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White Wizard

White Wizard

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This strain is a hard-hitting variety that is great for seasoned smokers due to its level of potency. It is bred by the geniuses of Dr. Hemps by crossing the infamous White Wizard strain with an unknown hybrid. The buds are round and clustered together in a popcorn shape. They are completely covered by white crystal trichomes, which makes them sparkle.

Flavor and Effects of White Wizard

The strain is said to originate from Brazil and India. Like its lineage, it provides a complex but delicious flavor mix of fruity, spicy, and sour. The exhale leaves a long-lasting aftertaste of pine and earth. When smoked, this strain offers an incredibly well-balanced high that relaxes both mind and body. Its Indica properties will push away any worries and tensions you may be building up and replace them with happiness, joy, and motivation. This strain is the perfect bud to smoke after a long day at work or an afternoon with friends who want to just kick back and relax.

What are the medicinal benefits of White Wizard

This strain can help with depression, mood swings, stress, anxiety, chronic pains, seizures, fatigue, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of White Wizard

When consumed in doses above a person’s tolerance levels, this strain can cause anxiety build-up, panic, paranoia.

Growing White Wizard

This strain may be slow-growing, but they are extremely easy to grow. They thrive well in all kinds of environments, whether indoors or outdoors. Seasoned growers prefer cultivating them outside due to their height, which can reach up to six feet in height. They, however, require a temperate climate with stable temperatures when cultivated outdoors. Regular trimming is also required to ensure that the nutrients are evenly distributed across the layers. Lastly, gardeners need to constantly monitor the growth of these plants and provide support to the colas when necessary to avoid breakage.

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