.

Medical Benefits of Witch Doctor

This weed is used to fight stress and lack of rest. It is an ideal weed to use in treating any kind of pain. It can successfully mend anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.

Negative Effects of Witch Doctor

There will be a feeling of dizziness and a slight paranoia after consuming this weed. Your mouth will dry as well as your eyes. Hence, you need to be mindful of its dosage.

Growing Witch Doctor

It is very easy to grow weed, and it makes this weed suitable for newbie growers. Even if it is easy to grow, you still need to monitor this weed so you can protect it from those things that may damage it. This cannabis can do well if you grow it outdoor or in the greenhouse.

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