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Wild Thing

Wild Thing

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Wild Thing is an indica dominant weed, which is from Tiger Trees. This marijuana is the result of the matching of Hindu Skunk, Chemdog D, and the Sour Diesel strains. The usages of this weed are for both medical and recreational. Take note that there will always be side effects in taking weed. The level of the side effects will be based on the amount of dosage being used.

Flavor and Effects of Wild Thing

This weed will leave a skunk, earthy, woody, with a bit of tropical and sweet tasting. Its effects are relaxing and uplifting. It is good marijuana that will make its users feel happy.

Medical Benefits of Wild Thing

There are many medicinal benefits you can get when using this weed. It is a good strain in fighting chronic stress. Your stress will fade away after you consume this weed. It is also a good way for soothing symptoms of depression.

Negative Effects of Wild Thing

This marijuana will leave it, users, with a dry mouth at the same time dry and itchy eyes. It can make its users feel dizzy, and it will result in a mild headache.

Growing Wild Thing

In growing this marijuana, you need to know some techniques and strategies that would be convenient for you. When you choose a location for your cannabis, it is important to consider the temperature. You need to give proper nourishment for your plants and make sure your plants are being protected from pests and diseases.